Full WWE RAW Results - 3/10/03 - Cleveland, Ohio

Reported by Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com
On Monday, March 10, 2003 at 11:22 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 3/10/03
Live from: The Gund Arena, Cleveland Ohio
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

With a mere 20 Days to go until Wrestlemania, it's time for Monday Night Raw!!

Opening Segment:
Eric Bischoff wants to talk about Steve Austin. Eric wants Austin to be welcomed in a good way. He wants to bury the hatchet. The Rock comes in to talks to Eric Bischoff. The Rock is not getting ready for his match with Booker T because it is not happening tonight. The only objective for The Rock is to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. It is the one thing he has never done in this business. The Rock is gonna kick ass tonight, but The Rock is going pick his own opponent.

Match #1 Rob Van Dam & Kane Vs. Chris Jericho & Christian

Christian and Rob Van Dam open the match, shoulder block by Christian. Jericho tagged in and he gets the boot from RVD. Belly to back suplex from Y2J on RVD. Kane Tagged in and he cleans house on Jericho. Big Boots from Kane who goes to the top rope and hits Jericho hard in the face. Rob Van Dam gets the tag and hits a rolling thunder on Christian. Jericho hits a drop toe hold on Kane into the stairs. Rob Van Dam hits the five star frog splash on christian and goes for the cover but Jericho rescues him and covers RVD for the win. Jericho is walking back to the dressing room where he is Sweet Chin kicked by HBk who accepts the challenge at wrestlemania.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Christian


Booker T comes to the ring and talks about his past and then Ric Flair comes to the ring and says that HHH won't lower himself to Booker T's level again. Next week on RAW in St. Louis Booker T will have two choices. Meet HHH at the airport and carry the bags or he can make the mistake of a lifetime and show up and get a ass whipping of a lifetime. Booker T decks Ric Flair and goes back to the back. Booker is in the back and he finds HHH in the bathroom. HHH offers Booker T a dollar to get him a towel, and Booker T beats his punk ass.


Match #2 Jeff Hardy Vs. Rico w/ Jamal & Rosie

Jeff and Rico start the match after a small part showing Steve Austin entering the arena. Rico takes down Jeff Hardy and then a irish whip into a whisper in the wind from Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy flies into Jamal and Rosie, and then slides back in and gets a rollup on Rico for the Win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

HHH is backstage talking to Maven, and he tells Maven to get his gear on for a match tonight.


Stone Cold Steve Austin is backstage and he runs into Golddust. Golddust tells Austin that Bischoff is going to call out Stone Cold and to be careful. The Rock is backstage and he starts out complaining. The Rock gets his guitar. "The Rock says Cleveland is totally lame how did this dump get the hall of fame. The Rock has to say aww shucks cause cleveland doesn't rock it totally sucks." The rock is talking to the Hurricane and is ready to go one on one with the Rock. Super Hero versus Super Hero, in a No DQ match, all superpowers are to be brought. Is Hurricane gonna bring his super powers. The Hurricane says he has his Hurri powers Bitch. The Rock says that Hurricane is low class. The Rock shakes Hurricanes hand and then cheap shots him in the mouth.


Match #3 Trish Stratus Vs. Jazz to determine the number on contender for the Women's title at Wrestlemania

Nothing really happens in the match when Victoria runs in and clocks both Trish and Jazz with the Women's belt, and the match is over. No Winner in this match.

"I'm Back" music hits and Eric Bischoff goes to the ring. Last week Eric wanted Austin beaten to a pulp. This Week Eric wants to apologize for firing Steve Austin via Fedex from. Eric apologizes for smashing a block on JR's head. If Eric never fired Austin from WCW then there would be no "Stone Cold" on WWE television. Eric Bischoff thinks that Stone Cold and Steve Austin have alot in common. Eric Bishcoff says "lets Bury the hatchet right now". Glass Breaks and Steve Austin is in the ring. Steve flips off Eric. Steve says that Eric is boring. Stone Cold wants to bury his foot in Eric's ass. The Rock comes out and says he don't want to be his friend he wants to slap his face. The Rock has done it all except for beating Austin at Wrestlemania. Austin remembers beating his ass not once but twice, does the Rock want to go for three times. The Rock says that Austin is nothing. Austin says that Rock is Scared. Austin is not leaving the building without kicking some ass, so he starts on Eric Bischoff. The Rock runs in but quickly retreats.


Match #4 Triple H Vs. Maven

Tie up and hard shots by HHH. Maven thrown to the outside and thrown again into the stairs. HHH puts Maven back in the ring. Clotheslines and kicks in the corner by HHH. HHH is elbowing Maven in the Eye, knees and forearms to the back. HHH is slapping and kicking and then hits a Sleeper hold on Maven. JR says that Randy Orton and Batista are out for three months. Maven gets a jawbreaker and a quick boot to the face. HHH gets a spinebuster and then a pedigree. Cover for the win. After the match HHH attacks Maven catching him by the neck in the ropes and Al Snow gets him free and HHH pedigrees Al Snow.

Winner: Triple H

Next week on RAW it is Stone Cold Vs. Eric Bischoff using Bischoff Rules.


Match #5 D-Von Vs. Chief Morley and Lance Storm

Morley and Storm take turns chopping and kicking D-Von. D-Von gets several pin attempts including a inside cradel. Storm tagged in and D-von holds his own. D-Von gets a great powerslam and goes for the cover. Morley hits the money shot and gets the win.

Winners: Lance Storm & Chief Morley


Jr reviewed the HBK/Jericho thing and he called it a "Wonderful Wrestlemania Main Event." There is now a wet T-shirt Contest hosted by Jerry Lawler going on in the ring. Jerry Lawler gets ready to wet the boobies and Stacy Keibler comes to the ring lookin hot as hell. Stacy is gonna do the T-shirt wetting. This is pointless because they are all wearing orange tops. Stacy is going to be at the GGW event with Test. Now The King gets to make Stacy Wet and he waterguns her right on her nice fine ass.


Match #6 The Rock Vs. The Hurricane No DQ match

The Rock slaps Hurricane twice. Hurricane fights back and sends the Rock out of the ring. Hurricane throws Rock back in gets samoaned by the Rock. The Rock gets the cape and kicks the Hurricane. Clothesline by the Rock. Suplex on the hurricane and a cover attempt. Another Clothesline by the Rock into a rear chin lock. Hurricane fights up to his feet and gets a neckbreaker on the Rock. The Hurricane is getting his ass handed to him. Finally Hurricane mounts some offence. He climbs up to the top and gets a crossbody, cover for a two count. Up to the top again, elbow landed and another cover attempt. DDT on the Rock and the Rock jumps right back up. The Rock gets chokeslammed and the Hurrican almost gets a three count on Rock. The Rock gets a spine buster and goes for the peoples elbow but the Glass breaks and Steve Austin comes down and Hurricane beats the Rock with a Rollup.

Winner: The Hurricane

End of show


Great Main Event tonight

The Rock Jobbed to the Hurricane How cool is that of the Rock

The Rock is a class act

Stupid TNN ruined the Womens match and they had to end it like that it sucked

JR said called HBK and Jericho a great main event for wrestlemania, HMMMMMMMM

No Scott Steiner on TV Thank God

What the hell is Maven doing being a wrestler, Geez that guy is about as entertaining a toilet seat

Eric Bischoff is a gluten for punishment

I am still waiting for Eric to join the Vince McMahon Kiss my ass Club

Wrestlemania is looking to be decent but I hope they come up with something fast

Stacy Keibler DAMMMNNNNNN My God she is freakin hot!!

This feud between chief Morley and the Dudley Boyz has got to stop it sucks

Thats it peoples write me some emails that would be cool raw@wrestleview.com is the address

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