Full WWE RAW Results - 1/20/03 (Eric Bischoff drops a bombshell)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 20, 2003 at 11:28 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 1/20/03
LIVE From: Providence, RI
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "the King" Lawler
Reported by: Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com

Flashback to last week with Vince chewing out Bischoff. Turn RAW around in 30 days or you are fired. Bischoff is dropping a bombshell that will rock the world.

Out comes Triple H with Ric Flair. Triple H is obviously beaten up from the Royal Rumble last night. Who is the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. Triple H says he embarrassed Steiner so bad that he had to use a sledge hammer to beat him up. Triple H says there will be no rematch. Here comes Steiner. Dressed to fight. Steiner says the title is his and he wants his rematch and he wants it tonight. Triple H wants to embarrass Steiner tonight but he has a note from his doctor. The note says that Triple H is not cleared to wrestle. Flair gets on the microphone and says he has his main man Batista to wrestle Steiner. Sucker punch by Triple H and Steiner nails Flair and clotheslines Triple H out of the ring. Triple H, Flair, and Batista head to the back leaving Steiner in the ring.

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Match #1 - Jeff Hardy vs. RVD
Collar elbow tie up with RVD using an arm bar to get the upper hand. A kip out by Hardy and back to their base. A side headlock into a jaw breaker on RVD. Lots of high flying action with both guys ending up outside the ring. Leg drop to the head of Hardy on the ring side fence. RVD throws Hardy into the ring. RVD tries to hit a leg frog and really misses bad. A roll up by Hardy on RVD and only a two count. Power bomb on RVD and another two count. A cork screw plancha and another two count on RVD. RVD gets Hardy into a rolling slam and then a rolling slam. RVD to the top for the five star frog splash and he misses. Jaw breaker on RVD and Hardy goes to the top rope and he hits the swan ton bomb and RVD kicks out of the pin. Hardy goes for the front suplex and RVD gets a backslide for the pin.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Outside the ring after the match Jeff Hardy attacks RVD and almost hits him with a steel chair. Hardy goes to the back. In the back, Christian is talking with Nowinski. Bischoff comes in and says the bombshell is the biggest thing he has done since he came to RAW.

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Back live with Randy Orton talking with Steiner. Orton says sometimes people are wrong. Steiner says your 100% asshole. Chief Morley and Nick Patrick (referee) talking about his performance last night at Royal Rumble. Chief Morley wants Patrick to publicly apologize for his mistake.

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Out to the ring comes Chief Morley with Nick Patrick. Morley grabs the microphone and says that Patrick is going to apologize for the mistake he made last night at the Royal Rumble. Chief Morley is asking Patrick to reverse the decision and award the match to Storm and Regal. According to company rules he can't reverse the decision from last night. Morley says that he respects that decision. He then calls out the Dudley Boyz. Out they come to new intro music. Morley wants the Dudley Boyz to forfeit the titles back to Storm and Regal. Devon says are you out of your damn mind. Bubba says we aren't forfeiting the titles. Give the titles to him now or you will regret it. Bubba says you are just a washed up porn star. Pause - We want tables the crowd chants. Devon get the tables. In comes Regal and Storm and nail the Dudleys. They front slam Bubba through the tables. There will be a World Title Match tonight and it will start right now.

Match #2 - The Dudley Boyz vs. Lance Storm and William Regal for the World tag Team Titles
William Regal pins the destroyed Bubba Ray Dudley to get the 1, 2, 3.

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: William Regal and Lance Storm

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Back with a replay of the Dudleys losing their Tag Titles.

Match #3 - Trish Stratus / Hurricane vs. Victoria / Steven Richards
Trish gets things started with a kick to the mid section of Richards. Hurricane and Richards start out and get a drop kick and power slam on each other. Victoria tags in And in comes Trish and takes down Victoria. Trish gets a clothesline on Victoria and gets her a corner. A couple of Kicks and then Victoria gets a cheap shot. A kick to Trish and Victoria gets a two count. A whip to the corner and Trish hits hard. A body slam to the mat on Trish and Victoria misses a leg drop. Hurricane and Richards are in and Hurricane nails Richards with the shining wizard and Trish nails Victoria with her slingshot bulldog.

Winners: Trish and Hurricane

To the back with Bischoff talking with Vince McMahon's personal secretary. He wants her to deliver a message to Vince saying the bombshell is next.

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Here comes Eric Bischoff to the ring. Eager and anticipation on everyone's face. Everyone including Vince is eager to know what the bombshell. Bischoff shows footage of Austin from the 10th Anniversary Show. Why wasn't Austin invited? Eric Bischoff is giving Austin the chance to tell his side of the story. But that's not his bombshell. Showing footage of Austin giving the corporation a beer bath. Bischoff asking Austin to come back at No Way Out. He ask Austin to come back to RAW.

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Match #4 - Booker T and Goldust vs. 3 Minute Warning with Rico
Goldust and Jamal start out in the ring and tie up. The tie up again and nobody gets the upper hand. An Irish whip to the ropes and Goldust gets a back drop to Jamal. Booker tags in and nails Jamal with knife edges. Jamal kicks a couple of kicks to Bookers mid section. A right hand and Booker goes to the corner. More right hands and whip to the corner. Jamal follows twice and gets boot the face both times. Goldust tags back in and nails Jamal with two elbows and Booker tags back in. Jamal gets Booker into the corner and rags Rosey in. A couple of double teams and Goldust tags in and gets a big back body drop on Rosey. Goldust goes for the shattered dreams on Jamal. Rosey gives Goldust a super kick to the face. Jamal is working over Goldust in the middle of the ring. The crowd gets into the match and Goldust pumps up. A right hand on Goldust and a quick two count. Rosey tags in and gets a couple of elbows to the mid section by Goldust. A right fist to the chest and Goldust is up in the corner. Rosey goes for the splash in the corner and gets two boots to the chest from Goldust. Booker tags in and explodes on both Rosey and Jamal. Rico interferes with the match. Three Minute Warning goes for the double suplex and Booker reverses it into a double DDT. Booker hits the scissors kick on Rosey for the hard fought victory.

Winners: Booker T and Goldust

Promo from last night's Royal Rumble.

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Match #5 - Test with Stacy Keibler vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho starts out with saying that he had a dream of regaining the title but it was stolen from him. He is going to teach Test a lesson tonight. A whip to the corner and a big back body drop on Jericho. Test whips Jericho to the ropes and throws him over the top rope. Jericho doesn't go all the wag down. He then tries to attack Test but Test nails him with a press body slam. Jericho gains the upper hand by a cheap shot to Test. He then works over Test on the middle ropes. A back suplex on Test and he gives a kick to the mid section of Test. A reverse chin lock by Jericho on Test. Test is gaining some momentum from Stacy and the crowd. A couple of right hands and Test throws him into the corner post. A whip to the corner by Test and he gets a boot from Jericho. Test recovers and nails Jericho with a tilt a whirl slam and a two count. Test signals for the knee and misses. Jericho goes to nail Test but goes over the top rope to the floor. Jericho throws Test into the corner steps and gets a chair but he nails Stacy right in the head. They call for the medical guys. Out comes the EMT's to help Stacy.

Winner by DQ: Test with Stacy Keibler

To the back with Batista and Flair getting pumped for his match.

Match #6 - A Singapore Cane Match with Tommy Dreamer vs. D-Lo Brown with Teddy Long
Quick strike by Dreamer to D Lo. To the outside with Dreamer missing and hitting the post. D Lo clotheslines Dreamer and then nails him in the throat with the cane. Choking Dreamer in the middle of the ring and D Lo is beating him down to the mat with several strikes to the back. A body slam on the cane and a quick two count. A couple of strikes to Dreamer's side and then he blocks a shot and then clotheslines D Lo. He then strikes D Lo in the chest. A leg drop on D LO and a quick two count. A DDT on D Lo and Dreamer tries to nail D Lo but gets a cane to the mid section. D Lo gets the pin.

Winner: D-Lo Brown with Teddy Long

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Match #7 - Batista with Ric Flair vs. Scott Steiner
Steiner and Batista lock up and they push each other around. A side headlock on Steiner and they to the old run into me I am a man. A couple of right hands and knife edges. Randy Orton jumps in a there is a DQ. In comes Flair and Triple H and they are bating down on Steiner. Triple H is just beating Steiner in the head. Could this be the beginning of the Four Horseman? Steiner is bloody and gets nailed by Triple H with the pedigree.

Winner by DQ: Scott Steiner

End of Show.