Full WWE RAW Results - 6/30/03 (Triple H vs. RVD for World Title + more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, July 1, 2003 at 1:13 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 6/30/03
Live From: Buffalo, New York
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Justin Krisik of WrestleView.com

Last Week
WWE fans were shocked after last week's edition of RAW when Kane was forced to remove his mask due to a prior stipulation following his loss to Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. Afterwards, Kane was so enraged over the fact that he had to show his grotesque face to the world that he chokeslammed his friend, Rob Van Dam. Now that Kane's identity has been revealed, where does his character go now? Will he go on a rampage and strike fear in the hearts of fellow WWE Superstars the way he did when he first debuted? Or, will the "Big Red Machine" go into hiding; too embarrassed and ashamed to once again have his face viewed by the public? The answers to those questions will hopefully be answered within the next two hours, as RAW comes to you live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York!

Show Introduction
This week's edition of RAW kicks off with a video flashback that features last week's main event between Triple H and Kane. Footage of the match is shown, including the conclusion in which Randy Orton interfered and caused Kane to be defeated. As Kane is shown unmasking, Rob Van Dam looks on in awe and disbelief at the sight of Kane's face; only to be chokeslammed in a fit of rage by his friend and former Tag Team Championship partner. The flashback concludes, and the regular RAW opening video and theme song play.

The show begins with Chris Jericho in the ring with his "Highlite Reel" segment's props set up in the ring. After bragging up how great the show is, Jericho then begins to comment on how Kane unmasking last week reminded him of Krusty the Clown on crack cocaine. He says that he is all about the beautiful and not the ugly, and therefore his guest on the "Highlite Reel" tonight will be Stacy Keibler. Stacy makes her way to the ring along with Scott Steiner. Jericho says that he enjoyed the display that Stacy gave as she entered the ring, and then tells Steiner that he wasn't invited to the show and that he has to leave. Steiner replies by saying that either he says in the ring, or Jericho's "Jiffy Pop" jump suit will get shoved up his ass. Jericho retaliates by saying that he can not afford to fight Steiner right now because of all the expensive props in the ring. Jericho then changes the subject by saying he was impressed with Stacy's photo spread in Stuff Magazine, and then asks Stacy why she is with "King Arthur" and not her. He says that she could be with him instead, and that aside from being a legend in the ring, he is a legend in the sack as well. Steiner grabs the mic and begins to brag up how he is a ladies man, but then Stacy grabs the mic away and asks Jericho if he really thinks he is in the same league as "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner. She says the only thing legendary she's heard about Jericho is how small his penis is, and to that, Jericho responds by saying that he has a guest who was much better for Stacy's career than Steiner will be. Test makes his way to the ring, and Jericho takes the opening to jump Steiner from behind. The two men begin to ambush Steiner, but he manages to fight back and clear the ring and throws a chair up the ramp as Jericho and Test head for higher ground.

Eric Bischoff's music begins to play, and he says that he will be in charge of the show tonight since "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is not here. Upset with the way the show started, Bischoff proposes that Scott Steiner and his "newly found partner" Stacy team up to take on Test and Chris Jericho here tonight on RAW. As Test and Jericho hear this statement from Bischoff on the ramp, they appear to be very content with the ruling. Steiner and Stacy, on the other hand, can not believe their ears. Jim Ross states that Bischoff's match proposal is totally unfair as the show heads to commercial.


When the show returns from commercial, Lance Storm is in the ring with a microphone. He says that despite Austin and everybody else's beliefs, he is not boring. He has a dictionary with him and gives the definition of boring, but in the middle of his reading, Goldberg's music begins to play, and the former WCW Champion makes his way to the ring to a fairly loud ovation from the crowd.

Goldberg -VS- Lance Storm
Before Goldberg can get into the ring, he is jumped from behind by Rodney Mack. Goldberg is able to mount a comeback and spears Mack into the canvas, and then stares down Lance Storm. Storm looks up at Goldberg, and then retreats up the ramp wanting no part of Goldberg. Once Storm leaves, Goldberg picks up Rodney Mack's lifeless body and executes a Jackhammer for good measure as "Goldberg" chants echo throughout the arena.

Winner: Goldberg by Forfeit

Kane and Eric Bischoff are together in a room backstage, and Bischoff tells Kane that he shouldn't be angry with him for losing his match, and that if anybody is to blame, it is Rob Van Dam because RVD was the one who was saying that Kane really didn't need the mask. He then proposes that Kane go to the ring and address the fans now that he no longer has his mask to hide behind, but Kane refuses. Bischoff says that he's willing to grant Kane a rematch with Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title right here tonight, but Kane refuses again. Bischoff then says that Kane is afraid to face the people and that he is a coward. Bischoff tells Kane that he's giving the World Title shot to Rob Van Dam instead, and then tells Kane that if he does not face the fans here tonight, he'll be fired.


Battle Royal for WWE Women's Title
Trish Stratus, Ivory, Victoria, Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Jazz, & Jacqueline
The Battle Royal kicks off with the ladies going at it in a complete melay in the middle of the ring. Jazz goes after Ivory right away, as he is still cleary angry with the two recent upset victories Ivory has pulled off against her. Ivory is soon eliminated, and Victoria nearly eliminates Trish Stratus in the meantime. The defending Women's Champion, Jazz, is injured following a kick to the face by Victoria, and needs assistance up the ramp. Then, in the blink of an eye, Molly Holly and Jacqueline are eliminated, leaving Trish, Victoria, and Gail Kim in the ring. Trish and Victoria battle it out in the corner while Gail Kim recovers. Trish attempts her trademark corner hurracanranna, but Victoria shoves her off. With Trish on the ring apron, Victoria executes a slingshot to Gail Kim and sends her crashing into Trish. Trish flies off the apron to the floor, leaving Victoria and Gail Kim left to wage warfare for the Women's Title. Victoria goes for a powerbomb, but Gail Kim gets her off balence and executes a head scissors that sends Victoria over the top rope and to the floor. Gail Kim is crowned WWE Women's Champion after her very first match on RAW, while questions still linger surrounding the condition of Jazz after the injury she suffered from the devestating kick from Victoria.

Winner & NEW Women's Champion: Gail Kim at 4:10


Intercontinental Title Match
IC Champion Christian -VS- Booker T
Christian ambushes Booker from behind as Booker is about to make his way to the ring, and Christian delivers some tough punishment on the outside of the ring. He attempts to whip Booker into the steps, but Booker is able to reverse it, and Christian's onslaught is slowed down. Booker then takes his turn at beating Christian senseless on the outside, and then knocks him over the security railing and into the crowd. As Christian tries to flee, Booker continues to hammer away at Christian and is clearly fed up with being screwed over time and time again by Christian. Some WWE officials finally separate the two and lead them back to the ringside area, and once order is restored, the match will be officially started, but not before going to a commercial break. When we come back, the match is started, and Christian is choking Booker in the corner with his boot. Christian tries to whip Booker into the corner, but Booker grabs the ropes and elevates up over Christian and executes a backdrop. Christian mounts a comeback and manages to drop Booker's neck across the top rope, and then chokes him with the middle rope. Booker fights back, but Christian floors him with a clothesline. Christian applies a rear chinlock, and after awhile, Booker gets up to his feet, only to be thrown down after Christian grabs a handful of hair. Christian burries his foot into Booker's face, and then takes down Booker with a neckbreaker and gets a two count. Christian once again applies a reverse chinlock, and Booker appears to be fading fast. Using the fans as inspiration, Booker gets to his feet and burries a series of elbows to Christian's stomach, ducks a clothesline attempt, and floors the Intercontinental Champion with a spinning heel kick. With Christian backed against the ropes, Booker lowers forearm shots to the back. Christian reverses an Irish whip attempt, only to get kicked in the stomach. Booker goes for a scissors kick, but Christian moves, causing Booker to get hung up on the ropes. After getting a two count, Christian applies another chinlock, and Booker breaks the hold yet again. Christian battles Booker in the corner and catches him with an elbow, but gets floored with a devestating kick to the face when he attempts to leap off the top rope onto Booker. Booker catches Christian with a series of right hands and chops, and then floors him with a diving forearm to the jaw. Booker executes a suplex and goes for a cover, but only gets a two count. After another hard shot to the face and another two count, Booker gets caught off guard with a thumb to the eye, and is then whipped into the ropes. Booker avoids the impact of the turnbuckles by elevating himself over the top of Christian once again and goes for a Jack Brisco roll-up, but Christian kicks out. Booker goes downstairs and goes for the Book End, but Christian reveres and goes for a backslide. After Booker kicks out, he is nearly pinned once again with a roll-up. Booker takes Christian down with a hard clothesline and goes for a scissor kick with Christian's neck draped across the apron and executes it nicely. Booker goes for a move off the top rope, but Christian bumps into the ropes, causing Booker to go down. Christian executes a superplex, and the two men get their legs tangled up when they try to float over for the pin. The referee counts to three and Booker T's music begins to play, but Eric Bischoff makes his way down and says that since both men's shoulders were down, the match is a draw. The fans, as well as Booker, are not pleased with the ruling.

Winner: Draw at 9:31
Winner & STILL Intercontinental Champion: Christian

Rob Van Dam and Kane are shown, and Kane still has his back to the camera and a towel over his head. RVD says that it was his idea for Kane to put up his mask because he feels that Kane doesn't need it and that the fans will accept him for who he is as a person. He says that Kane needs to face the fans here tonight, but Kane tells RVD that he hates the fans and that he will risk being fired by not coming out to the ring. Van Dam then gets defensive and says that he hopes Kane doesn't hate him after he wins the World Heavyweight Title tonight, and then walks off. Once RVD is out of the room, Kane screams "I DO hate you Rob!"


Chris Jericho & Test -VS- Scott Steiner & Stacy Keibler
Jericho enters the ring, and as Test makes his way down the ramp, video footage is shown from two weeks ago when Test executed a pumphandle slam to the 80 year old Mae Young. Steiner and Stacy come out, and Steiner appears ready for war, while Stacy is quite worried. Jericho and Steiner start the match off with a lock-up in the middle of the ring, and Steiner throws Jericho to the canvas. They lock up again, and Steiner executes a standing overhand wristlock and once again throws Jericho to the mat, and then runs him over with a clothesline. Steiner flattens Jericho with a spinebuster, runs him over with a clothesline, and then drops an elbow to the chest. After some trash talk, Steiner gets hit in the midsection, allowing Jericho to make the tag. Test comes in, and Steiner immediately goes to work with chops to the chest and then takes Test over with a suplex. With Test shaken up, Steiner delivers a few boots to the back of the head. Jericho pulls Steiner to the floor, whips him into the steps, and then chokes him with a television chord. Steiner is rolled back into the ring, where Test puts the boots to him. In the corner, Test hammers away on Steiner's head and then begins to choke him. Test tags in Jericho, and holds him in place while Jericho punches away at the midsection. Jericho chokes Steiner on the middle rope and tries to straddle Steiner's throat across the rope, but Steiner moves out of the way. Test is tagged back in, and he and Jericho double-team Steiner in the corner. Test whips Steiner hard into the corner, and then performs a few jumping jacks for the crowd. Jericho is tagged back in and another double-team takes place just before Jericho takes Steiner down with a snap mare. Jericho clamps on a headlock, but Steiner shoves Jericho into the corner. Jericho tries to come off the ropes with a flying crossbody, but Steiner takes him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jericho makes the tag to Test, and Steiner gets a second wind and beats down Test with a series of forearm shots. He military presses Test over his head and throws him onto Jericho. While some distraction takes place in the ring, Jericho breaks up a pin attempt by Steiner, and then throws the referee down. The referee signals for the bell and disqualifies Jericho and Test, but then Bischoff makes his way out once again and says that this match will not end with a disqualification, and that the match will be restarted with a no disqualification stipulation. The match is restarted, and Steiner beats down Test with right hand to the head and slams him with a belly-to-belly suplex. When Steiner gets up, Jericho plasters him with a chair shot to the face, and then Test forces Stacy's hand onto Steiner's back to signal that a tag has been made. Stacy tries to get away, but Test plants her with a pumphandle slam and goes for the cover. He gets the three count and secures the victory for his team.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Test when Test pins Stacy at 8:23


When the show returns, a WrestleMania Recall looks back at Lawrence Taylor's win over Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania 11, and then footage is shown of the ending of the previous match that was won by Chris Jericho and Test.

Rico (w/Miss Jackie) -VS- Maven
The match starts off with a lock-up in the middle of the ring, with Maven slapping on a standing armbar. Rico escapes, and then puts his hand down his tights and hands Maven his room key. Maven slaps the key away and goes for a sunset flip, but Rico sits down and gets a one count. Once Maven gets Rico in a side headlock, Rico plants a kiss on Maven's cheek, causing Maven to give chase to Rico outside and around the ring. Jackie trips Maven up as he gets back into the ring, and Rico punishes him with right hands and forearm shots, and then comes off the top rope with a forearm blow to the back of the head. Maven fights back with a kick to the stomach, but Rico smashes him in the corner with a clothesline and then delivers a hard martial arts kick to the head. Rico goes for another unorthodoxed cover, and again gets a two count. Rico leaps off the top rope, but is caught and slammed in the corner. Maven whips Rico into the turnbuckles and executes a clothesline, and then lays Rico out with a nice spinning heel kick. Maven takes Rico down, but Jackie comes into the ring and distracts Maven and the referee. As the referee detains Jackie, Maven takes Rico down with a bulldog, but the count is broken up by Jackie. Maven goes for a move off the top rope, but Jackie pulls him down, and Rico connects with a devestating martial arts kick to the head and gets the pin.

Winner: Rico by Pinfall at 4:47

Randy Orton (w/Ric Flair) -VS- Tommy Dreamer
The two men lock-up and back each other up into each corner, and then go down to their knees and to the floor in th esame hold. A slugfest ensues on the outside, and Orton whips Dreamer shoulder-first into the steel steps. Orton rolls Dreamer into the ring and catches him with a European uppercut, and then kicks him square in the face. Orton delivers another European uppercut to the jaw, and then delivers a series of them in the corner before clamping on a choke. Orton fires Dreamer into the corner with a lot of authority, and after some gloating, gets a two count. Dreamer fights back with some right hands to the face, but Orton delivers a textbook standing dropkick to the face and gets another two count. With Dreamer in the corner, Orton goes for a clothesline, but Dreamer boots him in the face and then runs him over with a clothesline. After a backdrop, Dreamer gets a near fall after a spinebuster, and then goes to the middle rope and misses an elbow. Orton goes for a front facelock, but Dreamer plants him with a DDT and gets a two count. Ric Flair distracts Tommy Dreamer into coming to the floor, and Dreamer pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring. Flair runs into the ring, and Dreamer swings at him with the stick and misses. When he turns around, Orton delivers the RKO to Dreamer and gets the pin. After the match, Flair applies the figure four leglock while Orton clobbers the helpless Dreamer with the kendo stick that he brought into the ring. The duo of Orton and Flair celebrate the big victory whiile Tommy Dreamer lays on the canvas with blood dripping from his forehead.

Winner: Randy Orton by Pinfall at 3:58

Rob Van Dam and Eric Bischoff are having a conversation about RVD's Title Match later on tonight, and Van Dam brings up the subject of Kane and says that Bischoff is trying to exploit Kane's unmasking for ratings and that it is not a cool thing to do. Bischoff says that rather than being upset with him, he should take out his aggression on Triple H and focus his efforts on winning the World Heavyweight Title. RVD agrees, and then walks away.


Eric Bischoff tells Terri that he wants her to talk with Kane and to try and convince him to show his face to the world, and that if Terri chooses not to do so, she will be fired as well.

Non-Title Match
World Tag Team Champions La Resistance -VS- The Hurricane & Spike Dudley
The bell sounds, and The Hurricane gets the match started by taking Dupree down with a few hip-tosses. Spike Dudley is tagged in and he takes down Dupree with a huracanranna, and Dupree has no choice but to tag in Grenier. Spike gets Grenier in the corner and stomps him down, and then clotheslines Dupree off the apron. Grenier then backdrops Spike over the top rope and to the floor, and is then beat down some more in the ring before Grenier applies a chinlock. Spike fights back with a few right hands once breaking the hold and takes down Grenier with a bulldog, and tags in Hurricane. Hurricane executes a few hip-tosses and a flying crossbody to Grenier, and gets a two count. Hurricane delivers a neckbreaker and tags in Spike, who jumps on Grenier's chest with both feet. Hurricane comes into the ring and sets up Dupree for a chokeslam, but it's broken up. Spike goes for the Dudley Dog, but La Resistance is able to turn the move into a flapjack, and Grenier covers for the win.

Winners: La Resistance when Grenier pins Spike at 3:52

Terri is shown entering the room where Kane has been for the entire evening in hopes of getting a few words with him, but to her and everybody else's surprise, Kane is nowhere to be found.


World Heavyweight Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Triple H -VS- Rob Van Dam
Triple H catches RVD with a right hand before the bell rings and slams his head into the turnbuckle and stomps him to the canvas. After applying a choke that needs to be broken by the referee, Triple H is stung with a few right hands to the head, but comes back with a running kneelift to the face and gets a one count. After a hard boot, Triple H picks RVD back up and delivers a series of chops in the corner, and then whips him into the ropes. RVD ducks a clothesline and then levels Triple H with a spinning heel kick. The two men get to their feet and RVD backs Triple H into the corner with right hands and drills him with a martial arts kick to the head. RVD whips Triple H into the corner and executs a monkey-flip, and then clobbers "The Game" with more impressive martial arts kicks to the head before getting a two count. After hammering away on Triple H in the corner, RVD executes a dropkick and after another two count, RVD clotheslines Triple H over the top rope. Triple H tries to get back into the ring, but RVD takes him down with a baseball slide and then goes to work with some boots to the head before slamming "The Game's" head off the ring apron. As Triple H struggles to his feet, RVD executes a moonsault off the top rope onto Triple H on the floor, and both men lie motionless. As the referee lays down the count, Ric Flair makes his way to the ring as the show goes to commercial. When the show returns from commercial, RVD is battering Triple H with right hands and backs him into the corner with a series of punches to the face. RVD stomps on Triple H's head, executes a backflip, and then dropkicks him in the face. RVD whips Triple H into the corner and nearly takes his head off with yet another martial arts kick that sends the World Heavyweight Champion to the floor. After battling on the outside, RVD throws Triple H back into the ring and goes for a slam, but Triple H slides down the back and takes out RVD's leg. Triple H gets to his feet and then drops an elbow to the inside of RVD's knee. With the referee distracted by Triple H, Ric Flair takes the chance to wrap RVD's leg around the post a few times to further restrict his mobility. Triple H rolls RVD back into the ring and takes his knee out yet again, and then slams RVD's knee joint off the canvas not once, but twice. Triple H drapes RVD's leg across the ropes and leaps off onto it, and all RVD can do is scream in pain. Triple H pulls RVD t the middle of the ring and slaps on an Indian deathlock. Triple H gets a two count as RVD' shoulders fall to the canvas, but RVD tries to fight out with punches to the head. Triple H continues to apply the pressure, but RVD refuses to quit. Van Dam finally makes it to the ropes, but Flair delivers a quick cheap shot while the referee has his head turned. Triple H drags RVD to the center of the ring again and slaps on the figure four leglock, and RVD is doing everything in his power to get out. Triple H leans back and has Ric Flair pull on his arms to increase the pressure, but Van Dam somehow manages to roll over and reverse the hold. Triple H gets to the ropes and tries to go for the figure four yet again, but RVD kicks him into the corner. RVD tries to follow up, but Triple H gets in a boot to the face. Triple H fires out of the corner, but RVD catches him off guard with another spinning heel kick, and then does the same once both men get back to their feet. RVD burries a series of shoulders into the gut and catches Triple H in a crossbody and gets a two. Triple H reverses an Irish whip and goes for a backdrop, but RVD flips over the back and catches Triple H with a kick and gets another near fall. RVD fires Triple H into the corner and catches Triple H with a boot to the face and then executes a split-legged moonsault, but Flair breaks it up. RVD chases Flair around the ring and finally catches him with a kick to the jaw. In the ring, RVD walks into a boot to the stomach, but revereses the Pedigree and slingshots Triple H into the corner. RVD hits the Five Star Frogsplash and goes for the cover, but Ric Flair breaks up the cover and the ref calls for the bell. Bischoff comes out and orders that the match be restarted with no disqualifications, so Triple H picks up a chair and heads over to RVD. RVD hits a Van Daminator, and then takes out Flair with a boot to the face and tosses him over the railing. As RVD tries to roll Triple H into the ring, Bischoff informs RVD that falls count anywhere as well, and after a standing moonsault, RVD goes for the cover. Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and breaks up the count, but RVD is able to counter the RKO and then gives chase to Triple H up the ramp. Triple H goes downstairs and attempts a Pedigree on the ramp, but RVD backdrops him onto the ramp and hits Rolling Thunder and gets another two count. Ric Flair comes up to save Triple H's title, and in the melay, Triple H cracks RVD in the face with the belt and covers for the pin. Before Evolution can celebrate, Kane's music plays, and he comes out with a black towel over his head. The Evolution members scatter, and Kane then turns to RVD. Just when it looks as though he is going to finish RVD off, he grabs Bischoff by the throat and chokeslams him off the stage through a table. The camerea gets an up-close shot of Kane's face as RAW goes off the air.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H retains title by Pinfall at 19:13

End of show.