ASK WV (5/21/03): Ultimo Dragon, Billy Jack Haynes, Freebirds, IC & More

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On Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 2:47 PM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer. Ryan Droste contributed on the Ken Shamrock question.

What ever happened to Ken Shamrock? They were mentioning that he might return to WWE after he was done with Pride Fighting Championship. Is he going to come back to wrestling?

It is unknown for now, he was rumored to make a WWE comeback, but rumors and rumors. Currently, Ken Shamrock still has a couple fights left on his deal with the UFC.

I have a question that I was wondering about. If Jerry "The King" Lawler has held near 200 titles, how many has Ultimo Dragon held? I seem to remember him going to the ring in WCW with eight or nine title belts at one time.

Ultimo Dragon did hold 9 belts at the same time, but he doesn't go near Lawler's title reigns. Ultimo Dragon has held 24 titles. Here they are.

Tom Van Stone sent me this list:

WCW TV (2); WCW Cruiser (2); J-Crown (1); IWGP Junior (2); NWA Welterweight (2); NWA Middleweight (2); UWA World Jr. Light Heavyweight (2); UWA World Middleweight (3) - once under Yoshihiro Asai; WWF Lightheavyweight (1); WWA World Jr. Light Heavyweight (1); British Commonwealth Jr. Heavyweight (2); WAR International Jr. Light Heavyweight (3); WAR 6-Man Tag(1)

Recently I was watching some old Raw tapes and I came across an incident when Bret Hart who was facing 'The Patriot' at the time got into a fight at ring side with Vince McMahon who was doing commentary. It didn't look like an act and I was wondering if it was meant to happen.

It was all scripted. Here is what happened. Shawn Michaels was announced as the special guest referee on RAW between the Undertaker vs. Bret Hart match for SummerSlam 1997. Bret came to ring side upset about the decision and slapped Vince McMahon's headset off, who was doing color commentating at that time and started yelling at him about making Shawn Michaels the referee. Then they started to fight, pulling shirts, and it was broken up right away.

Why was Brian Lawler released from the WWF?

I'll put it short and sweet. The WWF had a show in Canada, he crossed the border with some drugs in his luggage and was caught with them.

It was said everywhere that Nash would be coming back (after his injury) as Diesel, but when he first came out, it was Diesel music and everything, yet Coach referred to him as Kevin Nash, and all about Diesel was forgotten. What's up with that?

Well he was scheduled to appear as Diesel, but there were some last minute changes apparently. You can say he's partially Diesel now, he's wearing pretty much the same outfit, just not using the name and the hair color.

Jim Ross said at Judgment Day there were 51 superstars that held the IC title. My question is how many became future WWE champions?

There are 11 wrestlers who held the Intercontinental championship and later became WWF/WWE champions. Although only two people held the world title before becoming IC champions, Pedro Morales held the "WWWF" title in 1972 and later won the IC title in 1980. There is also Kane who held the WWF title in 1998 and later became IC champion in 2001.

Here is the list of IC champs who later became WWF/WWE champions: (in order)

1) Macho Man Randy Savage; 2) Ultimate Warrior; 3) Bret Hart; 4) Diesel; 5) Shawn Michaels; 6) Steve Austin; 7) The Rock; 8) Triple H; 9) Kurt Angle; 10) Chris Jericho;

What ever happened to Giant Gonzales?

He was experiencing health problems which was the reason he is no longer in wrestling. He is currently living in his home country, Argentina.

My Dad and I have a bet and I was hoping you could settle it for us. Nature Boy Buddy Rodgers was the first WWE world champion back in the 60's when it was the WWWF. My Dad says that Nature Boy was also a part of the Fabulous Freebirds, but I say he had long since retired. Who were the original Freebirds, and who is right?

You are right. The original Freebirds were Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts. Apparently your dad got mixed up, between Buddy Rogers and Buddy Roberts. Hope that settles your bet.

I remember reading once that WCW had an anti-blood policy and people were fired because of it. My question is, Who was fired because of this and why? Also when did the anti-blood policy end?

Dustin Rhodes was fired for breaking the anti-blood policy in WCW. Rhodes and Blacktop Bully were scheduled to have a "King of the Road" match at Uncensored 1995. The match was to take place in the back of a truck and both wrestlers decided to blade themselves after WCW booker Mike Graham encouraged them to do so. All three men were fired from WCW soon after and Rhodes signed with WWF. The policy ended sometime in 1996 or 1997.

Whatever happened to Billy Jack Haynes? I know a while back, he had problems with the WWF (circa 1987). What were the circumstances surrounding his departure and what has he been up to since then?

I am unsure of the reason for his WWF departure. He went to WCW in 1991 and wrestled as Black Blood, although that didn't last long. He worked indies in Portland, Oregon. I believe he is fully retired now because of his age.

I was wondering if there was any relationship between Chris Benoit and the Dynamite Kid, and if so, what exactly it was. One of my friends told me they were cousins and I noticed that Benoit does the snap suplex and flying headbutt like Dynamite, but I am not sure if this is wrong or not.

There is no relation between Chris Benoit and The Dynamite Kid, he just idolized him.

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