Full WWE RAW Results - 2/17/03 (6 days away from No Way Out)

Reported by Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com
On Monday, February 17, 2003 at 11:25 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 2/17/03
Live from: Columbus, OH
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

And now WWE Monday RAW...

Match #1: Rob Van Dam w/ Kane vs. Lance Storm w/ William Regal
Collar and elbow tie up. Snap mare take down by Storm. Step over heel kick by RVD. RVD into the corner and chops by Storm. Spining cross body by RVD. Fighting on apron and pulls RVD's face into barrier. Lance Storm Springboard Clothesline into RVD. Cover by storm. RVD into the corner again punches and taunts by Storm. RVD fights back, Irish whip into drop kick by RVD. Jawbreaker by Lance Storm, and cover attempt. Crossface by Storm, and RVD fights to get up, spinning kick by RVD. Forearm exchange, and shoulder block by RVD. Cover by RVD, Long two count. Spinning kick and cover again by RVD. Whip into ropes and rollup into a one leg Boston Crab by Lance Storm. RVD gets the ropes. RVD scores with a Mule kick, and then Rolling Thunder and cover. RVD up to top rope and knock down by Storm and tries super plex and misses and hits the five star frog splash and cover for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Backstage segment:
HBK and Jeff Hardy, then enters Eric Bischoff. Eric is on his way to the ring to address the locker room. Warning about HBK and Jeff needing luck.


"I'm back music Hits." Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring. Eric has decided that his first official act would be special. He has unfinished business with someone and he is here tonight. Eric calls out Chief Morley. He reinstates Chief Morley. Morley asks for pop for Eric Bischoff,and asshole chants begin. Eric won't forgive the people or the roster for hoping he will get his ass kicked at No Way Out. He also says HBK and Jeff Hardy are gonna team up and meet Christian and Chris Jericho in a no DQ match! Eric Bischoff has suspended the Dudley's and kicked them out of the building also, Spike faces 3MW and Rico. Eric says he is vindictive. Eric is a 8th degree black belt, and he is going to compete tonight, against Jim Ross. "I'm Back" hits.


Backstage segment:
Victoria and Steven Richards are talking to Jazz, Victoria doesn't need Jazz and Jazz doesn't need Victoria.

Match #2: Jackie & Molly Holly vs. Victoria & Jazz
Jazz and Molly Holly first start. Short arm clothesline by Jazz and then Suplex into cover attempt. Jazz tags and Molly gets a inside cradel on Victoria, and Victoria gets a sweet spinning side suplex. Bodyslam by Victoria and Jazz tags herself in and bodyslams Molly again. Jazz misses a splash and Molly gets the tag and jackie gets in. DDT by Jazz on Jackie. Cover and the win by Jazz. After the match Jazz chickenwings Jackie and Molly. Jazz pushes Victoria, Victoria slaps Jazz and she likes it.

Winner: Jazz and Victoria


Backstage Segment:
Flash back to Golddust two weeks ago. Booker T says that Goldie is Ok but is having problems. Evolution has been Joking and Booker T doesnt like it. He will enjoy teaming with Scott Steiner and kicking some ass. Evolution backstage, making fun of them. HHH says that they are gonna put Booker T in a hospital bed with "His Crispy friend."

JR and Jerry give condolences to Curt Hennig. Memorial video is shown about Mr. Perfect doing various things perfectly. This is a very good memorial.


Match #3: Rodney Mack w/ Teddy Long vs. Al Snow
Kicks by Mack, whip and reversal by Snow and whip and reversal into shoulder block and corner whip by Mack. Snow reversal and forearm and headbutts by Al Snow. High Back drop by Snow, and then body slam into moonsault, but Rodney Mack brings the knees up and hits a double underhook suplex and covers Snow for the Win.

Winner: Rodney Mack w/ Teddy Long

Backstage Segement:
Christian and Jericho are ready to kick some ass tonight. They have something in store for HBK.


Match #4: Chris Jericho & Christian vs. HBK & Jeff Hardy in a No DQ
HBK attacks christian and wishbones him on the ring pole. Hardy catapults Jericho outside and runs the rail but is powerslamed by Y2J. Christian attacks HBk outside and then runs him into the steps. Jericho handcuffs HBk to the bottom rope and the Y2J attacks Jeff Hardy. Christian and Jericho double team Jeff Hardy. Y2J attacks Jeff. Irish whip and reversal by Hardy and drop kick. Christian holds HBK and Jericho whips him with his belt. Double team again on Jeff Hardy. Christian and Jeff gets a spinning kick and the HBK gets the handcuff key and gets free from the cuffs. He tags and potatoes Christian. Right hand by HBk. Christian climbs the ropes and gets thrown out of the ring. Jericho in the ring now and he tries to hit HBK with a Chair but Shawn Spin kicks it into his face. Jeff Hardy tagged in and climbs the ropes and hits the Swanton Bomb. Cover on Jericho and the Pin.

Winners: HBK & Jeff Hardy


Backstage segment:
Y2J is pissed and he is destroying shit.

Match #5: The Hurricane vs. Chris Nowinski
Tie up and push into the corner. Irish whip and shoulder block by Nowinski. Big forearm by hurricane and cover attempt. Nowinski gets thrown out of the ring. Fighting outside, back in the ring now and clothesline by Nowinski. Neckvice by Nowinski, and Hurricane gets up and fights back and gets big DDT, and neckbreaker, nearfall. Hurricane hits elbow from middle rope. Sit down power bomb by Nowinski and cover, Kickout by Hurricane. Hurricane hits neckbreaker, cover and the pin.

Winner: The Hurricane

Backstage Segment:
Eric Bischoff kicking a pad. Eric is going to knock out JR. Bischoff looks pretty tough and he plans on kicking some Stone Cold Steve Austin ass, but tonight it's the best friends turn.

Match #6: Spike Dudley vs. 3 Minute Warning & Rico
Spike getting his ass kicked enough said, this is a total squash. Various crowd chants including "Rico's Gay." Spike is taking serious punishment. He gets my props. Rico finally pins Spike.

Winner: 3 Minute warning and Rico


Backstage segment:
Big Poppa Pump cuts a promo about NO way Out. Booker T walks in and says he is gonna kick some HHH and Batista ass.


Match #7 Main Event: Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. Triple H & Batista
Starting the match is Booker T and HHH. Ties up and kicks by HHH, corner whip and shoulder block by HHH. Whip and spin kick by Booker then whip and backdrop into cover attempt. High knee by HHH and then he tags in Batista. Batista corner whips booker and then running clothesline, another thunderous clothesline by Batista then Tag to HHH. Booker T makes the tag and now we have Scott Steiner and HHH. Steiner chops and punches. Belly to belly suplex on HHH, more punches. Steiner outside to chase Flair. Back in the ring now and getting kicked by HHH. HHH sends Steiner out of the ring, and Randy Orton kicks and then sends him back in. The game now hits the sleeperhold on Scott Steiner. Belly to back suplex by Steiner and he tags in Booker. Flying forearm by Booker, and now he attacks Batista. Booker Potatoes, and then gives a spinnarooni. Clothesline by Batista. Belly to belly by steiner on Batista. Scissor kick by Booker T on HHH. Cover by Booker T and the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner & Booker T


Match #8: Eric Bischoff Vs. Good 'Ole JR
Eric is going to break some boards and he does. Whoopy do, and a watermellon. JR's Oklahoma fight music hits, and JR comes to the ring. Eric Bischoff makes a no holds barred match, anyone and anything is legal. Eric with some stupid karate kid moves and JR clocks him in the mouth. Chief Morley hits JR from behind, and then stomps and hits him. Morley sets a cinderblock on JR's head. Bischoff breaks it on his head and Jerry Lawler runs in and cleans house. Bischoff kicks Lawler and Morley beats him on the outside. JR is bleeding and Bischoff kicks him and then wins the match. Eric gets some beers and mocks Stone Cold."And thats the bottom line because Eric Bischoff said so."

Winner: Eric Bischoff

End Of Show.


- 3 minute warning and Rico suck hairy ass crack.

- I really liked the Mr. Perfect Memorial Video, it was really well done and its obivous that everyone really misses Curt Hennig.

- All the squash matches are really making for a boring show.

- Eric Bischoff is good martial artist.

- I miss seeing Al Snow on RAW, good to have him back.

- What the hell were they thinking letting go of D'lo Brown!

- And to quote another wrestleview reporter, "Now way I'm ordering this Pay Per View."

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