Full WWE RAW Results - 3/31/03 - Seattle, WA (Goldberg debuts in WWE)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, April 1, 2003 at 10:47 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 3/31/03
LIVE From: Seattle, Washington
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

Wrestlemania XIX was last night and it completely delivered on all my expectations. It was a grand show indeed, and now RAW!!

The show opens with a long highlight video of last nights Wrestlemania. The Rock is backstage talking to some makeup artist. Tonight is Rock appreciation night. Glass breaks and Steve Austin comes to the ring. Steve Austin reminds us that he has always been honest. Last night The Rock was the better man, last night he was the better man but it doesn't mean that he will be the better man tonight.

The Texas Rattlesnake calls out the Rock, but Eric Bischoff comes out to the ramp instead. Eric Bischoff knows what Steve Austin is trying to hide. Eric has official documents from Steve's doctor. He has bad spinal deformity. Steve Austin's clearance to wrestle is revoked due to many problems. Steve says that he doesn't care and thats the bottom line. Eric says that Steve Austin is fired due to medical reasons.


Match #1: Triple H vs. The Hurricane
The Hurricane gave his mask to a little kid and Ric Flair took it from him and he stomped it. The poor kid was freaking bawling. HHH opens with a spinebuster and one very powerful irish whip to the corner. Hurricane with a neckbreaker and two quick clotheslines. The Hurricane with a great tornado DDT. Hurricane Chokeslams HHH and almost gets the cover but Flair saved HHH. Pedigree reversed by the hurricane and then Hurricane attepmted a pedigree. The Hurricane gets several nearfalls but not the win. The game finally hits Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Triple H


Match #2: Scott Steiner vs. Christopher Nowinski
Christopher Nowinski is wearing a face protector mask and he asks Steiner not to hit him in the face. Steiner slams Nowinski's face into the canvas repeatedly. Elbow drops and chops by Steiner. Nowinski scores with some offence in the corner. Steiner with a belly to belly and a cover for a two count. Steiner recliner and Nowinski taps out.

Winner by submission: Scott Steiner


Backstage Lance Storm and Chief Morley are talking to the Dudleys and tonight the Tag Team title match will be a three way elimination match. The Dudleys are to help Lance Storm and Chief Morley beat Rob Van Dam and Kane and then they are to lay down and allow themselves to be pinned.


Match #3: Maven vs. Rosie
Rosie with Chops and headbutts. Maven hits a flying forearm, and a rollup for a two count. Maven hits a pathetic sunset flip and gets the win.

Winner: Maven


Match #4: Chris Jericho vs. Booker T
Chris starts out putting over the match with Shawn last night. He says it was a classic and one for the ages. Y2J rants that he deserves to win the match. Booker T comes to the ring and the match begins. Jericho sneaks up on Booker T while he is collecting his pop. Jericho stomps Booker's knees and he eventually gets thrown outside the ring. Jericho comes back in and goes for the walls of Jericho but it is reversed into a inside cradle. Booker T hits alot of chops and a martial arts kick. Ric Flair comes into the ring and Booker T beats his ass but the bell is rung. HHH comes to the ring and all three beat up Booker T. HBK comes to the rignt and cleans house for a time until he is blindsided by Jericho. Booker T comes back into the ring and quickly HHH applies the Indian Death Lock on him.

Winner: No Winner due to interference


Match #5: Jeff Hardy vs. Steven Richards
Chops and punches by Richards. Irish whip and a great kick to the chest from Jeff Hardy. Armbar takedown from Richards who goes into a armlock. Jawbreaker by Jeff Hardy, and a spinning heel kick into a two count. Trish comes to the ring to fend off Victoria and Jeff Hardy hits a swanton bomb and gets the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


Chief Morley & Lance Storm (c's) vs. Kane & RVD vs. Dudley Boyz

All men start in the ring and eventually RVD & Kane clear the ring and then RVD and Kane throw themselves out onto the wrestlers outside. RVD starts out with D-von. Side headlock and a great spin kick. Bubba and Kane tagged in, and Bubba pokes Kane's eye and forces him outside. Kane back in and he hits a great side suplex. RVD tagged in he kicks everything in sight and hits the rolling thunder. Rob Van Dam flies for the Five Star but Bubba rolls out of the way. The Van Daminator takes out D-Von and the Dudley Boyz are eliminated.


The match returns and Chief Morley is suplexing RVD, cover but Kane saves RVD. Morley tags in Storm who gets a beautiful move into irish whip into a one leg Boston Crab. Kane gets tagged in and he hits several back drops and side slams on Morley and Storm. Kane to the top rope and he connects on Morley. Kane covered but Storm comes to the rescue. Morley and Storm attempt to doubleteam but Kane double Chokeslams both Morley and Storm. Rob Van Dam hits a Five Star Frog Splash, and Covers for the win.

Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: Kane & Rob Van Dam

Eric Bischoff is on the phone promising a great surprise, saying the ink on the contract is not yet dry.


The Rock is walking slowly to the ring. It is time for the Rock appreciation night to begin. Finally the Rock has come back to See all you Jabronis pay homage to the Great One. The Rock says that he is sorry that Stone Cold got fired. The Rock has nothing but love and respect for Austin. The crowd is chanting Rocky alot during this promo. The Rock starts talking about he has done it all.

The Rock shows a video of Rock highlights. Now that the Rock has beaten Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania he has done it all in the wrestling business. The Goldberg chants begin, and the Rock plays it off great. The Rock says its over because he is not appreciated. Goldberg's music hits and he walks out to the ring. Bill Goldberg is on RAW and that is pretty cool. Strong Goldberg chants dominate the crowd. Goldberg asks the Rock if he knows who's next and then he spears The Rock.

End of Show.


Goldberg is on RAW, I never thought I would see the day.

Jerry Lawler was frikin damn annoying tonight. He just wouldn't shut up about Booker T.

I think Eric Bischoff needs a freaking vacation.

RVD and Kane are the Tag Team champions at last, its too bad they had to win on Raw and not the showcase of the immortals like they should have.

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