Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/7/03 (Steiner, Buff Bagwell return + more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, May 8, 2003 at 1:29 AM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/7/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results by: Buck Woodward of 1wrestling.com

Mike Tenay and Don West opened the show from the ring, and explained the rules for the Anarchy In The Asylum match later tonight, and explained that four slots in the match would be filled by the winners of other bouts on the card tonight.

D'Lo Brown & AJ Styles defeated Elix Skipper & Low Ki in 9:03. Very good match, with both sides getting their share of offense in. Towards the end, Brown was fighting with Skipper on the floor, while Low Ki went for a handspring kick on AJ. Brown slid back into the ring as Low Ki jumped up in the air, and grabbed him, delivering a Sky High spinebuster (as AJ added a neckbreaker to the move). Brown then covered Low Ki for the pin. Brown and Styles gain entrance in the Asylum match later one.

Backstage, Glen Gilberti told SEX that tonight there was an "I" in team. He said he wanted to be the number one contender, and that he needed SEX behind him tonight. Gilberti said he was focused tonight, and that to prove it, he was going to go beat the "living s***" out of Jeff Jarrett right now.

Don West and Mike Tenay discussed the other qualifying matches for tonight.

Glen Gilberti walked through the crowd and headed up the ramp to the TNA dressing room. The camera man appeared to be trying to stop him. Gilberti busted into Jarrett's dressing room, and Jarrett was there with a knee brace and crutches. Gilberti attacked him, blasting him with the crutches and dragging him out of the building. Gilberti blasted Jarrett with chair shots, until security finally pulled him away.

Sabu defeated New Jack & The Sandman in a three way match in 6:10. New Jack came out first, and got on the mic. New Jack said Sabu forgot about his days in ECW when he would be "drunk and on pills" with him and Sandman with a bunch of "buck nekkid midgets". Jack said Sabu forgot when that "c***sucker" Paul Heyman bounced checks on them, and Jack remarked that he still hasn't made good on them. New Jack said they still haven't gotten paid for their action figures. Jack said Sabu went down on the ship with the rest of them, but he forgot about that. Jack accused Jeff Jarrett of bringing Sabu in because he doesn't want to face Jack or Sandman. Sandman did his traditional pre-match beer drinking, wearing an ECW T-shirt, while Jack and Sabu started the match in the ring. After Sabu sent Jack from the ring, Sandman entered and Sabu went at it with him. We saw during the match that Glen Gilberti had attacked Jeff Jarrett backstage again. In the ring, Sabu was fighting a two on one battle, but managing to keep control of the match. New Jack turned the tide by using a staple gun on Sabu. New Jack used a fork on Sabu. Sabu battled back with a spike. Sandman set up a table outside the ring. Sabu went to put New Jack through a table with a triple jump, but Sandman caned him as he jumped up. Sandman caned Sabu in the ring. They showed security escorting Jeff Jarrett into a van. New Jack, Sandman and Sabu were fighting into the crowd. We learned that Jarrett was headed to the hospital. Sabu was being double teamed by Jack and Sandman and put on a table. New Jack got on a scissor lift, and raised it as high as it would go, which was higher than even the balcony that Sandman had climbed to. New Jack jumped off, but Sabu moved, and went through the table alone. Sabu then covered New Jack on the floor for the pin. Sabu moves on to the Anarchy match.

Backstage, Tracy (the woman who attacked Lollipops last week) was complaining to Bill Behrens that no women were in the Anarchy match tonight. Tracy promised to "make it worth his while" to Behrens if he got her in the match. Behrens remarked to Goldylocks that she should be more like Tracy.

A video package on America's Most Wanted and their recent problems aired. They were then interviewed by Goldylocks. They played off the problems, and said that they were going to remain friends, but tonight was about getting a shot at the NWA World title.

James Storm defeated Chris Harris in 7:35. Mostly scientific match, with both men getting some near falls. At the end, Harris hit a stunner off the ropes for a two count. Harris hit a DDT, then went to the top rope, but missed the flying elbowdrop. Storm hit the Eight Second Ride for a two count, and yelled at the referee following the cover. Storm yelled for Harris to get up. Storm missed a kick, and Harris slingshotted him into the corner. Storm jumped on the ropes and went for a dive, but Harris speared him for a two count. The two then slugged it out. Harris went for a sunset flip, but Storm sat down on it, hooking the legs and getting the pin. Storm moves on to the Anarchy match. Harris walked off after the match, but came back and shook hands with Storm.

Goldylocks interviewed Erik Watts, who acted very upset over Jeff Jarrett being hurt. His phone rang, and he acted like he was talking to someone about being the "NWA Director of Operations". He asked Goldylocks for a moment of silence for Jeff Jarrett.

Tracy vs. Trinity vs. Desire (accompanied by David Young and Sonny Siaki) was held, with the winner gaining entrance into the Asylum match. Kid Kash came down before the match could begin. Kash ripped on Trinity for focusing on her own career, rather than taking care of him. He totally heeled her, and gave her the option of either taking a beating, or getting on her knees and apologizing to her. Trinity gave Kash the finger, and Kash slapped her around. Kash handcuffed Trinity to him and tossed her around by her hair and yanked her from ringside. Kash threw Trinity onto the ramp, with security yelling at him. In the ring, Desire kicked Tracy from the ring, then badly missed a dropkick through the ropes. Desire jumped off the steps and clotheslined Tracy on the floor, then dropped her on the rails. Tracy had some blood on her leg. After some more fighting, Tracy hit Desire with a Bombs Away off the top, but Siaki distracted the referee. David Young got in and Desire grabbed Tracy. Young went to hit her, Tracy ducked, and Young hit Desire by mistake. Tracy then covered Desire for the pin after about 2:41 of action (the bell actually rang before the whole Kid Kash promo). Tracy moves on to the Anarchy match.

They did the "Interrogators" bit with the Harris Brothers. They picked Japan over Mexico because there was more money. When asked between Clay Akins or Ruben Studder (who are these people?), one of the Harris brothers asked "which one is the white guy?" They called a lot of wrestlers "p******", and ended the segment by calling announcers "a*******".

The events leading to Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels in a handicap match was shown.

Goldylocks interviewed Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn. Red said he had learned a lot from Jerry Lynn. Lynn reminded Red of how Ron Killings' attack helped him with the X-Division title. Lynn made it clear that after this week, Lynn was looking for an X-Division title match with Red.

Christopher Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red in a handicap match in 6:50 to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Two minutes into the match, Low Ki and Elix Skipper got on the ring apron, allowing Daniels to use a chair on Red, sweeping out his leg. Daniels put Red in a single leg crab, but Lynn broke it up with a right hand. Daniels continued to work on the leg, but missed a double jump moonsault. Red hit a sunset flip style powerbomb and tagged in Lynn. Lynn hit the TKO on Daniels, then knocked Ki and Skipper off the apron. Daniels shoved Lynn into the referee, knocking him down. Red was knocked off the top rope to the floor by Low Ki. Lynn dropkicked Skipper away, and took out all three members of XXX with chairshots. The referee saw Lynn using the chair, and disqualified him. As a result of a rule change announced a few weeks ago, but never used until now, the titles change hands. So Daniels won the tag titles by himself.

The Anarchy in the Asylum match was next. Wrestlers enter the ring every 90 seconds, and are eliminated by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope to the floor. Falls count anywhere, until the final two men, at which point the fall must take place in the ring.

Brian Lawler was out first, and D'Lo Brown was second. Lawler attacked before the bell, but Brown took over for most of the period, until Lawler hit a low blow and a powerbomb from the corner. Lawler missed a top rope legdrop. Sonny Siaki was out next. Siaki went after Brown, breaking up his pin on Lawler. Siaki and Lawler were downed with a double clothesline from Brown. Lawler kept hitting low blows on Brown. James Storm was out next. Storm helped Brown. David Young ran in and gave Storm a spinebuster. Chris Harris ran in to help Storm, and accidentally avalanched him in the corner. Siaki knocked Storm over the top rope.

James Storm is eliminated.

Storm glared at Harris on the floor. Young was ordered from the ring by the referees. Kid Kash was out next. Kash went after Brown, hitting him with a headscissors. Brown was triple teamed. Kash hit a top rope bodypress on Brown, and everyone piled on for a two count. Lawler then choked Siaki, while Kash worked on Brown. Lawler hit a low blow on Kash. Rick Steiner was out next, to a big pop. Steiner cleaned house on everyone. Steiner tossed Kash over his head in a backdrop. Steiner powerslammed Siaki and Steinerlined him from the ring.

Sonny Siaki is eliminated.

Brown suplexed Kash. Mike Awesome, with a table, was out next. Awesome went after Steiner, then clotheslined Kash. Brown and Lawler went at it in a corner. Steiner attacked Awesome with punches, and got a two count with an elbowdrop. Kash hit Brown with a low blow. Steiner hit a German suplex on Awesome. Justin Credible, with a Singapore cane, was next. Brown went after Credible. Steiner hit a Steinerline on Kash. Lawler went at it with Awesome. Awesome and Credible went through the ropes and started fighting on the floor and into the crowd. Brown whipped Kash into a Steinerline. Ron Killings was out next. Killings went after Brown, kitting an axkick. Stiener booted Killings down. Awesome and Credible were still going at it in the crowd. Brown went after Killings, until Lawler hit him with a low blow. Awesome blasted Credible with a chair on the floor. Steiner hit a German suplex on Killings. Credible backdropped Awesome on the floor for a two count. Tracy was out next. Lollipop attacked Tracy on the rampway, and they had a catfight. Kash pulled Lollipop off of her and tossed Tracy into the ring. Credible and Awesome made it back into the ring. Kash went after Tracy, but Steiner picked him up and rammed him into the corner. Kash came back and hit the Moneymaker on Tracy to eliminate her. Perry Saturn was out next. The mystery luchador ran in and tossed Kash over the top rope, then ran back out.

Kid Kash is eliminated.

Saturn went after Rick Steiner in the corner. Awesome and Killings tried to eliminate Brown, while Lawler worked on Credible. Glen Gilberti was out next. The Harris Brothers accompanied him. Gilberti went after Steiner. The Harris Brothers ran in and tossed Steiner over the top rope.

Rick Steiner is eliminated.

The Harris Brothers tossed Ron Killings out.

Ron Killings is eliminated.

The other wrestlers went through the ropes to avoid the Harris Brothers. Steiner threatened to come back in, but the referees stopped him. Konnan was out next. Konnan hit rolling clotheslines on Gilberti and the Harris brothers. Konnan and Gilberti started slugging it out on the floor and into the crowd. The other wrestlers fought back into the ring. Konnan was outnumbered on the floor by the Harris Brothers and Gilberti. The Harris brothers, after two tries, chokeslammed Konnan through a table. Gilberti pinned him.

Konnan is eliminated.

Buff Bagwell was out next. Ron Killings fought with the Harris Brothers right out of the building. Buff hit the Blockbuster on Credible. Bagwell backdropped Lawler over the top rope, and Gilberti clotheslined Bagwell over the top rope.

Brian Lawler and Buff Bagwell are eliminated.

Awesome hit a top rope splash on Credible. AJ Styles was out next. Mike Sanders ran in, knocked Mike Awesome over the top rope, then superkicking him off the apron and through his own table.

Mike Awesome is eliminated.

Ron Killings was still fighting outside the building with the Harris brothers, I guess, and the announcers discussed whether he was eliminated or not. Don Harris said he was eliminated. Sabu, the final entrant, was out next. Sabu immediately tossed Credible from the ring.

Justin Credible is eliminated.

AJ missed Saturn with a springboard dropkick, and knocked Brown over the top rope to the floor.

D'Lo Brown is eliminated.

Sabu hit Saturn with a springboard DDT. Sabu went for a headscissors on Saturn, and both men fell over the top to the floor. The referee ruled that Sabu was not eliminated, since it was his own momentum that took him out of the ring.

Perry Saturn is eliminated.

Sabu, Gilberti and Styles fought through the ropes and into the crowd. Sabu blasted Styles with a chairshot. Gilberti was busted open. Sabu, after a false start, went for a triple jump dive to the floor, but missed both opponents. Styles and a bloody Gilberti fought back into the ring. Styles hit a rana and a series of punches on Gilberti. Styles rolled up Gilberti for a two count. Styles hit a clothesline and went for the Styles Clash. Gilberti blocked it, and backdropped Styles over the top rope to the floor.

AJ Styles is eliminated.

It was down to Sabu and Glen Gilberti. Sabu attacked Gilberti with his spike, stabbing at his head. Sabu went for Air Sabu, but Gilberti pulled the referee in front of him. Sabu threw a chair at Gilberti, then hit a Triple Jump moonsault. Raven ran in, and hit Sabu with a chair. Raven then DDT'd Sabu. Raven left, and Gilberti rolled onto Sabu for the pin.

Glen Gilberti is the winner, and the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. The other members of SEX came in to celebrate as the show ended.