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On Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 1:35 PM EST

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In some matches you see wrestlers bleeding. A lot of that is due to them "blading." One example is when Hogan bladed himself during a match against Billy Kidman on Nitro. What are some of the matches where wrestlers have bleed hardway or without blading.

I know that many small nose bleeds and small cuts on the arms and things of that kind are not planned. IE: During the InVasion angle when RVD would accidently injure wrestlers. Steve Austin had a huge cut in his lip when Marc Mero's boot accidently hit Austin causing him to have 12 stiches or so. But if you're referring to the hardcore blading like Austin had at WM 13, I can't think of any that were not scripted, because the ones I remember were all "bladed."

My dad is an old school viewer of wrestling he doesn't like the new stuff. But one of his favorite wrestlers is Gorgeous George and I wanted to know what his championship reings were?

I hope I am not missing any titles.

On May 26,1950 he won the A.W.A. (Boston) World Heavyweight (1)
Pacific Coast Light Heavyweight Title (4)
Pacific Coast Junior Heavyweight Title (1)
N.W.A. Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title (1)
N.W.A. Southern Heavyweight Title (Georgia) (1)

Whatever happened to the lady known as "Woman"?

She left wrestling in 1997 and has been living with Chris Benoit. I am unsure if they are married or not, but they had a child together.

Did Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart actually hate each other before the Montreal screw job?

Oh yes, a long time before the screwjob, since 1992. CLICK HERE to read this section of our FAQ, it's more detailed.

Whatever happened to Magnum TA?

The last I heard was he was doing some commentating for a wrestling promotion before it folded. He also worked backstage in WCW. That's about it.

Has WWF and WCW ever had a pay per view on the same night?

No. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't. The PPV company wouldn't allow two shows to air on the same night.

How many times has Booker T been a tag team champion?

Eleven (11) times WCW tag Team champion. Ten times with his brother and one time with Test in the WWE. He also held the WWE World tag team titles with Goldust and Test. Which makes a combines total of thirteen.

I heard a while back during 2002, that Vince Russo had made a return to WWE in the creative team. It kind of drifted off, and then Russo ended up in NWA-TNA. I was wondering why Russo left after such a short stay, and what he actually contributed to the WWE (If anything) at all.

Yes he did return for a short period of time and then left. To sum it up, he didn't like it. He didn't like the fact that Stephanie was on the creative team. He even told Vince McMahon that Stephanie should be off because the ratings started to drop ever since she got that position. I am not saying this is the main reason or even a reason of why he left, but I felt that I should add some details to this answer :-)

What happened between the Arn Anderson/Sid fight?

On September 19th 1993, Sid and Arn Anderson got into a major fight at their hotel while in England for a tour. I am not sure of the reason. The fight was broken up by WCW wrestlers but the fight started again only this time Sid had scissors with him. The result was that Arn Anderson had 20 stab wounds while Sid had various cuts on his body. Both men spent the night in the hospital and then were deported the next day. Both men were going to be fired but WCW officials felt that Sid had started it all and fired him and only suspended Arn Anderson.

In WCW, who defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. and unmasked him?

It was a hair vs. Mask match at WCW SuperBrawl IX. Rey Mysterio Jr. & Konnan lost to Kevin Nash & Scott Hall. AFter the match, Rey had to unmask.

I have been watching wrestling faithfully for 20 years and I have seen alot of wrestlers over the years but one that comes to mind is The Warlord. This man was in awesome shape but whatever happened to him is he still alive and is he still wrestling?

Warlord, real name Terry Szopinski was hit by a car or truck (not sure) in the mid 90's. It was said that he had suffered a career ending injury. He works in some independant shows mainly in the Florida area.

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