Full WWE RAW Results - 3/24/03 (6 days away from WrestleMania XIX)

Reported by Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com
On Monday, March 24, 2003 at 11:48 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 3/24/03
LIVE From: Arco Arena Sacramento, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

Howard Finkel introduces Lillian Garcia to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Lillian received huge pop during the performance. It is very classy of the WWE to start the show this way, and awesome to hear the USA chants from the fired up crowd on hand.

Opening Segement:
Glass breaks and Steve Austin comes to the ring. Stone Cold calls out The Rock to get something straight. One thing you don't do is give Stone Cold Steve Austin a stunner. Stone Cold says come out with your guitar tuned up right and sing me a song. Test and Stacy Keibler then come to the ring. Test doesn't mean any disrespect to Steve Austin. Austin hits a stunner on Test. Lance Storm comes to the ring and gets a Stone Cold Stunner. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with an army of police officers. Eric is going to make sure that Austin never lays another finger on him again. Eric Bischoff has a restraining order, and he orders Steve Austin to leave the arena. If Steve doesn't leave the arena he will be arrested. 12 police officers escort Austin from the building. Eric says tonight live is the Rock concert. Just as Steve Austin is about to leave he encountered the Rock who has his guitar. The Rock sings Jailhouse Rock. The crowd chants rocky sucks.


Match #1 Trish Stratus & Jeff Hardy Vs. Victoria & Steven Richards

Steven Richard starts against Hardy. Hardy hits a double leg drop along with various chops and kicks. Richards makes a tag so Jeff tags in Trish. Victoria hits a spinning side slam on Trish. Trish hits a bulldog on Victoria and gets the win. Jazz comes out after the match to attack Trish and Victoria.

Winners: Trish Stratus & Jeff Hardy


Eric Bischoff is in his office on the phone. Coach comes in and tells Eric that security has an emergency. Booker T goes to Golddust. Golddust is excited for Booker T getting a shot at the World title at Wrestlemania. Eric and coach go to a security office and see Stone Cold on a monitor. The restraining order is only good inside the arena, not outside. Eric Bischoff vows to make his life a living hell if he doesn't leave the parking lot right now. The Coach can either go tell Austin that Bischoff will make his life a living hell if he doesn't leave or he is fired.


Match #2 Scott Steiner Vs. Christian

Tie up in the middle and Steiner freaking launches Christian out of the ring. Side headlock by Christian and then a clothesline by Steiner. Steiner overhead presses Christian several times. Chops in the corner and a backbreaker in the turnbuckle. Christian reverses a move in the turnbuckle and mounts a little offence. Neckbreaker by Christian, nearfall. Belly to belly suplex by who else but Steiner. Crowd gives Steiner tons of heat for a botched move. Christian climbs to the top and Steiner follows and holds Christian in a Angle like Slam to the mat. Steiner is the winner, and your hook up. Holla if you hear him.

Winner: Scott Steiner

The Coach is out in the parking lot, and he delivers the message. Coach thanks Steve for his time and runs off like a girl.


Chief Morley is talking to Terri. Due to his illness and the fact that the titles have not been defended in the mandatory 30 day time peroid, William Regal and Lance Storm are no longer Tag team Champions. Chief Morley says that he and Lance Storm are now the Champions. Rob Van Dam and Kane challenge for a shot at wrestlemania, but are told that they are not the only team that deserves a shot. Kane and RVD versus the Dudley Boyz tonight and the winner gets a shot at the tag titles at Wrestlemania XIX.


Match #3 Triple H & Ric Flair Vs. Booker T & Goldust

Ric Flair starts against Golddust. Golddust backs Flair into the corner and gets in several left hands and a backdrop on Flair. Tagged made to HHH and to Booker T. HHH and the Book tie up in the middle of the ring. Shoulder tackle by HHH, and the a high leap frog and shoulder throw by Booker T. Reverse Heel kick and several chops by Booker T. HHH tags in Ric Flair and they chop each other in the corner. Booker T with a side Slam. Flair gets a tag after a classic thumb to the eye. Booker T is ejected by HHH and Golddust comes to the rescue.


The match returns and Booker T is in the middle with a figure four applied. Booker T reverses the hold and makes the tag. Golddust takes on HHH and Flair at the same time, hitting a backdrop and double clotheslines before HHH sends him flying out of the ring. Flair hits Goldust with a low blow but the referee didn't see it. HHH tagged in and he cuts off the ring and takes it to Goldust in the corner. Neckbreaker and a cover attempt by HHH on Golddust. Flair tagged back in and he measures Goldust with a knee drop a cover attempt. Booker T tagged in but the referee didn't see the tag. Soon After Booker T is tagged in and he heel kicks HHH and Flair. Booker T is lighting up the Game. Booker T attacks HHH outside. Goldust attacks Flair. Triple H is busted open. Booker T is chopping HHH in the corner, and then he hits the scissor kick on Flair. HHH goes for the pedigree but it is reveresed, and Booker T gets the Scissor kick on HHH and then Booker T gets the win, 123. It is official ladies and gentlemen, Triple H has Jobbed to Booker T. This Match kicked Ass!!

Winners: Booker T and Goldust


Chris Jericho come to the ring to do a promo. Jericho calls out HBK. Y2J needs to tell him something face to face. HBK comes to the ring. Jericho puts over the video of Shawn Michaels wrestlemania legacy. Jericho used to pattern himself after HBK. A series of videos are shown where Jericho does things exactly like HBK. Jericho grew out of wanting to be the next HBK and grew into being the first Chris Jericho. The showstopper was replaced by the highlight of the night. There is nobody that Y2J is more excited about wrestling than HBK. When the match is over HBK will have to admit that Jericho is better than himself. Jericho slaps HBK and he laughs and slaps him back. This match at Wrestlemania is sure to be a classic in my opinion.


The Rock is meeting with Eric Bischoff and he has a good idea. Every time Rock has an idea, Bischoff gets his ass kicked. Stone Cold hasn't left because he wants to hear the Rock concert. The Rock say take some speakers outside so the Austin can hear every note of the Rock concert. The Wreslemania XIX card is gone over in detail; wrestlemania this year will be four hours long.


Match #4 Rob Van Dam & Kane Vs. The Dudley Boyz

Melee in the ring with Kane and Bubba really starting the match. Belly to back suplex by Bubba, and a tag. RVD also tagged in and hits a flying legdrop on D-von. Scoup slam and rolling thunder by RVD. Flying neckbreaker by D-Von Dudley. Tag made to Bubba Three elbows and a cover. Neckvice by Bubba. Spinning kick by RVD and both men make tags. Back drop and a clothesline in the corner by Kane on D-Von. Kane goes to the top rope but can't connect. Bubba Dudley hits a flying headlock slam unique move. Lance Storm interferes in this match, but is not seen by the referee. Kane Chokeslams D-Von and the RVD hits a great 5 star frog splash and gets the win. They are going to wrestlemania XIX to challenge Chief Morley and Lance Storm for the Tag Titles.

Winners: Kane & Rob Van Dam


The Rock comes to the ring carrying his guitar. It is time for the Rock concert. This is the first ever evening with the Rock. The Rock is getting alot of Pop. "Leaving Sacramento, sacramento. They got some fat ass women there and the Rock has got to go. The rock will come back win the Lakers beat the Queens. The Rock has a special song. " You aint nothing but a red neck crying all the time. Well you aint gonna beat the Rock your candy ass is mine. Well if you think you gonna beat the rock your ass must be high." The rock cant wait to whip your bald candy ass again.". Stone Cold follows an ambulance into the arena. Glass breaks and Stone Cold drives his truck into the arena, but it's the Hurricane behind the wheel. The cops arrest his green hamburgler candy ass. The Rock starts singing again and Stone Cold appears from the bed of the truck. Stone Cold attacks The Rock and gets the Rocks Willy Nelson Signed guitar. Stone Cold crushes the guitar on the floor. Vince McMahon is shown on his way to the ring.


Vince McMahon is in the ring. The footage from Smackdown is shown where Hulk Hogan is attacked from behind and made to sign the contract in his own blood. Vince is proud of himself.

I guess more footage of Smackdown is going to be shown but I don't care at all

End of Show

Thats all for this week. Wrestlemania XIX is looking totally amazing and I can not freaking wait to watch an epic 4 hour wrestlemania.

HHH and Booker T put on a hell of a match today.

Hell yeah no stupid Maven on RAW this week

This was a superb RAW

THe womans match looks to be a potty break for me at this years mania.

I'll be back the day after Wrestlemania with another RAW report.

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