Full WWE RAW Results - 4/07/03 - Milwaukee, WI (Nash returns as Diesel?)

Reported by Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com
On Monday, April 7, 2003 at 11:22 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 4/07/03
Live from: The Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

Opening Match: Trish Stratus Vs. Jazz

Headlock and a shoulder tackle by Jazz. Rights and Lefts exchanged by both ladies. Powerful right roundhouse kick by Trish and a lateral press from the apron quite impressive. Both girls Back in the ring now and Jazz goes to the middle rope and hits a double axe handle, and also a fishermans suplex and a pin attempt for a two count. Half boston crab applied on Trish and a STF but Trish gets to the ropes. Hard forearm shots hammering Jazz; Trish hits a chick kick and gets a two count. Jawbreaker by Jazz. Trish hits the Stratusfaction and gets the win despite Jazz's foot on the bottom rope.

Winner: Trish Stratus

The Rock is backstage and he goes into Eric Bischoff's office. The Rock is upset that he got speared by Bill Goldberg last week. Bill Goldberg is on his way to the arena and the Rock is gonna slap the taste out of his mouth. The Rock is planning on calling out Bill Goldberg and whipping his ass live tonight.


Backstage Segment:
Kane and Rob Van Dam are backstaging talking about how cool it is to be the Tag Team Champions. Teddy Long is now talking to Jazz and he tells her that she is a victim of racism and she should align herself with Rodney Mack and Teddy and see how they roll. The Rock goes and talks to Trish and wonders if she is all wet because of her match or because she was thinking about a night with the Rock. Jeff Hardy tells the Rock that the last time he saw him he was getting his ass kicked by Goldberg. The Rock wants a match with Jeff tonight, and he tells Jeff to get his paint ready and get his maxi pad on and whatever else he has to do and be ready in about 40 minutes.


Match #2 Rob Van Dam Vs. Chief Morley

Collar and elbow Tie Up with Morley getting the advantage in the corner. A big series of clothelines by RVD. Belly to back suplex with a bridge for a two count. Morley with a reverse neckbreaker and then several kicks on the floor along with 3 standing suplexes. Cover by Morley for a two count. Knee to the midsection by Morley and another pin attempt for a two count. Rolling Thunder by RVD. Lance Storm interferes with the count and the referee missed a rollup pin attempt. RVD with a high cross body on Storm. Morley hits a vicious DDT on Rob Van Dam thanks to Lance Storm and he gets the Win.

Winner: Chief Morley


Match #3 Scott Steiner Vs. Chris Nowinski

Nowinski walks slowly to the ring and starts with a ANTI AMERICAN WAR PROTEST what an ass. Steiner chops and kicks and beats him down. Scott Steiner slams Nowinski hard right in the middle of the ramp and then puts him in the Steiner recliner.

No Winner because the match never actually began.


Christian is backstage and he wants the Scorpion King signed by The Rock and the Rock happily signs it. The Rock tells Christian to seize the day, to carpe diem the opportunities that are given to him, to own the room when he enters. Jeff Hardy and Trish share a kiss and she wishes Jeff good luck in his match.


Match #4 The Rock Vs. Jeff Hardy

The Rock starts off with powerful right hands and the crowd starts with a powerful Rocky chant. Do the fans forget he is a heel? The Rock is choking Jeff Hardy on the bottom rope. The Rock hits a soamon Drop after a little bit of offence from Jeff Hardy. The Rock hits a great standing suplex. Jeff Hardy hits a missle drop kick from the middle rope but Jeff Hardy doesn't have the strength to go for a pin attempt. Jeff Hardy hits a springboard leg drop, and then missed the whisper in the wind. Jeff hardy hits a modified twist of fate. Jeff takes off his shirt and mocks the Rock hitting a peoples elbow. Jeff quickly gets up and hits a swanton bomb and goes for the cover but the Rock kicks out after two. The Rock is not happy with Jeff and he prepares for the Rock bottom which he hits for the Win.

Winner: The Rock

The Rock talks to the fans about last week and he calls out Goldberg with a "just bring it Bitch." The Rock and Goldberg are in the ring staring eye to eye. In front of the Millions and Millions the Rock says Nah. The Rock says he won't face Goldberg at Backlash. Christian tries to cheapshot Goldberg but he got speared for his efforts.


Match #5 Kane Vs. The Dudley Boyz in a handicap match

Kane attacks D-Von and then he suplexes Bubba. Kane with a big uppercut and and then several more in the corner. Bubba hits several elbow drops on Kane but he gets right back up and takes it to both men. Kane to the top rope and hits a forearm on D-von but Bubba breaks the count. The Dudley's hit the 3D on Kane and get the Win. After the match Cheif Morley and Lance storm along with the Dudley's totally dismantle RVD and Kane with chairs and splashes from the top rope

Winners: The Dudley Boyz


Glass Breaks and Stone Cold is driving his pickup truck into the arena, but isnt Steve Austin, it's Eric Bischoff. Eric wants to give Steve Austin a very special hello from all of his friends at RAW. Eric says that he misses Steve Austin, he misses that look that he got when he told Steve Austin that he is fired. JR didn't agree with Eric decision. Eric Bischoff tells JR to get his ass up. JR is shown calling Eric Bischoff a lowsy no good son of a bitch. The crowd chants in support of JR. Eric wants to hear JR grovel. JR says that he meant every word of it. JR says that he can take this job and shove it because he quits.


Match #6 Goldust Vs. Steven Richards

Chops and a neckbreaker by Richards. Suplex and a cover by suplex. Clotheslines by Goldust. Irish Whip and a large ass to the face for a takedown by Goldust. Shock Treatment by Goldust and he gets the win.

Winner: Goldust


Match #7 Triple H and Chris Jericho Vs. Booker T and Shawn Michaels

Booker T chops HHH and then climbs to the middle rope for punches to the face. HBK tagged in and elbows HHH from the top rope . Y2J tagged in and he hits a high knee lift on Michaels. HHH tagged back in and he hits a quick clothesline on HHH. Triple H goes for the pedigree but its reversed into a backdrop. Backstage a limo is shown arriving and the show goes to a commercial.


HHH and HBK are the legal men in the ring. Y2J tagged in and he chokes HBK with his wrist tape. Three elbows and a cover attempt by Jericho. Hard chops in the corner and a cross body by Shawn Michaels. HHH tagged back in and both men fight evenly until HHH gets HBK into a sleeper hold. HBK fights out of the sleeper and reverses it on HHH. Hunter hits a side slam on Micheals. Jericho tagged back in and HBK overwhelms Jericho. Jericho hits a running bulldog and then gets misses a lionsault. Booker T and The Game tagged in. A big forearm and chops by Booker T. Spinnin heel kick and a cover attempt for a two count by Booker T. The referee does a horrible count job very fake. I guess Hunter couldn't kick out in time. Booker T hits a wonderful Spinnerooni. Jericho gets Booker T in the Walls of Jericho and HBK hits sweet chin music. Booker T reverses the pedigree and pins HHH. Ric Flair takes out Booker T at the knee and then Jericho hits HBK with a chair. Y2J handcuffs HBK to the top rope and out come the Hurricane. The numbers are too much to overcome and out comes Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash proceeds to boot everybody and he hits a sidewalk slam on Flair and a powerbomb on Jericho. HHH gets a sledgehammer and Nash has a chair. HHH punks out and drops the hammer. Kevin Nash looks great and he looks to be in great shape. I hope he manages to stay around for longer than one match. If you remember he last hurt himself on the first match back after hurting himself. (Co-Webmaster's Note: Nash came out to his old Diesel theme song, but was referred to by the announcers as Nash. His hair was also dyed darker than when we last saw him, making him look more like the old Diesel character. Does this mean he is still coming back as Diesel since they didn't refer to him as Diesel? It would appear so since he's done everything to look like his old character, and is being listed on house show cards as "Diesel." There possibly will be a storyline reason they will refer to in the upcoming weeks to explain why he has gone back to his old gimmick, and maybe thats why they referred to him as Nash tonight.)


Nowinski is really an ass, but I guess that quality is good for a heel.

The WWE better not ever start any angles that show anything less than total support for the American Troops in iraq or I WILL quit watching. It is not called for to make light of the war in iraq.

I really liked the way Steiner kicked Nowinski's ass, Nowinski deserved to have it handed to him.

After all this time the WWE is finally showing WCW content, I hope that Goldberg lives up to his hype, ego and all.

I miss all of the Rocks old stuff. From "The Millions and millions", and "if ya smell what the Rock is cookin" and even "Finally", they were just classic.

I really don't like the total waste of time that the Dudley Boyz have become. The whole feud means nothing to me at all, it needs to end, I mean really who gives a rats ass

The Jeff Hardy vs. Rock match was really awesome, but the dopey fans kept chanting Rocky.

Well the wrong frickin announcer quit tonight. I hope that JR isn't gone for long.

It's Jerry Lawler and his puppy loving ass that needs to go. I wish that Bobby Heenan would be willing to come announce again. Did anyone notice that during the wrestlemania preview promo that he was talking funny. I hope Bobby is alright. (Co-Webmaster's Note: Bobby has been battling throat cancer, that's the reason for his change in voice. Read our interview with him right here on WrestleView for more information on that.)

Is there anyone out there that thinks the coach is totally in the wrong business. Coach has I swear to God the most annoying voice on this freakin dumbass planet. He should take up work reading to coma patients because they would wake up to kick his ass, and get him to shut up. If Coach stays on RAW I will need alot of extra Excedrin to contine watching RAW

Thanks for all 12 of you who corrected my spelling of Goldust. Point freakin taken.

It is awesome to have Kevin Nash back, make fun of me if you want but I am a big Kevin Nash/Diesel Mark

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Support the Troops, I want the Marines to kick Saddam's ass. Go Troops!!

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