Full WWE RAW Results - 7/14/03 (Kane sets Jim Ross on fire and more)

Reported by Robert Miller of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, July 14, 2003 at 11:11 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 7/14/03
LIVE from: Conseco Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, Indiana
Commentators: Jonathan Coachman & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Justin Krisik & Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Last Week
Kane released his rage by once again attacking and physically eliminating a RAW Co-General Manager, but this time, it was not Eric Bischoff. As the show went off the air, and as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was preparing to celebrate with a few Steveweisers after executing a Stunner to Kane, he turned around only to see that Kane had fully recovered from the move, and was then chokeslammed to the canvas. Eric Bischoff was out of commission the week after he was attacked by Kane, so what kind of role, if any, can we expect Austin to play in tonight’s show. Will he forgive Kane for the attack, or will he seek out personal revenge on “The Big Red Machine?” Also, history was made last week as Booker T captured the Intercontinental Championship from Christian, and the 1997 Survivor Series incident was revisited by Chris Jericho during his “Highlight Reel” segment with Shawn Michaels. During that segment, it was announced that those two men would face off on RAW in two weeks at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, but there is still one more show to get to before we can think about the Jericho/Michaels showdown.

Show Introduction
A video is shown replaying the events from last week from when Kane threatened to quit the company as a result of being ashamed of his gruesome face. Footage is shown of he and Steve Austin’s in-ring altercation, as well as Kane’s attack on Eric Bischoff from the week before. Once the footage wraps up with the showing of Kane chokeslamming Austin, JR is asking hysterically if Kane has broken Austin in half, and from there, we are taken inside the Conseco Fieldhouse and see Chris Jericho in the ring and ready to deliver another spectacular edition of the “Highlight Reel.”

This Week’s Guest: Eric Bischoff
Chris Jericho says that something has to be done about the non-stop backstage attacks being dished out by Kane over the past few weeks. Jericho says that he is a man who many consider to be the toughest man in the WWE, and even he has been afraid over the course of the past few weeks. He introduces the one man who he says can put an end to the carnage, and that one man is Co-RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff.

Jericho praises Bischoff for coming to RAW despite the fact that he is nursing severe injuries, and Bischoff says that he refused doctor’s orders to stay home and rest for eight weeks because he can not sit back and let Steve Austin run RAW all by himself. Bischoff says that a one-on-one, sit-down interview between Jim Ross and Kane. Bischoff continues on by saying that Kane is completely out of control, and if the people needed any proof of that, all they need to do is watch RAW from two weeks ago, because Kane almost killed him. Exclusive footage is shown from last week on the Jeritron 5000 between Kane and Rob Van Dam. Van Vam tries to give Kane a pep talk, but ends up getting grabbed by the throat and thrown for a wall.

Jericho says that he is greatful that Bischoff is back running RAW because somebody has to put a stop to Kane’s madness and destruction. Jericho then changes the subject and goes on about his WrestleMania rematch with Shawn Michaels, when all of the sudden, Steve Austin’s music begins to play. He doesn’t appear to have any ill effects from the attack by Kane, and tells Jericho to butt out and shut up because he is about to yell at Eric Bischoff. Each time Bischoff tries to answer one of Austin’s questions, he is ordered to shut up. Austin says that he planned on taking care of Kane right here tonight and also planned on kicking Kane’s ass, but Bischoff tells Austin that everybody’s injuries over the past few weeks are on Austin’s shoulders because he stuck his nose into Kane’s business and tried to get him to be a monster again. Austin says that since Bischoff made sure Kane wouldn’t be on RAW, somebody’s ass WILL get kicked tonight, and that Bischoff looks like the perfect victim. A chant of “Whoop his ass!” breaks out, and Austin starts to verbally cut down Bischoff, but then says he isn’t worth beating up. Austin is about to walk out of the ring, but Jericho taunts him and says for Austin to keep on walking to his truck and drive back to Texas, because nobody on RAW wants him and that he’s in way over his head trying to run RAW.

Jericho calls Austin a failure, and he wants Austin to admit it. He says that since Austin has ruined Kane’s life, he should leave before he ruins everybody else’s. He calls Austin a son of a bitch, only to get kicked in the stomach and stunned by the “Texas Rattlesnake.” Bischoff pleads with Austin not to hurt him, and Austin simply leaves the ring with Bischoff left behind with his knees knocking together. Two huge matches are announced, with Evolution taking on the Dudleys in a Six Man Tag, and Booker T puts his Intercontinental Title on the line against Christian in a rematch from last week.


Mixed Tag Match
Trish Stratus/Kevin Nash/Scott Steiner -VS- Victoria/Steven Richards/Test
The match begins with Steiner and Richards starting off the match, and there is some trash talking going on between Steiner and Test on the ring apron. Steiner then gets Richards into the corner and beats him down with punches and chops, and then executes a belly-to-belly suplex followed up by an elbow drop. Richards crawls over for the tag, but Test gets off the ring apron and cleary wants no part of Steiner. Steiner gives chase to Test up the ramp, but then gets back into the ring to see Victoria. Steiner tags in Trish, and after some fast paced action, Trish connects with a Chick Kick, but gets her throat dropped across the top rope by Test. Test gets tagged in and taunts Trish, but Trish gets to her feet and lays into Test with right hands. Test throws Trish into the ropes and nearly beheads her with a clothesline, and then does some push-pups and jumping jacks as Trish lies motionless. Victoria gets the tag, and executes a suplex to Trish and gets a two count.

Victoria chokes Trish with the ropes and then whips her into the ropes, but Trish ducks a clothesline and lays out Victoria with a forearm. Kevin Nash and Test are tagged in, and Test grabs Victoria from the outside and shoves her into Nash. Nash is about to slam Victoria, but Richards breaks it up; only to get laid out with an elbow. Nash whips Richards into the ropes and levels him with a boot, and then plants Richards with a Jackknife to get the pin.

WINNERS: Trish Stratus, Kevin Nash, & Scott Steiner when Nash pins Richards at 5:12

Jericho is complaining to Bischoff about how Austin attacked him, and he says that a General Manager has no place putting his hands on an employee. Bischoff agrees with Jericho completely, and the two men continue devising a plan to get back at Austin as the show goes to commercial.


When we get back from commercial, live footage is shown from Stamford, CT as the crew sets up for the Jim Ross interview with Kane.

Back in the ring, Lance Storm is in the ring reading a piece of paper, and says he will seek legal action against the fans if they chant “boring” before, during, or after his matches. Maven’s music hits, and he interupts Storm’s speech and comes down to face him in their match.

Lance Storm -VS- Maven
Storm takes Maven down with a waistlock to start the match, and the two men trade wristlocks for the opening seconds. Maven fights out of a chinlock and runs Storm over with a shoulder block, but Storm regains the advantage by delivering shoulder rams into Maven’s gut in the corner. Storm chokes Maven in the corner, and then lays into him with boots to the head. Storm places Maven in a hammerlock/chinlock combination, and chants of “boring” ring out through the arena. Maven fights to his feet and ducks a short-arm clothesline and rolls Storm up for a two count. Storm then takes Maven down in a headlock and hammers away with right hands to the head, and then places him in another reverse chinlock. Maven finally fights to his feet and delivers some elbows to Storm’s stomach, and then kicks him in the head when Storm goes for a premature backdrop. Maven hits a spinning heel kick, but gets a two. After a backdrop, Storm gets to his feet and kicks Maven in the gut, but is then backdropped over the top rope. Maven heads out and throws Storm back into the ring, and mounts the top rope. He goes for a crossbody block, but Storm counters it and gets a two count. Maven goes for a whip, but Storm reverses and drops him with a jawbreaker. Maven catches Storm with an elbow in the corner and goes for a sunset flip off the top rope, but Storm counters and clamps Maven in a single-leg Boston Crab. Maven gets to the ropes, and as Storm tries to pull Maven out to the center of the ring, Maven somehow reverses it and gets Storm in a pinning situation, and gets the win.

WINNER: Maven via Pinfall at 6:03

Jim Ross says that he is not crazy about conducting this interview with Kane, but says he’ll do so because he’s a professional and that it’s his job. He wants to find out if Kane really is a monster under the surface as well as on the exterior.

La Resistance then comes to the ring, and they say that it is time to celebrate because Eric Bischoff is back on RAW, and they are very upset over the fact that Steve Austin kept them off of RAW last week in Bischoff’s absense. They say another reason that they are here to celebrate France’s Independence Day, and they are going to treat the fans by singing the French National Anthem. As they sing in the ring, the fans nearly boo them out of the arena before we are unexplicably taken to a commercial.


When we return, La Resistance is still singing in the ring, but suddenly, the Dudley Boyz’ music begins to play, and Spike Dudley comes out waving an American Flag alongside Bubba Ray and D-Von. They run to the ring, but are attacked by La Resistance and Bubba Ray & D-Von are both beaten down in the corner before mounting a comeback and executing a 3D to Rene Dupree. Once the ring is cleared of La Resistance, the Dudley Boyz celebrate in the ring, and Bubba grabs a microphone and says that the French National Anthem sucks, and then encourages the fans to sing the National Anthem of the United States. The three Dudley Boyz sing along with the crowd, and then celebrate afterwards.


Evolution -VS- The Dudley Boyz
The bell sounds, and Ric Flair starts the match off with Ric Flair. They lock up in the middle of the ring, and Bubba clamps a headlock onto Flair. The two men battle in the corner, and Flair laces into Bubba with a series of chops, but Bubba counters and returns the favor and also executes a backdrop. Flair springs up to his feet and takes out Spike on the ring apron and gives him the middle finger. Spike gets tagged in and gives it his all, but Flair muscles him around and beats him down in the corner before Spike fights back with a series of right hands and a backdrop. Flair catches Spike with a thumb to the eye, and tags in Randy Orton. Spike tags Orton down with an armdrag, but Orton fights back and nearly knocks Spike into the fourth row with a beautiful standing dropkick. Orton chokes Spike with the middle rope when he gets back into the ring, and then Orton tags in Ric Flair. After Flair pounds Spike with some fists to the head, he tags in Triple H. Triple H is in for a very short time and tags Orton back in, and then D-Von Dudley is tagged in. D-Von gets the best of Orton with running clotheslines and bodyslams, and after one slam, Spike leaps off the top rope and lands with both feet on Orton’s chest.

A huge brawl breaks out with all six men, but in the ring, Orton counters the Dudley Dog and gets a pinfall on Spike at the 5:01 mark and eliminates him from the match. Triple H is tagged in, and a three-on-two attack takes place in the ring. Bubba Ray hoists Orton up onto his shoulders, and D-Von clotheslines him to the canvas. Bubba Ray whips Triple H and Ric Flair together in the corner, and as Flair staggers around the ring, Bubba tags him with a hard right hand to the head followed up by a bionic elbow. D-Von executes a flying headbutt to Triple H’s groin, and then they execute a 3D onto Randy Orton. The referee begins to count, but Flair pulls him out of the ring. In the melay, Triple H blasts D-Von with a French flag that was left behind by La Resistance, and Orton gets the pin on D-Von at 7:33. Bubba is left alone, and takes out Flair and Orton. He then orders the eliminated D-Von Dudley to get the tables, but D-Von is stopped by a fleet of referees before he can do so. RAW then goes to commercial with the match still in progress.


When the show comes back, Flair and Bubba are going at it, with Flair stinging him with blistering chops to the chest. Bubba tries to fight back with right hands, but Flair lays him out with a fist. Orton is tagged in, and he goes to work with hard stomps to Bubba’s head, but is ran over with a clothesline and backdropped once Bubba gets an adreneline rush. He plants Orton with a Bubba Bomb, but Flair again breaks up the count. Bubba soon finds himself out on the floor being beat down by Triple H, but he manages to smash Triple H’s head off the steps and Flair’s face off a table. Bubba puts Triple H on top of the table and prepares to leap off the top rope onto him, but Flair knocks him off the top rope. In the ring, Flair distracts the referee so that Triple H can slip in and drop Bubba with a Pedigree that allows Orton to get the win at 14:39.

WINNERS: Evolution at 14:39

Surviving Team Members: Triple H, Ric Flair, & Randy Orton

Bischoff is shocked to see RVD in his office, and RVD is livid over the fact that Kane attacked him last week. Bischoff says that he’s willing to give RVD a match with Kane next week on RAW, but warns RVD that Kane has been a complete monster since Austin started this whole saga, but RVD says that Austin is not to blame for it and that he himself is. He says he started this whole thing with Kane, and he’s going to finish it next week.


Chris Jericho has several RAW Superstars gathered backstage signing a petition, and they are all upset over the fact that Steve Austin’s neglegence is the reason why Kane has gone on his rampage over the past few weeks. Jericho says he is going to send the petition to Linda McMahon, and that they will order for Austin’s immediate resignation.

Rodney Mack and Theodore Long make their way to the ring, and Theodore Long says that he and Rodney Mack signed the petition for Austin’s resignation, and says that a black man should step in as the Co-RAW General Manager. He says he’d take the position, but he’s too busy running “Players Incorporated.” Long starts up a chant of “Hell No, Stone Cold!” and the show cuts to commercial with the Superstars gathered by a monitor backstage chanting along with him.

Note: Justin was unable to do the rest of the report due to a thunderstorm, therefore I have filled in for the remainder of RAW. I wasn't aware of the thunderstorm until the Booker T/Christian match, that's when I had to rush and write everything. I apologize for the Rodney match not being detailed, but I didn't start doing the report until the middle of the Christian/Booker T match.

Rosey is the opponent. He loses within a couple of minutes to Rodney Mack. After the match, The Hurricane comes out goes on the top rope and drop kicks Rodney Mack.

Winner: Rodney Mack


Intercontinental Championship
Booker T (c) vs. Christian

Elbow shot by Christian. Spine buster by Booker T, 1,2 but Christian kicks out. They exchange fists, referee gets accidently bumped. Unprettier by Christian, referee Nick Patrick comes, 1,2 but Booker T kicks out. Bookend by Booker T, 1,2, but Christian kicks out again. Side kick by Booker T, then goes for the spinaroonie. Booker misses the scissors kick, Christian rolls him up and holds on the ropes, 1,2,3. The other referee saw Christian's hand on the ropes. Austin comes out and demands for the match to continue. Not even 10 seconds later, Booker T does the scissors kick and gets the win. Christian beats up the referee after the match. Austin comes back and beats up Christian and delivers the stunner.

Winner & STILL Intercontinental Champion: Booker T

Eric Bischoff's cell phone rings and it's Linda McMahon. She says something and Bischoff had this "good news revenge" look on his face.


Jim Ross sits down to interview Kane. Kane gives JR a big present all rapped in red. I guess we'll go back to the interview after the women's match.

WWE Women's Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Molly Holly

They lock up, Molly twists the arm, Gail reverses it, Molly counters and takes her down, 1, but Gail kicked out. Kick to the mid section by Molly, followed by a swinging neck breaker. Molly sends Gail face first to the mat. She covers, 1,2 but Gail kicked out. Roll up by Gail, 1,2 but Molly kicked out. Clothesline by Molly. Molly chokes her on the middle rope. Head scissors takedown by Gail. Hurricanrana by Gail. Molly misses a clothesline, Gail takes advantage and rolls her up for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still WWE Women's champion, Gail Kim

JR opens it up and it's gasoline. Kane says that JR made fun of it one time too many and he will set him on fire.


Jim Ross interviews Kane
Jim Ross and Kane are both sitting back. Jim Ross tells him that he is one of the most extraordinary athletes in the WWE. He said he won't make fun of him. He asks him about what happened two weeks ago on RAW where Austin was talking to him. Footage was shown of when Austin was telling him that this isn't a beauty contest, people don't care what he looks like, what matters is what he does in the ring. Back to the interview. "What's you reaction of seeing that footage again?" Kane says "Anger, hatred." JR asks "Why is that?" He tells him that we was a happy kid until a fire turned him into a monster. JR tells him that when he takes the towel off his head, we can't see anything, no marks show. Kane starts flipping out. JR says that he sees a man that needs help. Kane says "Help me JR. Please help me." JR says that he knows what it feels like being making fun of. He won't let people make him stop living his life. JR says that Austin, RVD, WWE fans are not his enemy, they support him, they don't care what he looks like. Kane says "You really think so?" Kane says that the people are liars, just like RVD and Austin. Kane says that as soon as he walks out of there, JR will make fun of him.

Steve Austin's music hits and he comes out to the ring. Austin says tells Kane to settle down because they're trying to help him. "You want to help me Austin?" says Kane. The only way to know is by experiencing it. Kane tells JR that he needs to feel his pain. Kane knocks down JR, takes the gasoline and puts it all over JR. He lights up a match and puts it on JR. JR was facing the floor and was on fire. WWE officials came with fire extinguishers and turned off the fire. They called for help.

Eric Bischoff comes out and tells him "damn you!" He blames the whole thing on Austin. Bischoff says that Linda McMahon will be on RAW next week in Hollywood and she will fire Austin's ass.

End of Show.