Full WWE SmackDown Results - 07/10/03 - (3 on 1 Handicap Match)

Reported by Robert Miller of WrestleView.com
» On Friday, July 11, 2003 at 2:07 PM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results - 07/10/03
Taped From: Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Reported by: Christopher Ouellette of WrestleView.com

Zach Gowen’s victory last week is recapped.

SD Intro (could someone please inform the SD “truck” that The Rock is no longer associated with the SD brand).

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and before to long John Cena interrupts with a little ditty. Kurt Angle’s response to Cena’s artistic visions is "I've found some even whiter than me!" This just pisses of Cena even more, but Angle asks Brian Hebner to get in the ring and “lay him down a funky beat.” Angle then does his best Carlton Banks impression while doing a rap of his very own. Cena and Angle then square off nose to nose when the Big Show comes out. Cena takes the opportunity to attack Angle from behind and hitting an FU, the Big Show follows this up with a chokeslam of his own.

– Commercial –

Basham Brothers (w/ Shaniqua) vs. Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman vs. Chuck Palumbo/Johnny Stamboli (w/ Nunzio) vs. APA

Okay these are probably the most confusing matches to try and make heads and tails of, but here goes nothing. The winner of this “fatal four way” will go onto Vengeance and face The Best Damn Tag Team Period for the Tag Titles. Simmons and Palumbo start off the match, which soon turns into an all out brawl with the APA and FBI fighting to the back and leaving Rey Rey/Kidman and the Basham Brothers to finish the match. The action spills to the outside and we go to commercial. Once back we get a split screen of the action in the ring and the APA destroying every “jobber” in the back along with the FBI. Nunzio comes running in at the end to stop the APA with chair-shots to Bradshaw and Simmons. Back in the ring Rey Rey picks up the victory for his team when he hits the 619 and West Coast Pop and Danny (I think, it could have been Doug). Kidman is a happy camper at this time, picking up Rey Rey several times.

Winner(s): Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman

Angle getting iced in the back and Lesnar walks in, they make fun of one another for a bit.

– Commercial –

Last week’s Main Event is shown in its entirety (you know you have a good show when they do this crap).

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring and we go to commercial. Once back Steph introduces Zach Gowen (did anyone else notice last week that Gowen had his own video and music? How many “potential” superstars get their own package prior to a contract?). Gowen thanks everyone and their mother for the opportunity that has been presented before him. He then signs the contract and that brings out Vince with Sable (she is a double bagger for sure). After running his mouth for a bit he informs Lesnar that for this actions last week he will be facing the Big Show, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin in a 3 on 1 handicap match later tonight. He then after more talking informs Gowen that at Vengeance Vince McMahon will be facing Zach Gowen. As this “bombshell” is dropped Sable makes her way around the ring to knock Steph out with a clipboard.

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Moments ago, Sable knocking the “billion dollar princess” on her arse.

Vince is in the back doing his best to seduce Sable when from across his desk Stephanie flys tackling Sable and rolling on the ground with her. After separating the two, Vince informs Stephanie that she will be facing Sable in a match at Vengeance (can you smell the buy-rate with two McMahon matches on the card already?).

Chris Benoit/Rhyno vs. Matt Hardy/Shannon Moore

Rhyno spends 90% of this match in the ring. After Benoit is tagged in Rhyno hits a GORE GORE GORE on Matt Hardy that sends him through the ropes onto the floor and Benoit gets Moore to tap via the Crossface.

Winner(s): Chris Benoit/Rhyno

– Commercial –

Stacker 2's Promo of the Night: Ultimo Dragon’s debut two weeks ago at MSG.

Lesnar is in the back talking to Angle about possibly having his back tonight when he is in the ring. Angle agrees because he doesnt want Lesnar to say something along the lines of “I wasnt at my best when you beat me at Vengeance.”

Ultimo Dragon vs. Eddie Guerrero (WWE US Heavyweight Title Tournament Match)

As Eddie Guerrero makes his way down to the ring in Toronto’s addition to his car collection, its announced that this is a first round match in the US Title Tournament. Once Latino Heat gets in the ring and after apologizing about last week and wishing Tajiri a speedy recovery he goes on to say that its now about him, and that he is entering himself in to the US Title Tournament (well no s%*t, it was announced as a tournament match prior to you doing your promo). In this match you can really tell that Ultimo Dragon has gotten a lot more accustomed to the WWE ring, but I am still waiting for some matches with Kidman and Rey Rey (those will “tear the roof off”). Eddie advances in the tournament after rolling through Dragon’s standing moonsault and with an assist from the tights.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

(The semi-finals for the WWE US Title Tournament are as follows: Billy Gunn vs. Eddie Guerrero & Matt Hardy vs. Chris Benoit. Those two matches will occur next week on SD and the finals will take place at Vengeance. [Wild prediction here, Billy Gunn and his Booty Babe walk out of Vengeance with the US Title.])

Close up on Mr. Ass’s arse and we slowly back up to reveal Gunn and Torrie Wilson groping one another.

– Commercial –

Tower of Power: Gunn advancing to the next round of the US Title Tournament.

Billy Gunn/Torrie Wilson vs. Jamie Noble/Nidia

Rather dull match until Torrie planted Nidia via a DDT and got the victory for her team. After the bell Noble offered Torrie $10,000 to spend the night with him, Gunn wasnt having any of that and proceed to beat Noble a little more and Torrie took down Nidia’s shorts. Nidia scurried to the back with her “fur” coat draped around her bottom.

Winner(s): Billy Gunn/Torrie Wilson

Lesnar is on his way to the ring along with Angle when a PA informs Angle that Vince wants to see him ASAP.

– Commercial –

Earlier tonight, Steph leaping over the desk and attacking Sable.

Cole and Tazz then go over the Vengeance card as it is right now. You can visit http://vengeance.wwe.com/ to see the listings.

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show, Charlie Haas, & Shelton Benjamin (3 on 1 Handicap Match)

Just before the introductions it was announced that this match will be a falls count anywhere handicap match. After all 4 competitors are announced we go to commercial and once back the action has already begun. Okay with Lesnar and TBDTTP in the ring this match was great, but the tempo and move selection slowed to almost a halt when Show was in the ring pounding on Lesnar. Basically all four are on the outside and Lesnar systematically destroys Haas and Benjamin, but when he goes after Show and they both are on the top ring steps, Lesnar is on the receiving end of a chokeslam that sends him through the announcers table. Show picks up the victory after planting a foot on Lesnar’s chest for the pinfall.

Winner(s): Big Show, Charlie Haas, & Shelton Benjamin

– End of Show --