Full WWE RAW Results - 1/27/03

Reported by Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 27, 2003 at 11:32 PM EST

WWE RAW "LIVE" from Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler
Reported by: Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com

Flashback to last Monday with Triple H talking about his match with Steiner during the Pay Per View. Triple H claiming that he can't wrestle due to doctor's note. Showing the match between Batista and Steiner. Then Orton, Flair, Batista and Triple H taking Steiner apart. All four standing over Steiner.

Match #1 - Booker T vs. Jeff Hardy

Collar elbow tie up and Booker gains control. An Irish whip by Hardy and Booker keeps the arm of Hardy. Booker nails Hardy with knife edges and whips Hardy into the ropes. Booker misses the clothesline and hardy hits the right hand. Hardy gains control of Booker getting two consecutive two count pin falls. Booker reverses an Irish whip onto the corner and gets a drop kick to the head. Irish whip by Booker and he goes for the kick and misses. Booker nails Hardy with a spine buster. Hardy gains control by hitting a jaw breaker. Hardy then hits his finisher and only gets a two count. Booker gets a roll up on Hardy and gets the 1,2,3. After the match Booker hits his spinarooni. As he turns around Hardy nails him with a clothesline bulldog. Hardy tries to get Booker off the top rope to the outside and he misses and hits the retaining wall instead.

Winner: Booker T

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Back to the show with Scott Steiner coming out to a huge "pop". Steiner talking about the attack last week. Steiner calls out Triple H. Here comes the "Game". He stays up by the entrance. Triple H asks why are you out here? What is it going to take for you to understand that I am better than you? He proved that he was bigger, stronger, and smarter then Steiner. Triple H says he will prove it one more time. Triple H says when you call him out you get Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton too. Here they come to the ring. They attack Steiner but he pulls out a lead pipe and is taking them all out.

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Terry Runnels in the back talking with Teddy Long and D Lo Brown. Teddy saying that D Lo is a black super hero.

Match #2 - The Hurricane vs. D LO Brown with Teddy Long

A right hand by D Lo on Hurricane. A couple more right hands to the Hurricane's kidney's. Hurricane is now working over the lower back of the Hurricane. D LO puts an abdominal stretch on the Hurricane. A reversal by the Hurricane on D Lo and goes for an Irish whip. D Lo reverses the move into a side slam. Hurricane shows his will to win with a whip to the ropes and nails D Lo with a clothesline. D Lo gets knocked to the outside and the Hurricane corkscrews over the top rope and nails D Lo. Hurricane is bleeding good as he rolls D Lo in to the ring. He goes for the pin and gets a two count. D Lo recovers and nails the sit down power bomb for the 1,2,3.

Winner: D Lo Brown with Teddy Long.

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Flash to SmackDown with Hogan nailing Vince McMahon. Bischoff and Chief Morley talking about Smack Down and the 14 days to save his job. Terri talking with Jericho about last week when he nailed Stacy Keibler. They show the footage of last week when he nailed Stacy. Terri asks Jericho to apologize to Stacy, Test, and the fans. Jericho says that he owes nobody and that he needs to be a man and explain what happened to everyone.

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Out comes Jericho to explain what happened last week. What is with the pants? Jericho says sometimes things happen that can't be controlled. Jericho says that he has the chance to become the world champ and go to wrestle mania. Jericho apologizes to Stacy. Out comes Christian. Christian says that Jericho doesn't need to apologize to anyone that this isn't a dance floor that it is a wrestling ring. Stacy doesn't need to be at ringside. Christian says that it is Stacy's fault. Jericho says that it is really Test's fault that he ducked and he is a coward. Jericho says it is not his fault. That Test deserved everything he got. HBK's music hits. Huge "POP" for HBK. HBK says that Jericho is telling Chicago what it takes to be a man and he is doing it in those pants. HBK tells Jericho that he needs to be a man whether he made a mistake or not. HBK says he is coming to fight. Christian and Jericho is getting double teamed . A clothesline on Christian and a right hand to Jericho. He whips Jericho and gets ready for sweet chin music and Jericho gets out of the ring before he gets nailed.

To the back with Victoria beating up a trash can with a kindo stick with Trish's picture on it. They show Trish getting ready.

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Match #3 - Diva Chicago Street fight with Trish vs. Ladies World Champion Victoria with Steven Richards

Victoria attacks Trish right out of the box with the kindo stick. Victoria throws Trish into the steel ring steps. Trish nails Victoria with a kick and then rolls her up outside and gets a two count. Victoria throws Trish into the ring and hits a leg drop for a two count. Trish is in the corner and gets out of the way as Victoria hits the steel ring post. Trish nails Victoria with two trash can lids. Victoria recovers and sling shots Trish into a trash can head first. A couple more trash can lids to the head and Trish goes down. Trish nails Victoria with a frankensteiner and gets two count. Victoria gets a neck breaker then a two count. Steven Richards tries to use the fire extinguisher and hits Victoria with it. Trish gets nailed with a right hand by Victoria right to the face. Trish recovers and goes for the Stratusfaction and gets thrown to the outside fence and is knocked out. Victoria gets the pin on the outside.

Winner and still WWE Ladies Champion Victoria with Steven Richards

Out comes Jazz and goes off on Trish Stratus. A DDT and fisherman's suplex on Trish. Jazz puts Trish in STF. She has destroyed Trish.

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Match #4 - Table Match with The Dudley Boyz vs. William Regal / Lance Storm for the WWE World Tag Team Titles

The Dudley's attack Storm and Regal. Devon nails Regal with his flag. Bubba nails Storm with the Canadian flag. Bubba and Storm start out in the corner and a whip to the other corner. Bubba nails Storm with a spear. The Dudley's get a 3D on Storm and Devon goes for the head dive into William Regal. Get the tables. Devon is looking for the tables and can't find any tables. No tables under the ring. Chief Morley comes out holding a table that the Dudley's are looking for. He says if you lay a finger on me and you will get fired. Out comes 3 minute warning and they attack the Dudley's. They bring the Dudley's back to the ring and throw Devon into the steel steps. Jamal throws Rosey into the corner with Devon standing there. Bubba comes out and tries to get the upper hand and he gets hit with a Samoan drop. Spike Dudley comes out and hits a Bulldog on Jamal but misses with Rosey. Three minute Warning throw Devon through the table for the World Tag Team Champions to win.

Winners and still WWE World Tag Team Champions William Regal and Lance Storm

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To the back with Eric Bischoff and Triple H talking about Steiner running around with a lead pipe. They act like they are worried about a number one contenders match next week on RAW or are they worried, not really. The Tough Enough 3 guys with Al Snow. Out of the shadows comes Chris Nowinski. Kane and RVD talking about their match with Triple H.

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Flashback to the Tough Enough 3 awards last week on Thursday with John and Matt winning.

Match #5 - Matt vs. John - Tough Enough 3 Exhibition Match

Collar elbow tie up with Matt getting the headlock and a takedown by John. An Irish whip by john and he gets a hip toss by Matt. A Drop kick by John and Nowinski comes down attacks Al Snow from behind and stops the match. Nowinski was complaining about Matt and John rubbing it in. Out comes Tommy Dreamer and chases Nowinski out. He says welcome to the WWE and then nails Matt and John with the kindo stick.

No Winner

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Back to the show with Eric Bischoff coming to the ring with an envelope. Bischoff says that Stone Cold is not there tonight. This is the reason why. They show footage of Vince and JR talking about Stone Cold last June. Bischoff says that there is two sides of the story. He says that Stone Cold will tell his side of the story in RAW magazine. Bischoff says Stone Cold is going to talk about everyone from Triple H to the Rock. Personal note to Austin from Bischoff. The fans starts chanting Austin and then My Sacrifice from Creed starts playing with an Austin video.

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Match #6 - Kane / RVD vs. Triple H / Batista with Ric Flair and Randy Orton

Kane and Batista start out the match with a collar elbow tie up. To the corner and Batista reverses Kane and nails him with a right hand. AN Irish whip and Kane Clotheslines Batista. Batista whips Kane to the corner and he reverses with Kane following. A big elbow to Kane's head by Batista. Kane tags in RVD and he gets a press slam to Batista. A two count and Batista is out. Batista tags in Triple H. He starts stomping on RVD in the corner. He stretches RVD's face. Back to a Irish whip and RVD gets a drop kick on Triple H. RVD knocks down Triple H and gets a two count. RVD whips Triple H and he reverses to get a big knee to RVD's head. Batista comes in and nails RVD with a slam and then a standing clothesline. A two count and Kane breaks up the count. Triple H tags back in and gets RVD's leg. RVD nails Triple H with a kick to the head. Kane nails Batista with a clothesline and then a sidewalk slam. Kane to the top rope and nails Batista with a right hand. RVD tags in and misses the five star splash. Orton and Flair are kicking the hell out of Kane. Batista took Kane's mask off. Kane goes to the back. RVD nails Triple H with the rolling thunder. RVD goes for the five star and Batista catches him and nails him with a power slam. Batista nails RVD with a sit down power bomb for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Triple H / Batista with Ric Flair and Randy Orton

Out comes Steiner with the lead pipe and he clears the ring. Out comes Jericho and he nails Steiner from behind. Now it is 4 on one again and Steiner is getting pummeled. Batista nails Steiner with a sit down power bomb. Flair is getting Steiner in the figure four. Triple H nails Steiner with a pedigree. Steiner is destroyed for the second straight week.

End of show.