Full WWE SmackDown Results - 1/23/03 (Hollywood Hulk Hogan returns!)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
» On Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 10:29 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 1/23/03
Taped From: Albany, New York
Commentators: Tazz & Michael Cole
Report by: Chris Hammond of WrestleView.com

Stephanie is shown talking about the return of the undertaker to Smackdown. She also says to stay tuned for a big surprise.

Match #1
Chris Benoit vs. Charlie Haas

Chris starts out with a few nice lock ups and starts to work on the leg of Haas. Match continues with lock ups. Benoit continues to control the flow of the match. Haas takes control with an arm lock and the action goes to the outside. Haas slams Benoit’s hand against the steel steps and rolls him back in the ring and works the arm with wrist locks. Benoit escapes and gets a two count on Haas due to the big kick out. Back to work on Benoit with an arm bar. Benoit gets a few nice chops in and again Haas takes control on the mat with another arm lock. Benoit attacks back with a nice DDT. Both men lie on the mat in pain. Benoit mounts the comeback with a nice German Suplex. Benoit climbs to the top rope and delivers the flying head butt. Benjamin jumps to the ropes to cause interference. Chris manages to get the cross face locked in for a second, both men get to there feet and Chris goes for a roll up pin for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Undertaker is shown driving into the arena on his bike


Match #2
Rikishi vs. Bill DeMott

Bill takes control with a knee to the mid-section, but Rikishi lands a few punches. Rikiski beats Bill down to the mat and puts Bill in an arm lock. They get to thier feet and trade blows for awhile. Rikishi comes out on top and continues to beat on Bill, (the crowd is kinda out of this match). Rikishi hits a kick to the face on Bill, drags him to the corner and lands the Rumpshaker on the injured arm of Bill and gets the pin.

Winner: Rikishi

Another Nathan Jones promo is shown (I hope he lives up to the hype).

Commercial break

Match #3
The Undertaker vs. A-Train

Undertaker gets on the mic before the match and says he’s been sitting at home for the last three months thinking about ass kicking and revenge. He replays what happen to him at the hands of Big Show. He calls the Big Show out. Show stands on the ramp and says he could give Undertaker a beating, but he’s says A – Train is going to answer the challenge by the Taker.
The match starts, they lock up and A-Train takes control, man handling The Taker. Taker battles back and they trade blows, till the dead man lays the big boot to the A-Train. The action goes outside and taker gives the A-Train an amazing leg drop off the mat from the outside. Taker climbs the ropes and goes from some old school taker moves. Taker gets the last ride on The Train 1, 2…Train kicks out. A-Train gets the Derailer on Taker 1, 2…Taker kicks out. They get back up, Taker delivers a few blows and then puts on the new finisher “Taking care of business.” A-Train taps.

Winner: The Undertaker

Commercial break

A new Sean O’Haire promo is shown with his new gimmick (anti Government From what I can tell)

Match #4
Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin

They lock up and arm locks are traded. Edge gets a cover for a two count via swinging neck breaker. Shelton gets Edge in the corner and delivers a bow and arrow move against the turnbuckle. Shelton continues to beat on Edge for a few minutes until Edge hits him with the Edge-o-matic. Shelton recovers from this and gets Edge in a weird camel clutch move. Edge battles out of it to hit a belly to belly suplex. They both work themselves back to their feet, a few moves are traded and Edge gets distracted by Haas on the outside. Shelton catches Edge with a swinging head kick(very nice). Edge recovers from a two count to get a big spear on Shelton for the win.

Winner: Edge

Commercial break

Angle is shown talking to team Angle in the dressing room. He shows his disgust with there losses tonight. Angle says team Angle is not going 0-3 tonight, he says he’s going to show them how to get the job done

Match #5
Nunzio vs. Shannon Moore

Shannon gets taken apart by Nunzio early on in the match with punches and an arm bar. Nunzio goes to the tope rope and catches Shannon with a leg drop to the back of the head. Nunzio gets a 2 count. Shannon battles back with a few nice spots and gets a 2 count. Shannon tries to deliver the twist of fate, Nunzio counters and gets the win. After the match Matt runs Shannon out of the ring, and congratulates Nunzio.

Winner: Nunzio

Commercial break

Match #7
Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

They both trade blows, arm-locks and such. Rey goes for a high flying move and gets caught in a power bomb. Angle in control gives a big clothes line and gets a two count. Angles gives Rey a Big German spike suplex and keeps Rey on the mat in a front face lock. Rey escapes and gives Angle a cross body block and a kick to the face. Cut to Rey throwing Angle out of the ring via head scissors. Rey then flies over the ropes and hits Kurt on the outside. Back into the ring we go for a two count on Angle. Angle takes control thanks to a Suplex, but quickly loses control again. Rey goes for the 6:19, but Angle catches him and tries to slam Rey. Rey goes to the top rope and is caught by Angle. Rey is on Angle’s shoulders as he is slammed into the turnbuckle, then to the mat for the roll up pin. 1-2-3 Angle wins. After the match Angle applies the ankle lock to Rey. Edge comes out for the save. Benoit stops Angle from going to the back. Edge and Benoit beat on Angle, then hold Angle against the ropes until Rey can deliver the 6:19.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Funaki is shown talking to Stephanie in her office she says her surprise is not a what but a who, then it cuts to her looking at a Hogan poster.

Commercial break

Hollywood Hulk Hogan Segment

Hogan’s music hits the good old Red and Yellow walks down to the ring(the crowd goes nuts, chanting “Hogan, Hogan”). This goes on for a good 8 or 9 minutes, Hogan just stands in the ring by himself getting props from the crowd.

Commercial break

Hogan grabs the mic and attempts to speak over the crowd Hogan starts by saying the fans are his life. Hogan tells the crowd that he has just signed a brand new contract and Hulk-a-mania is going to run wild one more time. Hogan goes on to say he is going to fight the forces of evil with the help of the fans. Hogan says this may be there last journey together and he says he will not disappoint.

Enters Vince McMahon.

Vince gets on the mic and says he is disappointed in Steph’s big surprise he says it’s not 1985 it’s the year 2003 he says Hulk-a-mania and Al Wilson have one thing in common they are both dead. (Chants of A$$hole starts) Hulk gets back on the mic and says he wants to get in the ring with Vince. Vince has a shocked look on his face and says who the hell do you think you are. Hulk knocks Vince to the mat with one punch. Hulk rips his red and yellow shirt off and throws them on Vince then leaves the ring, posing for the crowd.

End of Show

Best match of the night: Tie between Benoit vs. Haas match and Angle vs. Rey match.
Best moment of the night: Hogan what else is there to say.
Worst match of the night: Rikishi vs. Bill DeMott just slow and boring
Worst moment of the night: Anything with Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore.

See you next time!