ASK WV (5/18/03): Fit Finlay, Owen, Mero, Ludvig Borga, DiBiase & More

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On Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 2:37 PM EST

The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer.

How come Fit Finlay stopped wrestling, and where is he now?

Unfortunately, just like many wrestlers in the business, Fit Finlay suffered a career ending injury in WCW (leg injury). Finlay now works for the WWE as a road agent, trains women.

Do you think they should bring back the WWE titles and WCW titles for both brands to split or just WWE titles, or just WCW titles?

No, the way it is seems to be good. Championship titles already mean less and have less prestige than before, adding more titles to the mix would be a bad idea.

Why Didn't Marc Mero Use The Johnny B Badd Name In WWF?

Because that name was given to him by WCW and Mero didn't own that name like other wrestlers own their gimmick names.

When Was Ted Dibiase's Last Match?

Ted DiBiase's last wrestling match was in 1993 against Razor Ramon.

How many times did the Undertaker beat Hogan in a PPV?

On a PPV, the Undertaker has beaten Hulk Hogan twice, and both of those times were for the WWF/WWE title. The first time was at the 1991 Survivor Series, and the second time was at the 2002 Judgment Day PPV.

How old are Ric Flair, Scotty Steiner, HHH & Trish Stratus?

Ric Flair is 54.
Scott Steiner is turning 38 in July.
Trish Stratus is 27.
Triple H is turning 34 in July.

When Bret Hart left the company Owen Hart was still in WWF or he left and came back (what happend did he leave) but his career ended in WWF, now the question is why didn't Owen leave and not come back like Bret?

Owen was always under contract with the WWF, he just walked out temporarily when Bret got screwed. Bret tried to get Owen out of the WWF but Vince wouldn't give him his release. According to Bret, Vince kept Owen in the WWF "to screw with Bret." Bret tried to get him out but Vince threatened to sue him if he would interfere with Owen's contract. In other words, Owen was pretty much locked in.

Why does The Hurricane no longer use the Vertabreaker?

Because the WWE banned it. They want to eliminate moves that are at high risk of injuring wrestlers. Same reason why the piledriver has been banned too.

When someone is holding someone else for a vertical suplex for a long time (around 10 secs) sometimes the play by play say that blood is rushing to the head of the wrestler. Is this true? If this is true, does it actually damage the wrestler more" inside"?

Not really. Commentators say that to try to sell the move more to the fans. That's why commentators are there. Now obviously blood starts rushing but it's like in gymnastics or something else when they grab those rings and they hang themselves upside down for a few seconds, then do flips or whatever.

What ever happened to Ludvig Borga?

Ludvig Borga, real name Tony Halme, left the WWF in late 1993 because of an ankle injury. He also wrestled in Japan, although he was a professional boxer at first. Not too long ago, Halme was elected to Parliament in Finland.

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