Full WWE RAW Results - 4/29/03 - Boston, MA (Linda McMahon shows up)

Reported by Welsey Moore of WrestleView.com
On Monday, April 28, 2003 at 11:46 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 4/29/03
Live from The Fleetcenter Boston, MA
Commentators: Jonathon Coachman & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Wesley Moore of Wrestleview.com

One day after Backlash, it's time for Monday Night Raw

Chris Jericho is on his way to the ring. The "Highlight of the Night." Jericho says that RAW needs a cooler show than Pipers Pit. It's the first night of "Jericho's Highlight Reel." The first guest is Goldberg, who comes out to the ring. Jericho talks about the long and storied history between him and Goldberg. Jericho wants to know why Goldberg came to the WWE and speared The Rock. Christian's music hits and then he appears on the ramp with a better question. Christian proclaims himself the new peoples champion. Christain asks how it felt to be booed by half of Boston. Goldberg says people can boo or they can cheer, they payed the money to have the choice. Goldberg says his job is to kick ass. Jericho says the word in the locker room is that nobody wants Goldberg in the WWE. Christian brings out 3MW, Victoria and Steven Richards. All 6 of them come to the ring but only Steven Richards enters the ring and he gets promptly speared.


Match #1 The Hurrican Vs. Chief Morley

Tie up in the middle and the Chief gets the advantage. The Hurricane mocks the swivel hips of the old Val Venis. Front face lock by the Morley on Hurricane. Irish whip by Morley and a knee to the belly of Hurricane. Double underhook suplex on Hurricane. Reverse chin lock and Hurricane fights to his feet and gets hit with a powerful spinbuster, two count. Rolling suplexes and a reversal into a flying forearm and neckbreaker by Hurricane. Hurricane kicks out of a sit down powerbomb. Morley attempts the money shot but misses. Hurricane hits the overcap and gets the win.

Winner: The Hurricane

Triple H is backstage and Ric Flair is also there feeding his Huge freakin ego, and HHH says that he set up a match with RVD and Kane for the tag titles tonight because Ric Flair needs to have some gold around his waist.


Match #2 Rodney Mack W/ Theodore Long Vs. A skinny white boy

Rodney Mack chops, kicks and punches this poor this pale ass white loser. Theodore says that Jonathon is Coach's slave name. The match is over with 3:02 on the clock.

Winner: Rodney Mack


Eric Bischoff and Trish Stratus are backstage and Trish demands a rematch. Eric says Trish can have a match against Himself, if she wins she gets a rematch next week. If Trish loses she will have to spend quality time together in Eric's hotel room. Test and Stacy are talking about how things don't look good and he knows that he has no love for Scott Steiner. Stacy thinks that they could be tag team champions.


Match #3 Triple H & Ric Flair Vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane for the World Tag Team Titles

Flair starts against Kane. Kane with big right hands on Flair in the corner and then he presses the 16 time world champ over his head. HHH tagged in and also RVD. RVD over the top rope and knocks down HHH and Flair. The camera goes backstage and shows HBK talking to someone saying, "He is a sitting duck."


Flair is dominating RVD as we return back to action. HHH hits RVD while Flair distracted the ref. Flair with kicks and forearms. HHH tagged in and he goes to work on the knee of RVD. Flair also working on the left knee of Rob Van Dam. HHH and Flair are tagging in and out at will. Flair goes for the Figure 4 but RVD reverses into a inside cradle. RVD finally gets the tag and Kane takes major care of Flair and HHH. Kane to the top rope and get hits a flying axe handle on Flair. Flair gets the figure 4 on Kane and then RVD hits the rolling thunder on Flair. Nash comes to the ring with a sledehammer. HHH is on the run through the the arena. The match in the ring is still going. Kane gets up and chokeslams Flair, and Flair is pinned.

Winners: RVD & Kane


Match #4 Scott Steiner & Test Vs. Chris Nowinski & Rico

Steiner with multiple chops on Nowinski. Scott Steiner is bleeding already. Rico gets decked by Scott Steiner. Rico attempts a sleeper hold but Steiner reverses it into a belly to back suplex. Test is tagged into the match and he cleans house on Rico and Nowinski. Rico hits a few roundhouse kicks on Test. Steiner with a reverse neckbreaker and he gets the pin.

Winners: Test & Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner gives his catchphrase. The French tag team appears and they call themselves "Le Resistance". These guys say that maybe if they were americans they would fight but they are instead lovers not fighters, but they would like to take issue with some comments made by Steiner. Loud USA chants begin. That didn't last long and Dupree attacks Steiner, both men attack Steiner and throw him into the steps. Le resistance plant Scott Steiner in the middle of the ring, and walk out having made their feelings known.


Match #5 Booker T Vs. Christian

Tie up and a clean break by Booker T. Shoulder block and a strong clothesline from Booker T. Chop after Chop by Booker T in the corner. Christian with chokes in the corner and a drop kick, cover attempt by Christian. Huge flying forearm by Booker T and a huge spinebuster, into a cover attempt. Scissor kick by Booker T and a spinnerooni and 3MW and Rico come into the ring and demolish Booker T. Goldberg comes to the ring and cleans house and spears Rico. Goldberg hits the jackhammer on Jamal, holy cow, impressive. Goldberg spears Rosie through the barricade. and walks out through the crowd.

No Winner


Match #6 Trish Stratus Vs. Eric Bischoff

Trish lands the first blow with roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Victoria enters the match and Trish kicks her ass right out of the ring. Jazz comes to the ring and throws Trish out of the ring. Jazz and Victoria are softening up Trish. After a while Eric says that is enough because he wants her to stay awake. Eric says there are a few things that they can teach each other, and there are a few new things that they can experience together. Eric pins Trish. Backstage a limo arrives, and out from it appears Linda McMahon. Eric changes his tune quickly, telling referees to come and help Trish up.

Winner: Eric Bischoff


Linda McMahon comes to the ring. She is hear tonight to speak on behalf of the board of directors. The watch upper management, that includes Eric Bischoff. Linda calls Eric Bischoff to the ring. Eric begins kissing Linda's ass a little. Eric doesn't want her to take the thing with Trish seriously. Eric is much more interested in a mature woman. Linda calls Eric Charming. Her job tonight are going to be easy. Linda calls Eric unprofessional, abusive, harassing, and egomanical. Linda says that the board doesn't think that Eric should be general manager. Linda says that a new general manager shares 50/50 power with Eric Bischoff. The new co-genral manager is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he is on his way to the ring. Eric has a priceless shocked look on his face. Steve asks for a handshake and gets it. Stone cold gave Bischoff the Stunner.

End of Show