Full WWE SmackDown Results - 2/20/03 (Hulk Hogan & The Rock face off)

Reported by Chris Hammond of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 10:02 PM EST

from Conseco,Indianapolis
Commentators: Tazz and Michael Cole

First segment
The Rock comes out the crowd hates on him. The Rock talks about his upcoming match with Hogan at this Sunday's No Way Out. The Rock did an alright heel promo.

Commercial break

Match 1
Chris Benoit vs. A-Train

Train takes control with knees to Benoit's stomach. Benoit gets control with 2 cross faces. Benoit then gets a surprise cover for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

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Match 2
Rikishi vs. Johnny Stomboli

The match starts on the outside with Kishi beating on Johnny. Johnny in the ring lifts Kishi above his head. Johnny gets Rikishi in the corner and throws numerous shoulders into him. Rikishi hits Johnny with the big kick to the face and the match is over 123.

Winner: Rikishi

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Los Guerreros promo is shown.

Match 3
Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore vs. Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

Moore takes control with a kick to rey's face. Kidman and Matt get in the ring. Matt hit's a sidestep on Kidman. Matt puts a front headlock on Kidman. Kidman gets to his feet and tags in Rey. Rey clears out the rings and tries to hits the 6:19. Matt lets Kidman tag in. Kidman and Rey hit three or four high flying moves. Matt hits the twist of fate on Kidman while he was distracted.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore

Nathan Jones Interview is shown Saying he will Debut next week on Smackdown(weak very weak).

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Undertaker Segment:

Undertaker comes down to the ring to open both his crates.
Crate 1: Has a puppy in it, thats all.
Crate 2: ? Nothing I guess. The Big Show comes down to the ring and attacks the Undertaker as he is busting open the second crate. Show destroys Undertaker big time.

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Match 4
Nidia vs. Torrie Wilson (Paddle on a pole match)

The normal beating on each other in the early going. Jamie knoble hits Torrie with a slam. Nidia beats on Torrie's butt until Funaki comes out to help Torrie.

Winner: Nidia

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Hogan Segment:

Hogan comes down to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd . Hogan was just going to say something and Rock's music is played. The Rock comes down to the ring and smack talks Hogan. The Rock tells Hogan to apologize to him. Hogan says he won't apologize. The Rock leaves the ring and puts his hand out for Hogan to shake. The Rock spits water in Hogan's face instead of shaking his hand.

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Match 5
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar

Brock and Angle are both in the ring. Angle says Brock must beat team Angle before he can wrestle Kurt. Brock beat both members of team Angle. Brock then gets ready to wrestle Angle. Heyman hits Brock from behind with a chair. This causes Kurt to get disqualified. Team Angle beat on Brock until Chris Benoit and Edge come to rescue Brock.

Winner: Brock disqualification

End of show