Full WWE RAW Results - 3/3/03 (Stone Cold Steve Austin returns)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, March 4, 2003 at 12:56 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 3/3/03
Live from: Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

Opening Segment:
Eric Bischoff in the parking lot with Three Minute Warning and Rico. They are Stone Cold Steve Austin's welcome to RAW. Eric wants this return to RAW to be Steve Austin's last. The show starts and Booker t and HHH have a little chat in the ring. HHH says that Booker is confused about his role in life and wrestlemania. HHH says that people like Booker T don't get to be world champion. Booker T is a entertainer not a Champion. HHH says that WCW was a joke and Booker T was Champ around the time that David Arquette and Vince Russo held the strap. At wrestlemania Booker T is going to do what he does, he will lose.


Match #1: Jeff Hardy vs. Christian
Jeff attacks Christian in the corner. Christian pulled to the outside and Jeff Hardy hits a crossbody from the top. Back in the ring now and suplex on the rope into a cover by Christian. Kicks and punches by Christian. Abdominal stretch by Christian. Jeff Fights back and gets a nearfall. Double leg drop by Hardy, and whisper in the wind, cover attempt for a two count. Christian counters with the unprettier and covers for the pin.

Winner: Christian

Backstage Segment:
Eric Bischoff and Lance Storm in the back and Lance is the second line of pipe wielding welcomers for Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Match #2: Chief Morley vs. Spike Dudley
Blows back and forth with Morley getting the advantage. Spike is giving a great effort including a bite to the nose of Morley. Spike tries the Dudley Dog and it is countered into a power bomb. Morley is making Spike take pretty good solid bumps. Three standing suplexes in a row on Spike. Chief Morley defeats Spike with a 5 star splash.

Winner: Chief Morley

Backstage Segment:
Christian and Chris Jericho are now Eric Bischoff's 3rd line of defence.


Match #3: Jackie & Trish vs. Jazz & Victoria w/ Steven Richards
Jackie and Jazz start with a back drop by Jackie. Dropkick by Jazz, and a powerslam, followed by a cover attempt. Victoria tagged in and side slams Jackie. Great snap suplex by Victoria. Tag by Jackie and Trish is in, chops and leap frog press by Trish on victoria. Sunset flip and pin attempt by Victoria. Reversal and roll up by Trish and the pin on Victoria.

Winner: Trish and Jackie


Backstage Segment:
The Coach is backstage with the Rock. The Rock tells the coach to wash his ass. The Rock looks for his guitar and finds the Hurricane. Funny lines by the Hurricane, who was sitting in the locker room behind a curtain. The rock is glad that the Hurricane is there. The Rock tossed his hamburgler monkey ass right over the top rope in the battle royal. The Rock reminds Hurricane that he is nothing, hundred pounds of nothing. A super hero with braces, is he gonna sell Band Candy after the show. Hurricane says that The Rock is afraid of Steve Austin, thats why he is letting Eric Bischoff do all his dirty work. The Rock was Funny as hell, and its cool that he is allowing The Hurricane to make a ass of him.


Jericho shows some footage of Test with some Girls Gone wild Chicks

Match #4: Chris Jericho vs. Test w/o Stacy Keibler
Test takes down Jericho. Test military presses Y2J. Stacy comes down to the ring. Jericho catches Test when he comes into the ring gets a backdrop. Test quickly takes over again and gives it out to Jericho including a spinning back breaker. Test gets a mean powerbomb on Y2J. Test tries to get the boot and Jericho pulls the ref in the way and Christian hits a neckbreaker. Test hits a full nelson powerbomb and covers but a kickout by Jericho. Jericho gets a breakdown and the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho goes after Stacy. Christian and Jericho try to hit the Conchairto on Stacy but Test blocks it and they hit it on Test instead. Shawn Michaels runs in and gets sweet chin music on Christian and then takes a vile chair shot by Jericho. Jericho wants to end HBk's career at WrestleMania.


Chris Nowinski is in the ring. He can't wait to see Stone cold Steve Austin get whats coming to him. The Dudley's come in and get the 3D on Nowinski. The Dudley's walk out through the crowd.


Match #5: Scott Steiner vs. Booker T
(Interesting Note: The last time these two fought was on the very last Nitro where Booker T got his fifth WCW World Championship)

Tie up chops by Steiner. Irish whip and a cresent kick by Booker T. Military press by Steiner and more chops in the corner. Irish whip and a clothesline by Steiner. Chops back and forth by both men. Heel kick by Booker and a cover attempt. Chops in the corner by Booker T. Booker goes for a spinnerooni and Steiner catches him. Booker T gets the win after a really poor, botched roll up in the corner.

Winner: Booker T

The Rock is backstage and he wants Eric Bischoff


The Rock again backstage with his guitar. "The rock is bigger than Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks and yet he has to deal with these Long Island Skanks. He'll whip Austin's ass ya know, and thats the bottom line cause The Rock said so." The Rock gets in Bischoff's face about the pipe patrol. If Eric doesn't stop them, then The Rock will go back to Smackdown. Eric promises to take care of it, saying he hears loud and clear.


Match #6: Kane & Rob Van Dam Vs. Al Snow & Tommy Dreamer - Hardcore Rules Match
Kane hits Al Snow. RVD gets Al Snow in the ring and Dreamer hits RVD with the cane and then Kane hits off the top rope. Al Snow hits Kane about 79 times with a Trash can lid. Kane goes down and then gets right up and double chokeslams both Snow and Dreamer. Dreamer is slammed on top of Al Snow and RVD hits a great 5 star Frog Splash on them, a 10 Star Frog Splash. Cover and the win by RVD.

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Kane

Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up backstage in the parking lot and nearly runs over the pipe patrol with his pickup truck. He is ready for business.


The Glass Breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin is on his way to the ring at last. Austin thanks the fans for the welcome and also the fans sitting on their ass at home. He told Vince McMahon to take the job and shove it. Steve has large whoop ass can and he will spread it to all the "WWF" superstars in the back. He promises to raise hell. The Rocks music hits and out to the ramp comes The Rock. The Rock gets booed like crazy. The Rock tells Stone Cold that the people will boo him too if he gets successful. The one thing that The Rock has not done in wrestling is whoop Austin's Bald Candy Ass at Wrestlemania. Eric Bischoff comes in and gives the Rock some options. He can fight Booker T next week and if he wins he can face HHH at Wrestlemania or he can face Stone Cold Steve Austin. Eric says that the show is running long, 3 minutes long and then 3MW and Rico come in and try to beat up Stone Cold. Stone Cold Drops them all and then the Rock comes in and attacks Austin, and he almost gets a stunner on Rock.

End of Show.


God Bless Girl scout cookies.

Great work today by RVD as well as the Rock who was really funny.

I am looking forward to WrestleMania.

Stone Cold said "WWF" superstars I miss that. WWE just is gay.

WTF with Chris Nowinski and the Dudley's...Who gives a rats ass.

I hope that Stone Cold Steve Austin stays around for a while.

I marked out like crazy when I heard the Glass breaking, since I didn't pay for No Way Out.

Does anyone know what happened to the other kid from tough enough, John?

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