Full WWE SmackDown Results - 3/27/03 (3 Days Before WrestleMania)

Reported by Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com
On Friday, March 28, 2003 at 2:10 AM EST

WWE Smackdown Results for March 27, 2003
Originating from HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Smackdown pyros into first match.

Rey Mysterio & Brian Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore

Kendrick is the target of both Hardy and Moore throughout the match. The end comes when Hardy hits the "Twist of Fate" on Kendrick for the one, two, three. After the bell Rey Rey attempts to extract some revenge on Moore (by hitting a 619 and West Coast Pop) and Hardy, but ends up on the receiving end of "Twist of Fate".

Winner(s): Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore

Hulk Hogan, Nick Hogan, and Jimmy Hart are shown arriving at the arena. Hulk asks Hart to take Nick to the locker room while he (Hogan) takes care of something.

20 Years in the Making: Piper's thoughts on McMahon and Hogan.

- commercial -

20 Years in the Making: Last week's "historic" contract signing.

Hogan's music hits, and the legend hits the ramp. Crowd erupts and... my cable cuts out! We come back in mid commercial break and once Latino Heat is introduced Cole explains that Hogan has made his match with McMahon at WM XIX a street fight. (Damn Comcast)

Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero) vs. Charlie Haas (w/ Shelton Benjamin)

Eddie is playing up an injured shoulder throughout that match, so Haas spends 90% percent of the time on the arm. Eddie gets the pin after reversing another attempt by Haas to dislocate the shoulder.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up to John Cena. Cena explains that his only objective this evening is to call out Lesnar.

- commercial -

Backstage, Matthews gets Lesnar's response to Cena's comments. Cena can say whatever he wants to, my (Lesnar's) mind is on the title at WM XIX.

Backstage, Undertaker comes across Nathan Jones after he just "squashed" Chuck Palumbo. Undertaker guesses that "your (Jones') first match will be at WrestleMania" and then they go off to discuss the pros and cons of what was just done to Palumbo.

20 Years in the Making: The McMahons (Shane and Vince) along with Dr. Tom Pritchard are training at The Trax East (TE I's playground).

Backstage, Noble and Nidia are making their way to the ring and come across a "life size" poster of the May 2003 Playboy cover with Torrie Wilson on the cover. Nidia still does not understand how they could have chosen Torrie over her. Nidia explains to Noble that after tonight, Torrie is not going to be pretty.

Torrie Wilson is shown sucking on a lollipop on her way to the ring.

Snicker's WrestleMania Moment: WrestleMania V and Piper's Pit with the late Morton Downey, Jr.

- commercial -

Torrie Wilson's Playboy news conference at The Mansion, earlier this week. Stephanie McMahon believes that Torrie is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen.

Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia (w/ Jamie Noble)

Immediate interference by Noble allowing Nidia to get the upper hand early. Nidia goes for a chair, but is greeted with a baseball slide by Wilson. Torrie scores the pin after a swinging DDT.

Winner: Torrie Wilson (For those in the Seattle, WA area Ms. Wilson will be at the Tower Records in Bellevue, WA tomorrow [03/28/03] from 4 to 6 p.m. signing her copy of Playboy. The autographs are free with the purchase of the issue [that will be $4]. It's an eight [8] hour total drive for me, so I have decided against going, but I encourage anyone in town for WM or that lives in the area to go meet one of the finest ladies in sports entertainment today.)

Backstage, A Train and Big Show confront Nathan Jones. A Train and the Big Show believe that Nathan Jones' term in prison gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "down under". They promise to see Jones at WrestleMania and walk off.

- commercial -

A Sean O'Haire Promo is shown. (Who else misses the Thrillers?)

Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs. Big Show & A-Train

This was a slow paced mugging by the Big Slow and A Train. Neither Benoit or Rhyno really got any kind of offense in this match. (Why hasnt one of Albert's boob rings been ripped out during a match?) Nathan Jones' interference caused the DQ. Undertaker then comes to the rescue cleaning house of both the Big Slow and A Train.

Winner: Big Show & A Train

Backstage, Kurt Angle is asking for directions to Lesnar's dressing room.

This week on WWE Confidential the really story regarding Hogan and McMahon from the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. (Hell next week there will be a segment on the Natural Disasters and Rhythm & Blues.)

- commercial -

Lugz Boot of the Week: Lesnar being laid out by the Angles.

Backstage, Angle enters Lesnar's dressing room. They have a CLASSIC face to face confrontation that will certainly be remembered by anyone watching. Both competitors believe that their match on Sunday will raise the bar for themselves and all future competitors. Angle does not care if this is going to be his last match because after Sunday, both men's lives will be changing. Angle refers to Lesnar as a kid, and Lesnar responds by saying that he is a "295 pound big fricking kid." Here comes the pain. Angle backs out the door.

It is announced that the Raw Tag Team Title Match featuring Kane and RVD vs. Chief Morley & Lance Storm will occur during the Sunday Night Heat broadcast, not during WrestleMania. No new matches are announced as the rest of the WrestleMania XIX card is covered. (Why in the hell does the Big Slow/A Train vs. Undertaker/Jones match stay on the "card" while the tag title match becomes a "dark match"? Oh thats right Undertaker has to continue his undefeated streak, DAMN IT!)

The rest of the WM XIX is covered.

20 years in the Making: "Mean" Gene Okerlund

- commercial -

The Miller Light Girls continue their banter.

Chavo Guerrero (w/ Eddie Guerrero) vs. Shelton Benjamin (w/ Charlie Haas)

Another very slow methodical match by a member of Team Angle. This time Chavo is the victim of repeated attacks on one of his legs. Chavo pulls out a victory from nowhere, and no replay was shown. Team Angle attacks Latino Heat, but they are on the receiving end of a Benoit and Rhyno beating (including a GORE GORE GORE) once they hit the ring. (I am going out on a limb here and predicting that Benoit and Rhyno walk out of Seattle with the straps.)

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

John Cena is preparing for his match.

- commercial -

Cena's rap, challenging anyone in the music industry. The identity of the artist accepting the challenge (ie; being paid by the WWE) has been revealed on the Internet (I am just disappointed that they could not get Sir Mix a Lot, Seattle is his hometown.)

John Cena vs. Rikishi

I must admit I did not pay much attention to the first few minutes of this match, but once Rikishi hit the stinkface on Cena and he blocked the banzai drop I paid a little more attention. Cena actually got Rikishi up and landed a Death Valley Driver for the victory. (Im not a huge fan of either competitor, but you had to see this move by Cena. Just in sure power it reminded me of the F5 Lesnar hit on the Big Slow.)

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Cena gets on the mic and calls out Lesnar. Cena says if Lesnar will not come out, he will go to him. Cena leaves the ring and heads for the back.

- commercial -

Backstage, Cena is screaming for Lesnar. Lesnar bull-rushes him and they are going at it until Kurt Angle comes up from behind a snaps a 2 x 4 over Lesnar's back. Lesnar is again laid out as Smackdown goes off the air.

- End of Show -

Seventy (70) hours until WrestleMania, those that will be in attendance or watching it on PPV enjoy. Ill be back next week with another recap of WWE Smackdown.