Full WWE RAW Results - 2/10/03 (Eric Bischoff's 30 days expire)

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» On Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 12:06 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 2/10/03
Live from Los Angeles
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by Wesley Moore aka PastorofMuppets

And now Monday Night Raw

Show opens with a memorial to Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig 1958-2003

Vince and Eric Bischoff promo

"The clock is running"

Opening segment

"The clock has stopped ticking."

"I’m back" music hits
Eric hasn't heard from Steve Austin.
He doesn’t know if Stone Cold will be back for No Way Out.
He says that Vince is on his way, and he may be fired.
He has done everything in his power to sign Steve Austin.
Eric is trying to get crowd behind him for Vince's visit
He is demanding support, but getting a lot of heat.

Eric walks to "Good Ole JR", and asks him to stand.
Eric says JR is being supportive of attempts to sign Austin
Eric blames JR for no Steve signing
JR says maybe Steve Austin hates Eric’s guts for firing him from WCW.
Eric is threatening to fire JR if he doesn’t deliver Steve Austin then
Jim Ross is fired until Steve Austin is signed

Now we see the parking lot with a limo pulling up.


Out of the limp steps HHH and Ric Flair and Randy Orton.

HHH says "You expecting someone else" to Eric

Match #1
The king is by him self

Test with Stacy Keibler Vs. Christian

Lawler is plugging his book

Flash back to last week with y2j with test being attacked by Christian

Opening bell

Right hands by Christian, Test answers with a shortarm clothesline. Test slams
Christian's head into the mat. Test with a few elbows in the corner. Whip to the
corner into a backdrop. Christian thumb to the eye, then a rope dive off the apron
Neckbreaker by Christian.

Now joining Lawler is coach.

Both men trading punches and clotheslines, cover by test, two count.
Pumphandle slam is reversed and neckbraker into cover by Christian.
High body press on Christian. Christian almost got the unprettier, but test countered
with a standing power slam. 123
low blow by Christian into unprettier going after Stacy.
Run in by Jeff Hardy. Christian into the crowd tossed by Jeff Hardy.

Winner Test

Segment 2

JR in parking lot trying to get Steve Austin on the phone.
"Have him call me on my cell phone."

Rob Reiner is at RAW

Flash back to booker T and Golddust before the match last week.

Match #2

Booker T Vs. D'lo Brown w/ Teddy Long

Booker talking about dedicating to "Goldie"
Interrupted by D'lo brown
Teddy long is talking to booker "stop worrying about Golddust"
Golddust is another white man trying to keep you down.

Booker attacks D'lo
Chops and shoulder block and heel kick. Cover by Booker.
Missed scissor Kick. D'lo counters with a mule kick, but misses
Heel kick by booker t into a connected scissor kick
Cover and a pin

Winner Booker T

Segment 3

Eric and Val Venis
Enter Y2J
Chris complains about test and undermining Bischoff's authority.

Eric chews out y2j saying he has bigger things on his plate.

Val Venis makes a match between Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho


Flash back 2 weeks
Trish getting beat up

Match #3

Jazz Vs. Molly Holly

Collier and elbow into drop toe by jazz, quick cover.
Arm locks and reversals cover by molly,
Irish whip and cover by jazz
Another drop toe and into a unique submission hold by jazz
Cover again by Jazz
3 chicken wing suplex's by jazz. Cover by jazz. Series of chops by Jazz.
Rollup by molly, clotheslines. Single leg Boston crab by jazz.
into STF by jazz. Molly Taps

Winner by Submission JAZZ

Back to JR. Gets a call from oklahoma Steve.
Howard Finkel butts in like a ass

Confidential promo
Demise of WCW

Match #4

RVD & Kane Vs. 3 Minute Warning w/ Rico

RVD starts with Jamal. Bodyslam by Jamal, foot sweep and back flip splash by RVD, Cover for two.
RVD up the ropes and thrown FAR in to rail. RVD back in ring thanks to Rico
Double team on RVD. Rosie tagged in, standing splash on RVD.
Heel kick on RVD cover. Jamal clotheslines Rosie. Kane tagged in.
Clotheslines on 3mw. Kane to the top rope.
He Nails Rosie from the top and gives the hand for the choke slam.
RVD tagged in, right to top rope. kick to Jamal and into rolling thunder.
Cover and Jamal gets saved by Rosie. Kane chokeslams Jamal. RVD up for 5 star frog
splash. Cover and pin by RVD.

Winners Rob Van Dam & Kane

Segment 4

JR in parking Lot. Vinnie Mac finally shows in his Limo.
Vince says "What the hell is JR doing in the Parking garage."


"No Chance" music hits

Vince walks to the ring.
He has to make heart wrenching decisions.
Tonight will be sweet.
He requests the presence of Eric and Morley.
He calls them all the way to the ring.
Eric tries to talk and gets hushed with authority by Mr. McMahon
Vince starts with Chief Morley. Chooses not to Fire Morley, Allows Morley to decide his fate.
Vince makes a match for Morley and if he wins he keeps the Job and if not then
He is "toast"
Handicap match against all 3 Dudleys.

On to Eric.
Got one question for you.
"Have you signed Stone Cold for Now way Out."
Yes or no.
Bischoff answers no.
“Since you haven’t fulfilled your obligations.”
Bischoff pleads for his Job.
Eric has something for Vince McMahon.
Hot Lesbian Action.

Two honeys come to the ring.
not just lesbians they are bisexual lesbians

Vince sends away the honeys :(

"Eric Bischoff Your Fired."

Vince sings na na na na hey hey hey Goodbye

Eric Bischoff is fired.
Funny stuff from Vinnie Mac!!

Rock Hogan 2 Now way out Promo is shown

Vince is back stage and talks to William Regal.
Storm and regal say he is brilliant.
Vince says he is naming the new GM of Raw tonight.

Match #5

All 3 Dudley’s Vs. Chief Morley

Backdrop from Morley to spike but he is caught and then Morley is face planted
by the Dudleys.
Bubba rips off Morleys’ shirt to chop him.
Morley is getting squashed and the crowd wants Tables.
Soamon drop by bubba.
All 3 Dudleys kicking Morley
Spike is tossed onto Morley outside and then the chief is thrown into the steps.
Bubba clocks Morley with the steps.
Spike with Dudley dog and then a 3d.
Cover by Spike.

Winner The Dudley Boys

Crowd wants the tables
and now they get the Tables
Vicious bump through the Wood.

Segment 5

Bischoff staring at JR
Eric wants to be friends.
JR tells Eric to clean out his desk.


Match #6

Batista w/ Ric Flair Vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer shows up behind Batista and hits him repeatedly with the cane.
Batista spears dreamer while he was swinging at Ric Flair.
Sit down power bomb and its over.

Winner Batista w/ Ric Flair

Booker T runs in and attacks Batista and then Randy Orton runs and they start
attacking Booker in the corner.
Booker is getting his ass kicked by the evolution.
Scott Steiner Runs in and clears out the ring.


In the back we see Jeff Hardy walking and he runs into HBK and moves on.
Then Test and Stacy talk about working with GGW.

Next is Eric Bicshoff in his office staring at his picture.
Taking it down and packing his little box. He is greeted by the Dudleys.
The Dudleys start singing the na na na na song to Eric.


Match #7

Chris Jericho Vs. Jeff Hardy

Tie up into headlock and rollover by Y2J.
Armlocks by both men and then a slap to Jeff Hardys face.
Punches and Irish whip into backdrop by Jeff hardy.
Head-scissors take down by Jeff, into a cover. Punches and Irish whip
Jericho held onto the rope and then clotheslines Jeff Hardy.
Chops by Y2J and then he tosses Jeff outta the Ring.
Y2J lionsaults out of the ring and then Jeff lionsaults rather poorly into
Whip by Hardy, Y2J in to steps. Back in the ring now with a cover by Jeff Hardy.
Hardy to Top Rope, Y2J grabs ole Hebner and shakes him into the turnbuckle and
Makes Jeff Fall.
Top rope Superplex by Chris Jericho.
Cover by Y2J two count. Back breakers by Y2J. A series of kicks by Y2J and clothesline
Y2J with a reverse chin Lock, Jeff Hardy fights out and whips Chris into the buckle, but Jericho
Reversed it. Y2J runs in and hits the ring post. Neckbreaker by Jeff Hardy and a cover for a 2 Count.
Jericho fights back and hits a dropkick, Cover by Y2J for a 2.
Chops, Irish Whip and a running clothesline by Chris Jericho
Irish whip with Jeff climbing the ropes and nailing a spinning kick.
Cover by Jeff 1 2.
Jericho grabs Hebner again and scores the "Walls of Jericho".
Jeff gets the Rope and gets a suplex off the ropes. Jeff Hardy to the Top for
the "Swanton Bomb", and he nails it. Two count cover with Jericho getting a rope
break. Y2J gets the walls of Jericho again, and Jeff hardy Taps out.

Winner by submission Chris Jericho

Segment 6

Mr. McMahon runs into evolution and says he is gonna go announce the new GM.

Next week on raw, we got a tag Match. HHH and Batista teaming up against Booker t
and Big Poppa Pump.


Vince is in the Ring.
He talks about him being qualified and fair. He thinks we will like the GM

Then JR walks out with Vince saying NO NO NO
Then Eric Bischoff comes out.
JR says Austin will be at No Way Out.
JR is reinstated
Vince reinstates Eric Bischoff but with a condition
Vince has an idea.
A certain club.

"Eric Bischoff your gonna join the Vince McMahon 'Kiss my Ass Club."

(Ohhh shit this is great)

Vince drops his pants and shows his ass.

Eric refuses to kiss his ass
and Vince says that if he doesn’t join the club he will automatically join the
get my ass kicked club
Eric has to compete in a match at No Way Out.
Eric Bischoff Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

No Chance music hits.

End of Show


Overall I thought this was a great show, except for a few things. One of the main things was that dumbass Coach. That guy makes me want to show up to a heat taping and go postal.

The kiss my ass segment had me busting up laughing, god what a moment that will be when we see Eric Bischoff Kissing Mr. McMahon’s Trick Turning Ass.

I believe that will happen someday.

I hope I did a good job since this is my first recap, and I thank you all for reading

Hit me up through the email to let me know what you think please


Aka PastorOfMuppets