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Did Hulk Hogan Go To Eric Bischoff About Turning Bad?

Well here is the story. I'll explain everything from beginning to end so I won't have to answer a different version of this question. Shortly after WrestleMania 12, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had signed with WCW. Eric Bischoff had this idea of making a stable where they would try to take over a company. His idea came from Japan. Anyway, Bret Hart's WWF contract had expired too and was free to go anywhere. Bischoff's idea was to have Bret Hart be the third man in the NWO with Hall and Nash. Hart eventually turned down the offer and stayed with the WWF. Then the idea was all written down, Sting was suppose to be the third man in joining the NWO. At that time, Hogan was in California for some kind of acting role or something. Bischoff went to see him for a different reason and told him about the NWO angle. Hulk Hogan said "Hey, what about me?" No one would expect Hogan to turn heel, so it would be a huge thing and it was. Bischoff agreed to the idea and brought Hogan in as the third man. So to answer your question, yes, Hogan was the one who requested it.

What has become of Hacksaw Jim Duggan? Might he work for WWE in the near future?

Last time I talked to Duggan was on January 17, 2003 where he was working for BCW. Hacksaw had battled cancer about 5 years ago and fortunately he's okay now. I believe he's still working in the indies and having fun. As for a WWE return, highly doubtful.

Was the Tombstone Piledriver named as such before the Undertaker used it as a finisher or was the Undertaker the first to call it by that name, leading future wrestlers/commentators to acknowledge it as such? The same question applies to Jake "The Snake" and the DDT.

In other words, which came first? The wrestler or the (modern) name of the move?

Obviously, the move was there a long time ago before the wrestler that made it famous came. Obviously the move had a different name back then, before the Undertaker started using it. I believe it was called a "reverse piledriver." But Undertaker made it famous in his WWF days and called it tombstone to fit his deadman character. Same goes for Jake Roberts, the DDT had that name before he came in. Let's say Undertaker retires and five years from now someone starts using the move, they'll probably still refer to it as the "tombstone." Perfect example would be the sharpshooter. The real name for that hold back years ago was called the "Reverse leg grapevine." Bret Hart came and started doing the move and they called it the "sharpshooter" to fit his "Hitman" character and made the move very famous. Now Bret has been gone from the WWF for nearly 6 years, and they still refer to it as the sharpshooter.

The Rougeau Brothers were "renovated" into the Quebecers/Mountie correct? And why did they leave the WWE?

Nope, that's incorrect. The Rougeau brothers were Ray and Jacques Rougeau. Jacques later became the Mountie. Raymond Rougeau did the french commentary until the mid 90's with the WWF then left. The Quebecers were a combination of Jacques Rougeau and Pierre Carl Ouelette, and were managed by Johnny Polo (Raven). Ouelette later played the character of "Jean-Pierre LaFitte" in the mid 90's. I am not sure of the reason Jacques Rougeau left. Although, Pierre Carl Ouelette was still under contract but sat out for a while and was brought in as the pirate Jean-Pierre LaFitte. After that, Ouelette left the WWF and signed with WCW along with Jacques Rougeau. They were also known as the Quebecers. But their stay in WCW didn't last long.

Why was there a RAW and Smackdown roster split in the first place?

Because the WWE had purchased WCW, plus ECW stars coming in. Too many people on the same roster and not enough time to have them all on the same show.

Ever since WWE's purchase of WCW and monopolization of the wrestling industry, the wrestling industry has been crippled. The monopoly is destroying the business, and my question is do you think this could be planned by Vince himself. I mean let's face it...he basically built wrestling to be what it is today, could this be his way of making sure it ends with him as well? Could this whole "dry spell" be a last ditch effort by an egomaniac Vince McMahon to make certain that wrestling basically began and ended with him?

I don't really think so. Any company competing against another has one goal in mind and that's to eliminate the opposition and win the war. Vince McMahon did exactly that. Many people do believe that the reason Vince sent Hall and Nash to WCW was to put it out of business, but I don't necessarily believe that myself. The monopoly is destroying the business, without a doubt. Near the end, when the WWF started winning the ratings again, we all knew there was no way WCW was going to beat the WWF in the ratings once again. Vince was afraid in 1996/1997, but after that, he had nothing to worry about. I personally believe that the main reason Vince purchased WCW was for its video library, now obviously there are other reasons, but in my opinion that's one of the main ones.

What is a "space flying tiger drop"?

It's a handspring corkscrew into a backflip/somersault. Mostly the Japanese wrestlers use that move. Great Sasuke uses that move. Hakushi used that in the WWF in 1995.

What is a Japanese Ocean Cycline Suplex?

I think you mean Cyclone. It's a shoulder-mounted crossed armed suplex.

How did Bret Hart get his "Hitman" moniker?

He got it from the boxer, Thomas "Hitman" Hearns.

Was Ted Dibiase The Manager Of Chris Benoit In The 3 Tryout Matches In WWF In 1995?

Chris Benoit got a tryout under the name "The Pegasus Kid" and was put into Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation stable. Benoit did wrestle a couple of times, and cut a promo, although he did not make a TV appearance.

What happened to Hulk Hogans eye before Wrestlemania IX? Was that make up, or did he really get his eye busted open? Look at the interview before his tag match- his eye looks pretty nasty.

Answer taken from WrestleView's FAQ Section.

There are actually three stories given to explain it.

The story given by WWF officials was that he was is a para-sailing accident. The story given on WWF television was that Ted Dibiase hired a group to attack Hogan so he would be weakened before their match. The other story given which is the one believed to be true is that he was punched by Randy Savage while they were arguing about Savage's ex-wife Elizabeth. Savage believed Hogan was sleeping with Elizabeth while she was still married to him and confronted Hogan about it backstage. Savage apologized later on but bad blood still remains between the two over Elizabeth.

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