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On Friday, May 16, 2003 at 12:33 AM EST

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Who has had the longest IC title reign in WWE?

Honky Tonk Man had the longest IC title reign from June 2, 1987 until August 29, 1988. A close second place would be Pedro Morales, from November 23, 1981 until January 22, 1983.

-A while back, when Degeneration X were in their prime, Shawn Michaels and Triple H stood in the ring and showed footage of themselves with Diesel and Razor Ramon. This apparently upset Vince McMahon who was doing commentary at ringside. They talked about how they were good guys and bad guys and so on. What was the significance of that footage and why was it supposed to upset Vince?

Well this goes back to the infamous Clique incident in Madison Square Garden. It was a house show in MSG, just before Diesel and Razor Ramon were jumping ships to WCW. At the end of the house show, Hall, Nash, Hunter and Shawn were in the ring and had a group hug. They broke kayfabe so to speak, since Shawn and Razor were faces and Hunter and Diesel were heels. This upset Vince McMahon a lot and there were some serious consequences to follow, but unfortunately, only HHH got the most heat for this and was held back for a year. Now to answer your question, 4 or 5 years ago HHH and Shawn were in the ring and the footage of that incident was shown on the titon tron, although it was all scripted and Vince allowed the footage to be shown, but he had to act like he didn't like it.

My question is regarding a show held on January 5, 1996 but shown on pay-per-view on February 2, 1996. The Memphis-based CWA held a PPV event at the Dallas Sportatorium called "Bodyguards vs. Bandits". The feature match saw Bo Vegas, Devon Michaels, Marc Valiant, Scott Putski, Steve Cox and Dom Minoldi defeat Firebreaker Chip, Rod Price, John Hawk, Shawn Summers, Alex
Porteau and Guido Falcone by a final score of 27-20 in a "football rules"match. My question is: What exactly are the ground rules in this type of match? (time limit,scoring, etc.)

Big thanks to Matt Long of with help on this question.

According to a few people, that was one of the most boring PPV matches ever. It was a 10-man tag (2 teams of 5). Here were the rules:

It was broken up into four 15-minute quarters (like football)
A team who scored a pinfall or submission scored 7 points.
A team who throws an opponent over the top rope is penalized 3 points.
A team disqualified is penalized 1 point.

Do you think Vince McMahon has any plans on using WCW in the future seeing now that he has several of their Superstars?

I truly highly doubt it. If he was going to do it, he would have done it a while ago.

Still on the subject of moves, what is the burning hammer, Kenta Kobashi's finishing move?

It's a reverse death valley driver.

What is a "Thunder Fire power Bomb?"

I believe it's a double underhook suplex, into an inverted sitdown powerbomb.

WWE was saying that Curt Hennig got fired because he got into a fight on an air plane with Brock Lesnar. If he did get into a fight with Lesnar, what started it? Or is all of this just storyline?

From what's understood, Hennig was drunk on the plane and was arguing with Brock Lesnar about who's the better amateur wrestler, something of that nature. One word led to another and it's believed that Hennig was the one who started the fight.

What ever happened to Black Jack Mulligan? He had some great matches with Ric Flair in the old NWA days back in the 70's...Just wondering thanks.

Mulligan is retired from professional wrestling.

Whatever happened to Ahmed Johnson? The WWF gave him major push for a while. He even became the 1st Black IC champ. He was to face the Undertaker for a title bout, but he disappeared. I know he gain a LOT of weight returning to WCW, but what happened before that.

The reason the WWF released him was because he was injuring too many wrestlers in the ring. Obviously they weren't meant intentionally, but he had trouble executing certain moves without injuring wrestlers, therefore he was released.

Was Adrian Adonis' Last Match At Wrestlemania 3?

Yes, Adrian Adonis' last WWF match was at WrestleMania 3 against Roddy Piper.

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