Full WWE RAW Results - 4/14/03 (Flair & HHH vs. Booker & Hurricane)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 12:18 AM EST

RAW Results, 04/14/03
Backlash begins to take shape, or does it?
Results Courtesy of: WWE.com

Backlash began to take shape early during RAW, but by the end, at least one incredible match was looking very much in doubt.

Booker T planned to partner up with Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels for a six-man tag team match against Triple H, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho. But when a melee ensued following Booker T and The Hurricane defeating The Game and Flair, things got ugly. While staring down Triple H, Nash suddenly turned and belted Booker! The Five-time WCW Champion got to his feet and shoved Nash away, then knocked HBK cold! What is going on between these three supposed allies? Tune in next week to see if there is an explanation form Nash, Bokoer T and HBK.

Last week, The Rock rejected Goldberg's demand for a match at Backlash. This week, however, the Great One relented and stated that he will, in fact, face Goldberg this month on pay-per-view! The Rock also let it be known that he'll try his musical act again next week when The Rock Concert II airs on RAW! Unlike The Rock, Goldberg was in attendance for RAW and he let the world know it loud and clear. Christian made the unfortunate mistake of calling Goldberg out, and the WCW Champion responded forcefully. He crushed Christian with a spear and flattened him with an earth-shaking Jackhammer!

Plus, it was announced on RAW that The Women's Championship will be on the line at Backlash when Trish Stratus takes on Jazz!

In other news, Eric Bischoff announced that he was putting select Stone Cold Steve Austin merchandise on sale. Click here for an incredible offer!

Match Results:
Chris Jericho def. Test
Victoria & Jazz def. Trish Stratus & Ivory
Kane & Rob Van Dam def. Chief Morley & Lance Storm
Goldust def. Christian by disqualification
Booker T & The Hurricane def. Triple H & Ric Flair