Full WWE RAW Results - 5/5/03 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Monday, May 5, 2003 at 11:22 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 5/5/03
Live from: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Commentators: Jerry "The King" Lawler & Coach
Report by: Wesley Moore of WrestleView.com

The show opens with Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out to the ring. Austin starts off thanking Linda McMahon for making him co-general manager. Stone Cold is going to start off with the biggest beer bash of all time because he has never done anything with a low profile. Stone Cold brought back the IC title with a battle Royal at Judgement Day. All former IC champions may enter the battle royal. Eric Bischoff and Chief Morley come to the ring while the crowd chants asshole. Eric wants to make it clear that he is a co-general manager with Steve Austin. To make it clear that Bischoff is a team player he agrees to bring back the IC title at Judgement Day. Eric has an announcment that Triple H is defending the Heavyweight Title against Kevin Nash at Judgement Day. Steve Austin then hired back good ole Jim Ross, and JR makes his way to the ring. Eric Bischoff tries to fire JR again and again but Austin won't give in. The are going to settle it like men with a match. Stone Cold versus Eric Bischoff for JR's Job. Eric doesn't go for it because Linda McMahon said that they could not touch each other. Chief Morley agrees to wrestle on Eric's behalf against JR. Jerry the King offers to wrestle for Jim Ross's Job. Austin wants the match right now and Jerry Lawler goes to the ring.


Match #1: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Chief Morley
Right hands by Chief Morley and then several clotheslines from The King. Irish whip into a big back drop from Morley. The King hits a great pile driver on Morley and gets a two count. The King misses a elbow from the top rope. Rolling suplexs on the King. Jerry Lawler smashes Morley's face into the turnbuckle several times. Chief Morley hits a DDT and goes for the money shot but JR interfered and gives Jerry Lawler the win. JR is reinstated to the announcer job. Eric slaps Morley for letting him down. Stone Cold summons the Coach to the ring and after a minute decides that there is only room for two announcers and then the promptly uses the Stone Cold Stunner on the Coach.

Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler


Backstage Eric is mad and he fires Cheif Morley. Morley walks away and he walks right into Stone Cold and Austin who agrees and fires him. Goldberg will be in action tonight against Christian. Scott Steiner and Test are up next wrestling for the tag team titles.


Match #2: Kane & Rob Van Dam (c's) vs. Test & Scott Steiner for the World Tag Team Titles
Steiner starts out versus RVD. Steiner starts out with multiple chops in the corner. RVD gets up and hits the split legged moonsault. Major clotheslines from Steiner and a belly to belly suplex and a cover. Test tagged in and he goes to work with irish whips into the corner followed by running elbows. RVD hits a drop kick and gets the tag to his partner Kane. Kane powered out of the ring and the big boot given to Test and then Kane flies and hits the clothesline. Test hits the pumphandle slam on Kane. Test hits the full nelson slam and then a elbow from the top rope. RVD makes the save on the cover attempt. RVD to the top for the 5 star frog splash on Test and gets the cover for the win.

Winners & STILL World Tag Team Champions: Kane & Rob Van Dam


Backstage segment with Steve Austin hangs up his picture and has lots of beer. Austin and Bischoff can't agree on how to decorate the General Manager's office. Bischoff says there is no money in the budget for all this beer, so Austin tells him that he isnt invited to the beer bash. Kevin Nash is going to be the guest on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel show.


The Chris Jericho Highlight Reel has started and Jericho is in the ring. Jericho starts off talking about winning the IC title and he will be a 5 time IC champion. Jericho shows the footage of Nash breaking the windows of the limo last week. Kevin Nash big daddy cool is on his way to the ring. Nash is mad and he wants HHH real bad, he calls HHH a dead man. Triple H is next guest on the Highlight Reel. Nash throws out Jericho and destroys the set. Jericho comes back in and hits a low blow on Nash. HHH hits Nash with a vile chair shot to the back. HHH tries to get the pedigree on Nash but he gets backdroped for his trouble. HHH and Nash with right hands back and forth. Nash gets the upper hand and it gets ugly. The crowd chants diesel sucks. Nash lays into HHH with the steps and HHH is bleeding bad. The fight keeps going into the street and HHH almost gets hit by a SUV which he promptly Jacks and drives off.


Next week on RAW Chris Jericho is going to be in a main event match next week against Kevin Nash, thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Match #3: Booker T vs. Lance Storm
Shoulder block by Booker T and several chops in the corner. Storm hits the Sharpshooter but Booker T quickly gets to the ropes. Lance Storm is sucking up alot to the Canadian viewers. Spinebuster by Booker T and heel kick. Storm hits a major chin kick and almost gets the win. Booker T hits the scissor kick for the win.

Winner: Booker T

La Resistance are back stage and they have a proposal for Stacy Keibler, they encourage her to watch their match which is coming up next.


Match #4: La Resistance vs. Tommy Dreamer & Spike Dudley
Sylvan gets the upper hand on Spike Dudley. Reverse chin lock on Spike. Tommy Dreamer with a Spine Buster on Sylvan and a DDT. La Resistance hits the flapjack on Spike and the get the win.

Winners: La Resistance


This week on Confidential The Story behind the death of Miss Elizabeth, including her relationship with drug boy Lex Luger.

Eric Bischoff complains about Stone Cold to Linda McMahon, Linda says to deal with it or quit. Christian cuts a promo about his match with Goldberg tonight.


Match #5: Jazz (c) vs. Trish Stratus for WWE Women's Title
Jazz with a spinning kick and a leg drop for a two count. Jazz with a powerbomb and she tries to cheat by putting her feet on the middle rope. Trish hits the stratusfaction but the referee gets distracted and Jazz hits Trish with the Woman's Title and gets the win.

Winner & STILL Women's Champion: Jazz


Match #6: Christian vs. Goldberg
Both competitors come to the ring but they are interupted by 3MW. Goldberg holds them off and finally gets Rico and Jackhammers him. The Referee counted, Why? Christian hits Goldberg with a chair and then runs through the crowd. Glass breaks and Stone Cold comes to the ring.

Winner: No Contest

It's time for Austin's beer bash. Austin asks Goldberg if he has a problem with that, and hell yeah he has problem with that. Stone Cold offers Goldberg a no holds barred match between him and Christian in a steel cage next week. Goldberg says that Dog will hunt. Austin offers Goldberg a few beers and Goldberg climbs the ropes to have one. A shit load of people are coming to the ring for the beer bash. Austin swims in beer.

End of show.


The IC title is back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bringing back the IC title is the best move that the WWE has made in a long time, now if they will end this hard split on the rosters well be okay.

I think I am going to like Stone Cold Steve Austin in this new role as Co-General Manager. Eric Bischoff was getting extremely stale and Raw really needed some shaking up.

The tag team title match is so typical of why exactly Scott Steiner totally sucks. He knows 4 moves; I should say he uses 4 moves because I know he knows alot of stuff. It's really sad because I used to be a major mark for him and his brother.

Damn what a bloody fight between Nash and Hunter, out into the streets of Canada.

Everyone should buy Splinter Cell for there game system of choice. It is amazing. I personally have it for Xbox and it is mega sweet.

I wonder if Jericho will be able to drag out a good match from Big Daddy Cool.

The people who designed the ring attire for La Resistance need to be shot and if they survive shot again, it was hideous.

I am really sad about Miss Elizabeth. I watched the retirement match between Randy Savage and Warrior because it is my favorite match featuring Elizabeth. She will be missed.

The Rock must have given Christian a shit load of pointers for Promos because he is alot better. I guess that is because the Rock gives the best promos in the business and Christian copied everything right down to the smile the Rock uses. Hey I don't bash that being more like the Rock will do nothing but get him over more with the fans.

I think we got to see every single canadian wrestler today.

I wish the Lance Storm match would have gone longer.

Teddy Long is getting on my nerves, I wish he would just go away to like africa.

Good God Austin drank a lot of beer, it was cool to see the twins drink their brew together.

By The way Prayers are answered the IC Title is BACK, best wrestling news ive heard all year!!!!

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