Full WWE SmackDown Results - 6/26/03 (Ultimo Dragon makes debut)

Reported by Robert Miller of WrestleView.com
On Friday, June 27, 2003 at 12:46 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 6/26/03
Taped From: Madison Square Garden in New York, NY
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

[I would like to take a moment and thank Mr. Nemer and Mr. Martin for covering for me last week when an emergency found me out of the state during last week's broadcast.]

The Gowan/McMahon saga from last week is recapped.

SD Intro.

John Cena vs. Orlando Jones

Cena came out and cut a promo rather than a rap, he goes on to talk about how a year ago Kurt Angle gave him a shot and he is returning the favor. Orlando Jones answers his challenge [this is the first time I've seen Jones wrestle]. Rather harsh match to watch. Cena reversed a cross-body and had a "handful of tights" for the win. Earlier in the match Jones reversed an FU, but post match Cena landed one for good measure. The Dead Man makes his way to the ring and Cena is not having any of it, runs to the back. The Undertaker then got in the ring and gave Jones a pat on the ribs for "answering the call."

Winner: John Cena

- Commercial -

Undertaker & APA vs. The FBI

Wow, we have a Ministry/Corporation reunion this week on SD. Really rather dull match with most of your cliche six-man tag match offense occurring. I must say that Johnny Stamboli has probably taking the two nastiest Clotheslines from Hell I have ever seen, the first being on Raw when Bradshaw won his Hardcore title back (on bare pavement mind you) and now tonight where he damn near lost his head.

Winner(s): Undertaker and APA

Nice little Ultimo Dragon tease is shown.

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Somewhere in NY tonight, Nidia and Jamie Noble are touring NY when an attorney comes up and informs Noble that he has inherited $827,000 from his Aunt Lucille (nice BB King reference). Noble is so excited he tells Nidia to give the attorney "a special kiss" and she goes for the pants, but Noble corrects her and she lays one on his mouth. Noble promises that they are going big time, they are going to Applebees (why not Dickey's BBQ Pit?).

WrestleMania Recall: WrestleMania I is recapped in a 30 second highlight.

Backstage, Sable is trying her darndest to get Vince all hot and bothered, but he isn't having any of it.

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WWE Rewind: Rhyno and Benoit's US Title First Round Match from last week.

Matt Hardy vs. Rikishi (WWE US Championship Tournament Round 1 Match)

Hardy is not escorted by the MFers. Not much of a match to speak of, but Rikishi did hit Hardy with a sitdown powerbomb that I do think Hardy will feel in the morning. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but Rikishi kicks out. Hardy goes off and removes the top turnbuckle, and eventually Rikishi hits the exposed corner before getting hit with another Twist of Fate.

Winner: Matt Hardy

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This week on Confidential to lore that surrounds MSG will be discussed by a number of WWF/E Superstars.

Extreme Blast: Stephanie McMahon from last week crying her eyes out to "daddy."

Josh Matthews (who is the ring announcer for the night [for the love of something holy do not quit your day job]) is at ringside and catches up with Billy Kidman, who has been out of action since February

Sean O Haire & Roddy Piper vs. Eddy Guerrero & Tajiri (WWE Tag Team Championship)

The tag champs do not have a lowrider this week. MSG explodes for Piper, but he spends maybe 90 seconds in the ring during this match. Mistress O Haire does most of the offense or is on the receiving end of most of the champs offense. The finish comes when Tajiri blows the mist into Piper's face and Latino Heat lands a Frog Splash for the pin.

Winner(s): Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri [as most of you already know this was Piper's last appearance in the WWE, after what was said on HBO last night the WWE cut their ties with the rowdy one]

Okay Vince, Stephanie, and Zach Gowan are next in the ring. Vince eventually apologizes to Zach for his actions, but Zach doesnt accept and calls Vince an SOB. After more banter Vince gives Zach a contract on one condition that he join the Kiss My Ass Club. Zach isnt having any of that and following Steph's advice low blows Vince. Segment ends with Vince holding onto his pants in the ring and Steph and Zach on the way to the back.

- Commercial -

Ultimo Dragon vs. Shannon Moore

Rey Rey comes down to the ring to do color commentary for the match, Moore is already in the ring and Ultimo Dragon comes out to a fire show (that would make anyone in the pyro industry jealous of). We go to commercial once Dragon is in the ring (Angle Vengeance promo is run). Back and forth quick action throughout most of this match, but you could really tell that Shannon Moore was nervous and Ultimo hasnt been in a WWE ring for that long. Good match for a debut, but give Dragon some time in a bigger ring and I am sure he and Rey Rey can tear the roof off. Dragon gets the victory after hitting an inverted DDT that you have to see to believe (he starts off in something of a Diamond Cutter, then flips over landing his opponent flat on his back via the inverted DDT). Rey Rey enters the ring post bell and shakes Dragon's hand.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon

- Commercial -

Staind's "Price to Play" is the official song of Vengeance (when will the WWE get someone like John Tesh to compose an "official" song for a PPV?)

Kurt Angle, Hulk America, & Brock Lesnar vs. Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, & Big Show

Haas and Benjamin were introduced as The Best Damn Tag Team Period. Another "textbook" six-man match with each wrestler getting their time in the ring and doing what they do best. The end comes with both Angle and Lesnar hitting their finishers on Haas and Benjamin respectively, but being greeted with a simultaneous chokeslam from The Show. Hogan gets up and goes after Show with the big boot and has him ready for the legdrop, but Vince comes out with Gowan under his arm kicking and hitting him repeatedly. Vince gets Hogan's attention and that allows the Big Show to hit the chokeslam on Hulk America for the victory.

Winner(s): BDTTP (Haas and Benjamin) & Big Show

Vince is still beating on Gowan when Steph comes running out and covers Gowan up. Vince tells Gowan that he will be given a shot for a contract next week when he (Gowan) and Stephanie face the Big Show in a handicap match.

End of show.