Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/14/03 (Chris Sabin captures X Title + more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 2:19 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 5/14/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of: NWATNA.com

Glen Gilberti, clad in a suit and tie, came to the ring with SEX. Gilberti talked about how he won Anarchy last week, and that he beat up Jeff Jarrett. Gilberti and Mike Sanders talked about Gilberti's suit. Gilberti said tonight he would top himself by taking over NWA-TNA. He said he had a list of people he planned to take out. Gilberti said Raven was at the top of his list. Gilberti said everyone in TNA had the choice of joining SEX, or being wiped out.

New Jack, Sandman, Saturn and Justin Credible came out on the runway. Jack told Gilberti to shut up, and made fun of his suit and nose. Gilberti said he wanted to talk to Sandman, and Sandman spit beer at him. The "Extreme Revolution" hit the ring and cleared out the SEX members.

X-Division Championship Match
Chris Sabin d. Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn

All three men were in the ring at the same time for this match. XXX (Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, Elix Skipper) came out to ringside and watched the match. Lot's of nice three way spots in this one. At one point, Red broke up a Lynn cover with a Swanton, and some fans chanted "That was three". Towards the end, Lynn hit the cradle piledriver on Sabin, but Red broke up the pin. Lynn and Red slugged it out, and Red hit a sunset flip style powerbomb for a two count. Red went to the top rope, while Low Ki distracted the referee. Daniels beat up Lynn on the floor, while Skipper shoved Red off the top rope and gave him the Play of the Day. Sabin was put on top of Red, and got the pin. After the match, XXX gave Sabin a SEX shirt, which he put on.

In the SEX locker room, they were celebrating Sabin's win, and motivating Mike Sanders to beat Mike Awesome. Gilberti also dispatched the Harris Brothers to find Sabu. Kid Kash came in and said he had no problem with SEX, and didn't want to be on Gilberti's list. Kash said he had a "peace offering", and gave them Trinity. Sanders kept asking if Trinity performed a certain sex act. Kash left Trinity in the SEX locker room, and walked off.

Tables Match
Mike Sanders d. Mike Awesome

They brawled from the ring and through the crowd for three minutes, then the Harris Brothers attacked Awesome. Brian Lee & Slash came out and fought the Harrises out of the building, where XXX was waiting to ambush Slash and Lee. Back at ringside, Awesome was still fighting Sanders. Awesome brought a table into the ring, but Sanders threw it at Awesome. Sanders put Awesome on the table and went to the top rope. Awesome crotched Sanders on the ropes, and set up a table on the floor. Awesome teased that he was going to Awesomebomb Sanders from the top rope to the floor, but Glen Gilberti ran out, hit Awesome with a chair twice, and sent him backwards into the ring, through the table, giving Sanders the win.

In the SEX locker room, Trinity was being ordered to give Skipper a backrub. Gilberti cleared the locker room, except for Trinity. Erik Watts barged in, and said he had a problem with Gilberti over what he did to Jeff Jarrett. Gilberti said he knew Watts hated Jeff Jarrett, and wasn't buying his act. Watts dropped the charade, then told Gilberti that "the Eric from WCW" was coming in to be the director of operations for the NWA, and that this was the Eric that was "DDP's best friend". Watts left. Gilberti apologized for the way SEX was acting before to Trinity. Gilberti offered Trinity a spot in SEX, rather than staying with Kash. Trinity left, then the Harris Brothers, saying they could not find Sabu, brought in Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero.

Kid Kash came to the ring, complaining about Trinity, the masked Luchador, and the fans. Kash called out Ron Killings, Konnan and the masked Luchador. Ron Killings, with Konnan, came out for the match.

Ron Killings d. Kid Kash
Konnan joined the announcers for the match. Konnan said he knew nothing about the masked luchador, and pointed out that it looked like a woman last week. Killings kicked Kash in the face, drawing blood from his mouth. At one point, Kash dove off the steps, and Killings caught him and powerslammed him to the floor. Konnan actually did a great job announcing here, analyzing the match rather than complaining about the lack of Latinos in the company. At the seven minute mark, the Harris brothers ran out and attacked Konnan. Killings hit a second rope fallaway slam, then went to the top rope and dove onto the Harris brothers. The Harrises double teamed Killings on the floor though, and rolled him back into the ring. The masked luchador ran out, and hit a reverse DDT on Kash, while the referee was looking at the Harris brothers. Killings got the pin, then helped Konnan to the back.

Backstage, Sandman went for his meeting with Gilberti, but Sonny Siaki was there instead. Siaki offered Sandman some beer, and he agreed to talk with him. Desire sat on Sandman's lap. David Young ran over the blindside Sandman, but Sandman threw Desire into his attempted cane shot. Sandman then attacked Siaki, chasing him into the arena. Sandman blasted Siaki through the balcony and down the stairs. Bert Prentice and a bunch of security ran out, and tried to get them to take their battle into the ring. Once there, Sandman hit the Russian legsweep with the cane, then blasted Siaki with a caneshot. SEX ran in and attacked the Sandman. The Harris Brothers hit an H-Bomb on Sandman, and New Jack, Justin Credible and Perry Saturn ran in. A huge brawl broke out, with tons of security hitting the ring. Perry Saturn took the mic, and challenged Glen Gilberti to face him one-on-one tonight. Gilberti accepted the challenge.

They aired a pre-taped interview with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett said he had strained knee ligaments and a hip pointer from the Raven match. He talked about how WWE's numbers have gone south since WCW was bought because there was no "number two" to motivate Vince McMahon to work hard. Jarrett said he was not surprised that Glen Gilberti has become the number one contender. Jarrett compared Gilberti emerging from his Disco persona to Stone Cold coming from Stunning Steve Austin and the Undertaker coming from Mean Mark Callous.

Backstage, Kid Kash was flipping out over his loss. Tracy approached Kash, and told him that she liked it rough (Kash piledrove her last week). Tracy played up to Kash, putting lotion on her hand and (out of view of the camera) apparently rubbing his groin. Tracy then gave Kash a low blow, and stomped him, leaving him laying.

Chris Harris d. David Young
Sonny Siaki came out at the three minute mark to support Young, and pulled down the top rope so Harris would fall to the floor, allowing Young to take over. Harris rallied, but Siaki ran in when the referee was looking at Young and hit Harris with the Siakolypse. Harris kicked out at two. Siaki came in with a chair, and wedged it in a corner. James Storm ran in and superkicked Siaki from the ring, then fought him through the crowd. SEX came out of their locker room and dragged Storm into it. Back in the ring, Harris continued to fight Young. Young missed a moonsault and Harris hit the Catatonic for the win.

After the match, Harris was looking for Storm, with the announcers and fans telling him that Storm was at the SEX locker room. Harris ran for the locker room, as SEX tossed a bloody Storm out the door. Harris attended to Storm, yelling for help.

Glen Gilberti was shown talking to Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero. Gilberti pointed out that Raven wasn't there for them tonight, and that he wouldn't be around for much longer. Gilberti said they could be a part of SEX, if they watched his back tonight. They agreed to accompany him to the ring for his match.

Glen Gilberti d. Perry Saturn
Alexis tried to jump Saturn on the floor, but Saturn caught her and tossed her into the rail. However, Dinero hit a superkick to allow Gilberti to take control. Back in the ring, Gilberti worked over Saturn's knee, but missed a fistdrop. Saturn, hobbling on one leg, hit two German suplexes, and a falcon arrow for a two count. Gilberti went for a stunner, but Saturn shoved him off, into the referee. Alexis and Julio ran in, but Saturn fought them off. This allowed Gilberti to hit a slow stunner, but Saturn still kicked out at two. Gilberti went for another stunner, but Saturn reversed into a backslide for two. Gilberti finally caught the second stunner, and got the pin.

NWA World Tag Team Title Match
XXX d. AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown

All three members of XXX came out together in their gear, not letting on which two would be wrestling. Daniels & Skipper attacked before the bell, so they would be the two defending champions tonight. Styles & Brown quickly turned things in their favor though. Brown and Styles made frequent tags in the opening minutes, working over Daniels with double team moves. Daniels tried to whip Styles towards Skipper, and Styles dropkicked Skipper. Daniels did get control with a dropkick of his own, and tossed Styles on the floor to be attacked by Skipper and Low Ki. XXX then kept Styles in the ring and worked him over, often tossing him to the floor so Low Ki could blast him. Styles blocked a rana and powerbombed Daniels, and gave the hot tag to D'Lo. Brown cleaned house on Daniels and Skipper. Brown hit a spinning sideslam on Daniels and a suplex into a stunner on Skipper, but the pin attempts were always blocked be another member. Styles and Brown set Daniels up for the Sky High/neckbreaker, but Low Ki pulled Styles from the ring, and Daniels put Brown in the Koji clutch. Styles eventually got in to break the hold. Brown backdropped out of Angel's Wings, and Styles tagged in with a springboard dropkick. Styles kicked Daniels to the floor, and Brown backdropped Styles over the top rope into a senton on Daniels and Low Ki. Brown tossed Skipper to the floor as well. Brown then hit a top rope bodypress from the top rope to the floor on Skipper. In the ring, Styles and Daniels went into a great exchange of reversals, ending with Styles hitting a reverse DDT. Styles set up Daniels for the Styles Clash, but Glen Gilberti ran in. Gilberti hit a weak looking stunner on Styles, allowing Daniels to get the pin.

SEX came into the ring, and Gilberti said that they were taking over the Asylum. SEX attacked Brown and Styles, then moved into the locker room and began attacking wrestlers and staff in the back, most notably Jerry Lynn, Red, Bill Behrens and Mortimer Plumtree. The New Church (Awesome, Slash, Lee) went against SEX, but were outnumbered. Gilberti sat in the back with a cigar, watching SEX beat everyone down, and said "I'm the king of the world" as the show ended.