Full WWE RAW Results - 2/24/03 (20-Men Battle Royal)

Reported by Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com
On Monday, February 24, 2003 at 11:20 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 2/24/03
LIVE From: Toronto Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of Wrestleview.com

And now just one day after No Way Out, Monday Night RAW.

Opening Segment
"Im Back" music hits opening the show. Eric Bischoff is all beat to hell and walking to the ring. Eric is still standing after what Austin did. Eric banned Austin from the building. Stone cold Steve Austin is gonna miss out on the main event, a 20 man battle royal to determine the opponent for HHH at Wrestlemania. Eric wants the spotlight on a bigger star. The biggest star in the history of the industry. A video is shown from a helicopter over the city. It is the Rock with new theme music. The rock is out now to a mixed crowd. Finally the Rock has come back to Toronto, and to run his mouth on all your candy asses. The Rock is on Raw because he did Vince McMahon a favor and Vince returned the favor. In Toronto it all started. It was in Toronto that the people turned on the people's champion. Those motherkunuckers. The rock is mad that he was not voted as the Raw superstar of the decade. The Rock doesn't love Stone Cold and thinks he is nothing. Yadda yadda yadda, Asshole chants begin. And "You sold out" chants also. Long and Boring, with minimal humor.


Match #1 Jackie Vs. Jazz
Jazz starts with kicks and a bodyslam. Dropkick from Jackie, rights and lefts by Jackie. Legdrop by Jazz, into a pin attempt. Jazz gets a half Boston Crab, after missing a couple spots really badly. Jazz gets her STF submission and Jackie taps.

WINNER By Submission: Jazz

After the match Trish comes to the ring and fights with Jazz; Victoria joins the fray and gets kicked hard and looks to have hit her head really hard. Jazz and Trish are really going at it. Cat fight heehee.


Segment Two
Test gets out of a Limo and talks to a guy at a Girls Gone wild Gig. Test gets to pick the finalist for Girls Gone Wild. Now Test and Maven are backstage watching the GGW stuff. Chief Morley comes in and says that Test and Stacy versus Christian and Chris Jericho will happen tonight.

Segment Three
Jim Ross interviews Golddust. He asked how is he feeling? There are rumors that Golddust is not right and he is having some psychological disorders. Golddust is having a few convulsions and ticks, and is studdering like a weirdo. Golddust vows revenge on Batista and Randy Orton.


Match #2 Kane w/ Rob Van Dam Vs. Lance Storm w/ William Regal

Punches in the corner by Kane start the match. Kane military pressed Storm and throws him out of the ring. Storm back in the ring a gets little offence before being booted by Kane, who follows up with a slam. Storm hammering Kane and hits the missle dropkick and covers for a two count. Kane gets right up and chokeslams Lance Storm twice and gets the Pin fall.

WINNER: Kane w/ Rob Van Dam


Match #3 Scott Steiner & Booker T Vs. Randy Orton & Batista w/ Ric Flair

Randy and Booker start the match. Tie up and punches back and forth. Irish whip, cresent kick and sidewalk slam by Booker T. Chops and a forearm by Booker T and another kick. Flair grabs Booker's leg and Randy tags in Batista. Cover and two count by Batista after a few forarms. Orton tagged back in and punches go back and forth by Booker T with the Book coming on top and hitting a spine buster. Double teams by Orton and Batista on Booker T. Randy Orton back in and taking it to poor Booker T. Reverse chin lock by Orton. Booker T fights to his feet and gets a scissior kick on Orton. Batista comes in and gets kicked by Booker and Booker does not get the tag. Steiner comes in anyway and potatoes everyone including Nature Boy. Spear on Booker T by Batista. Orton hits a high cross body and covers, but it is reversed and Booker gets the Win.

WINNER: Booker T and Scott Steiner


Match #4 Test & Stacy Keibler Vs. Christian & Y2J Chris Jericho

Test runs after Y2J and gets Christian instead. Test hammering Christian. Irish whip and a backdrop by Test. Jericho pulls Stacy off the ring apron and Test chases and gets double teamed, but reverses it then Jericho runs in and hits Test with a Chair; the Ref signals for the bell. Jericho handcuffs Test to the ring and then Jericho puts Stacy into the "Walls of Jericho". Jeff Hardy runs in and gets shut down by Christian. Stacy is still in the walls and now its HBK to the rescue.

Winners by DQ: Test & Stacy Keibler


Match #5 Chris Nowinski Vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff gets the twist of fate and then the swanton bomb. Cover and the win.
The referee reverses the decision and gives the win to Nowinski because Jeff continues to beat up Nowinski after the match.

WINNER by DQ: Chris Nowinski


Backstage Segment
The Rock is backstage singing a song with a guitar making fun of Canada and Hurricane comes in and basically asks the Rock why he is acting like a heel. The Hurricane isn't nothing to the Rock. The Hurricane can beat the Scorpion King, and he will send the Rock flying over the top rope during the Battle Royal tonight.


Match #6 Jerry "The King" Lawler Vs. Chief Morley in a no DQ match

Right hands by Morley. The King gets up and gets a clothesline and a backdrop. Morley over the top and The King taking it to Morley. Whip reversed and Morley into the steps. Some "You Screwed Bret" Chants are heard. Three held suplex's and a cover by Morley. Spinebuster by Morley, who climbs the ropes and hits a big splash. Morley gets a chair and Earl Hebner kicked the chair out of the ring. The Dudleys come in and kick Morley's ass. The King is on the middle rope and gets a elbow and then pins Morley.

WINNER: Jerry "The King" Lawler


Match #6 20 man over the top rope Battle Royal to determine the opponent for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania XIX

The match has started and Test is first out. Test chases Jericho in to the crowd and Chrisian and Jericho are out. Jamal is out. The last battle royal on RAW was in 1995 and it was won by Owen Hart. Tommy Dreamer out and Maven too. Steven Richards is out next. Rob Van Dam is next, and then Al Snow. Rodney Mack is gone. Rock ousts the Hurricane. Rock comes to the announce table. Jeff Hardy is out. Orton is gone and Scott Steiner and Batista. Storm, Rosie, Kane, Rock, Christian, and Booker T left. Rosie is gone. Kane throws out Storm. Kane Chokeslams Booker T. Kane and Christian out by the Rock. Rock and Booker T all the remains now. Booker T Wins after sending out the Rock

WINNER and number one contender for the world heavyweight strap at Wrestlemania: Booker T

End Of Show


Good Freaking Lord Stacy looked fantastic tonight

The Rocks new music is quite homo

Booker T is on his way to wrestlemania, and that kicks ass

Somebody fire Chris Nowinski, What the Hell was that.

Jazz needs to go back to school because she screwed a bunch of stuff

MotherKnuckers, that was pretty funny.

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