Full WWE RAW Results - 7/28/03 (Shane McMahon returns to confront Kane)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
» On Monday, July 28, 2003 at 11:57 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 7/28/03
Live From: World Arena - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Commentators: Jonathan Coachmen & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Justin Krisik of WrestleView.com

Last Week
Wrestling fans finally got to see the long-awaited confrontation between World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Bill Goldberg. They got the ball rolling and are building up to their upcoming match at SummerSlam, and it’s very likely that these two men’s paths will cross again tonight. Also, Chris Jericho avenged his WrestleMania 19 loss to Shawn Michaels by defeating Michaels with a little help from Evolution members Ric Flair and Randy Orton. Not only did Jericho defeat Michaels, but he forced the legendary HBK to tap out to the Walls of Jericho. It’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing Jericho basking in the glory of his big win tonight on RAW. Plus, after a brutal beat down of Rob Van Dam, Kane shocked us all when he Tombstoned the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Linda McMahon, on the steel entrance ramp. Kane has been out of control and on a rampage the past few weeks, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is going to personally confront Kane for his recent actions on tonight’s show. Will Vince be able to talk some sense into Kane, or will he be just another helpless victim in Kane’s gruesome path to destruction and his rise back to the top of the World Heavyweight Title ranks? We are about to find out!

Show Introduction
A video recap is shown from last week’s edition of RAW when Linda McMahon laid down an ultimatum to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin by saying that if he wishes to remain a Co-GM of RAW, he can not physically assault any RAW Superstars unless he is physically provoked. Footage of Kane’s dissection of Rob Van Dam is shown, as well as his Tombstone Piledriver on Linda McMahon in which he drove her head into the steel atop the rampway. Once the regular RAW introduction video and theme song are concluded, we are informed that Steve Austin will announce his decision to either stay on as Co-GM or resign, and Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels are announced as tonight’s guests on the Highlight Reel.

Vince McMahon’s theme plays, and he makes his way out to the top of the ramp and says that he’s here tonight to avenge what happened to his wife Linda last week. He says that he’s going to confront Kane, not because he’s a good husband, but because he’s a man and Kane is not. He says that Kane is an animal, and that the authorities will bring Kane into the arena so that Vince can address him in the ring here tonight. He says that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but he’s willing to guaran-damn-tee that all hell will break lose before the night is over. Vince makes his appearance short and sweet, and Booker T’s theme song begins to play immediately after Vince wraps up his announcement.

Tag Team Match
IC Champ Booker T & Scott Steiner -VS- Christian & Test

Before the match can start, it is announced that the RAW portion of the Main Event at SummerSlam will be announced at the very conclusion of this match. The match kicks off with Booker T and Test starting things. After some brief taunting of Stacy by Test, Test goes on the offensive with hard shots to Booker’s head and body. Booker takes the momentum away with some chops to the chest, and then knocks Christian off the apron with an elbow. When Booker turns around, he is laid out with a clothesline from Test, and Christian is tagged in and immediately goes to work on Booker with right hands followed by a backbreaker. Rather than go for a cover, Christian executes a choke and then taunts the crowd. Test is tagged back in, and he drills Booker in the ribs with a right hand, but his Irish whip attempt is reversed, and Booker catches him with a kick to the jaw followed by a two count. Steiner is tagged in, and Test heads out to the floor wanting no part of “Big Poppa Pump.” Test tags out to Christian, and Christian catches Steiner with a series of boots to the stomach, but Steiner flattens him with a clothesline and then drops a huge elbow to the sternum. After backing Christian into the corner, Steiner pelts Christian with hard chops to the chest, and then drops him with a military press slam. Steiner tries to go after Test, but is caught from behind by Christian. Once Christian beats Steiner down, Test tags in and goes to work with stomps to the midsection. Test hammers away on Steiner with right hands in the corner, then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner and hits a clothesline. After a few push-ups, Test gets up and tries to whip Steiner across the ring, but Steiner catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex instead. All four men begin to brawl inside and outside the ring, and Steiner takes out both Test and Christian with a meeting of the minds. Steiner takes Test into the ring apron, but Christian manages to lay out Steiner from behind. Test and Christian lift Steiner into the air and drop him hard onto the steps, and Steiner shouts an obscenity that needs to be bleeped out by the censors, as he is in such pain. Lawler says that Steiner’s wrist may possibly be broken after the way he landed, and the show goes to commercial with Steiner lying on the outside clenching his injured wrist. When the show returns, Test is doing jumping jacks as Steiner is crawling around on the canvas. Steiner fights back with right hands, but is thrown into the ropes and clamped in a sleeper. Steiner begins to wear down, but manages to fight back to his feet and catch Test with a series of elbows to the gut. Test catches Steiner with an elbow to the face and then leaps off the top rope, only to be caught and suplexed by Steiner in mid-air. Both men crawl to make a tag, and Booker and Christian are both tagged in. Booker connects with right hands, whips Christian into the ropes, and executes a backdrop. He lays out Test with a flying kick, and then breaks out a Spinnerooni. Test manages to get Booker in position for a pumphandle slam, but Booker slides out of it. As Christian holds Booker for Test’s big boot, Booker ducks, and Christian is drilled in the face. Steiner takes out Test, and Booker gains the pin over Christian following a scissors kick to the back of the head.

WINNERS: Booker T & Scott Steiner when Booker pins Christian at 11:16

After the match, footage is shown of the SummerSlam press conference that took place last week, and after Eric Bischoff hypes up the show, he announces that the RAW portion of the Main Event will consist of Triple H defending his World Heavyweight Title against Bill Goldberg. Triple H and Goldberg go face-to-face, and Triple H dangles the Heavyweight Title belt in front of Goldberg just to taunt the former WCW Champion. After some more trash talking from Goldberg, the footage wraps up, and it is announced that Goldberg will be in action here tonight on RAW.


Singles Match
Bill Goldberg -VS- Steven Richards

Richards jumps Goldberg before as he enters the ring, but Goldberg beats him down, and then military presses him high over his head. He throws Richards into the air, catches him, and then slams him into the canvas. Richards takes a long time to get up, and is then speared hard into the canvas. Goldberg picks up Richards’ limp body, plants him with a Jackhammer, and gains the victory.

WINNER: Goldberg via Pinfall at 1:13

After the match, Triple H’s music begins to play as Goldberg is still in the ring, and the World Heavyweight Champion comes out with Ric Flair and Randy Orton by his side. Triple H tosses his bottle of water into the crowd, and then applauds Goldberg from atop the ramp. Triple H breaks out a mic, and says that Goldberg’s squash job of Richards was just awesome. Triple H says that Richards may be a hell of a competitor, but he’s not the World Heavyweight Champion. A big “GOLDBERG!” chant breaks out, but Triple H shrugs it off and says that Goldberg has no idea what he’s in for. Goldberg says that he’s standing right here, and that if Triple H is such a badass, why wait until SummerSlam when they can fight tonight. Triple H says that Goldberg just doesn’t get it. Since he’s the Champion, he calls the shots whether anybody likes it or not, and that Goldberg’s reputation is going to make Triple H a whole lot of money once he beats Goldberg’s ass at SummerSlam. Flair snatches the mic, and verbally rips Goldberg, and says that Triple H will whip Goldberg’s ass on his time. Goldberg says that since Triple H is afraid to come to the ring, why doesn’t Flair come down. Flair whips off his sports coat without hesitation and has to be held back by Triple H & Orton. Bischoff comes out and says that he’s in charge tonight since Austin hasn’t made up his mind yet, and says that he’s not giving the fans Flair/Goldberg without proper promotion. He says that if they want to do it that bad, then they can do it next Monday night when RAW goes to Vancouver. Goldberg says that Flair’s ass is next, and again, Ric Flair has to be physically restrained from charging down the ramp. After a long distance staredown between Triple H and Goldberg, the show goes to commercial.


Singles Match
Val Venis -VS- Rico (with Miss Jackie)

Val appears disgusted with Rico’s antics before the match, and after ducking under a lock-up attempt, Rico slaps Val on the butt. After some grappling early on, mixed in with some more antics from Rico, Val executes some nice reversals to Rico’s wristlocks and then catches him with a series of right hands. Rico counters a slam, but Val avoids a roll-up and eventually knocks Rico to the floor. Val gets distracted by Jackie, and is attacked from behind by Rico. Rico slams Val into the security barrier, and then rolls him back into the ring to administer more punishment. Rico executes an axhandle smash to the back, and then chokes Val in the middle of the ring. Rico hits a quick suplex and gets a two count, then continues to hammer away with right hands. Val is whipped into the corner, and Rico lays in some hard martial arts kicks to the torso. Val manages to catch Rico in the middle of a huracanranna, and plants him with a powerbomb. Val runs over Rico with a clothesline, then hits a backdrop. After a hard slam, Val gets a two count, and then takes Rico over with a fisherman’s suplex for another two count. Rico catches Val with a right hand, hits the ropes, and is nailed in the head with a forearm. Rico hits the ropes, but is planted with a spinebuster, and Val goes up top for the Money Shot. Jackie tries to pull Val down, but Val shrugs her off and then sends Rico back to the ground with a kick to the face when he tries to superplex Val. Val hits the Money Shot and gets the pin.

WINNER: Val Venis via Pinall at 5:02

Bischoff is ordering people to leave the area because Kane is arriving soon, and then yells at a woman who nearly opens the back door to the Sherrif’s van prematurely. Bischoff says that nobody orders that door until Vince McMahon says so, which means Kane will stay locked up for a little while longer.


Highlight Reel Segment
This Week’s Guests: Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton

Randy Orton costed Shawn Michaels his match with Ric Flair a month back at Bad Blood, and he dropped Michaels with an RKO onto a chair during Shawn’s match last week against Chris Jericho. Tonight, their paths will cross again as guests on Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel.” Jericho appears to be in a great mood tonight, and says that it’s ironic that RAW is in Colorado this week because he’s on a Rocky Mountain high since his win over Shawn Michaels last week. He said that he did something last week that nobody else has ever done, which is make Shawn Michaels submit. NOTE- rent the 1992 Survivor Series and you’ll see that this statement is not accurate. Footage is shown on the VERY expensive Jeritron 5000, and the fans boo. Jericho says the assclowns can boo all they want, but the tap out was official. Jericho brags up Randy Orton by calling him a star on the rise and a diamond in the rough, and Orton makes his way out dressed in all black from head-to-toe.

Orton and Jericho shake hands upon Orton’s entrance, and Orton says that it is an honor for him to be in the ring with Jericho tonight. He says that on behalf of Evolution, he wants to tell Jericho that they all love what Jericho is doing with the “Highlight Reel.” Orton presents Jericho with a gift, which is the new Evolution t-shirt. Jericho says that he’d love to present him with a Hightlight Reel t-shirt, but they’re all sold out. Jericho asks Orton just why he came to the ring last week. He says that despite Orton executing the RKO onto Shawn, he didn’t need Orton’s help to defeat the “Heartbroke Joke” and he wants answers. Orton says that he screwed Michaels at Bad Blood, he destroyed Mick Foley at Madison Square Garden, and that he had no choice but to RKO Shawn Michaels last week because he has to make a name for himself. He says Shawn Michaels is simply the next legend he’s going to kill, and Jericho says that Orton is very correct on his statement and then calls Orton a sexy beast. Jericho introduces Michaels as the man who tapped out to the devestating pain inflicted by the Walls of Jericho, and Michaels makes his way out to address Jericho, Orton, and the fans.

Michaels says that Jericho evened the score last week, but he didn’t get the job done on his own and everybody knows that he can’t do it. Michaels asks Orton if he really thinks he’ll be the man to kill of the legend of HBK. He says that if he had a nickel for every time a new stiff came into the WWE and said that about him, he’d be a millionaire. But, he’s already a millionaire because of stiffs like Orton. Michaels says that he’s going to kill Orton’s career before it even gets started. Jericho says that perhaps Michaels is forgetting that it was he who beat HBK last week, and Michaels says that the third time will be a charm right here tonight in Colorado Springs because Michaels/Jericho III is about to take place. Jericho says that there will be absolutely no chance of a rematch in front of the assclowns of Colorado Springs, and that he has nothing to prove to Michaels. Orton tries to attack Michaels, but Shawn lays out both Orton and Jericho with right hands. The numbers game catches up, and Jericho & Orton beat Michaels into the ground. Soon, Kevin Nash comes to the ring and pulls Jericho to the floor and rams his face into the ring apron. Orton flees the scene without getting touched, and Nash grabs the mic and says that since Jericho said he’ll fight anybody who isn’t named Shawn Michaels, they’re going to get it on right now because last time he checked, his name wasn’t Shawn Michaels. Nash waits in the ring for Jericho’s answer, but we are left in waiting as the show cuts to commercial.


Singles Match
Kevin Nash -VS- Chris Jericho

The show returns with the match already in progress, and Nash is destroying Jericho in the corner with hard elbows to the jaw. Nash fires Jericho into the ropes, but Jericho catches himself and then spits in Nash’s face. Jericho backs Nash into the corner and unloads with fists of fury, but Nash repeatedly throws him to the canvas and drills Jericho with a forearm. Nash whips Jericho into the corner, but Jericho drives a knee into Nash’s face and then climbs to the top rope. He leaps off, but Nash catches him by the throat and slams him to the canvas. Jericho slides down Nash’s back during a slam attempt and takes Nash’s knee out with a clip, and then drops elbows to the inside part of Nash’s leg. Jericho lays in some right hands to the head and chops to the chest and backs Nash into the corner, but Nash shoves Jericho into the corner and drives kneelifts into the midsection. Jericho goes back to the leg, and then drapes Nash’s knee on the bottom rope and leaps off the middle rope with an elbow. Jericho wraps Nash’s leg around the post and slams it up against the steel, and does his trademark “Juke & Jive” once he gets back into the ring. Jericho clamps on a standing leg submission and screams at the ref to ask Nash if he gives up. Nash kicks Jericho off, and Jericho’s shoulder smashes into the post. Nash plants Jericho with a sidewalk slam, but Jericho ducks under a big boot and then plants Nash with a bulldog. Jericho stomps Nash down and then lands on his feet following a Lion Sault. Jericho hits the ropes, but is leveled with a big boot to the chin. Nash removes his straps and sets Jericho up for the Jackknife, but Jericho delivers a low blow right in front of the referee and gets disqualified.

WINNER: Kevin Nash via Disqualification at 4:48 (Unofficial Time)

After the match & unfazed by the loss, Jericho tries to put Nash in the Walls of Jericho, but Nash slips out. Jericho dropkicks Nash in the knee and takes the turnbuckle cover off. He tries to ram Nash into the turnbuckle, but Nash manages to send Jericho to the floor, where Jericho snatches a chair and brings it into the ring. Jericho chargest at Nash with the chair, but Nash kicks it back into his face and pounds Jericho down with right hands. Jericho’s head is busted open, and he’s unable to get away from Nash. Nash puts Jericho up on his shoulder and drops his face on the unprotected metal turnbuckle not once, but twice, and then throws Jericho over the opposite turnbuckle and head-first into the post. Nash beats Jericho up against the barrier, and then whips him hard into the steel steps. Nash removes the padding from the barrier and drops Jericho face-first onto it, and then picks up the steel stairs. Jericho is able to leap over the barrier and escape through the crowd before Nash can get to him, but Nash appears to be very happy with the beating his just gave to Jericho after the conclusion of their match.


When RAW returns, video footage is shown from earlier in the night when Vince McMahon announced his intentions for handling the Kane situation.


The Hurricane and Rosey are talking about Goldust’s comments from last week, and Hurricane says that Rosey is a super hero in training and he has to carry himself accordingly. Hurricane says that the people will chant Rosey’s name if he follows in Hurricane’s footsteps.

The Sherrif’s van is shown with the back doors open, and Bischoff yells at the security guards for opening the door. The guard said that he wanted Kane to have some air, but Bischoff informs him that nobody is to open the door regardless of the situation unless Vince McMahon says that the door is to be opened.


When RAW returns, footage is shown of RVD getting his head rammed into the video screen, and Jonathan Coachmen announces that RVD has been diagnosed with a severe concussion and that he’ll be out for a little while. Jerry Lawler also said that he’s talked to Jim Ross, and that JR is out of the hospital and that he’ll be back on RAW real soon. The Dudley Boyz music begins to play, and they come out and take a seat at the announce position alongside Coachman & Lawler.

Tag Team Title Match
Tag Team Champions La Resistance -VS- Garrisson Cade & Mark Jindrak

Bell sounds, and the match begins with a lock-up with Grenier and Cade. Cade clamps on a headlock and then takes Grenier down with a shoulder tackle. The two members of La Resistance are smashed into the barrier, and Jindrak & Cade execute a nice double dropkick once Jindrak is tagged in. Jindrak slaps on a headlock, hits the ropes and then takes Dupree off the ring apron. Garrisson Cade is tagged in and takes out Dupree with a forearm, but gets dropped throat-first onto the top rope. Grenier is tagged in and beats Cade down with forearm shots to the back and gets a two count following a suplex. Cade is smashed into the turnbuckle, and Grenier executes an atomic drop that is followed by a running clothesline by Dupree. La Resistance breaks out the French flag, and the Dudleys leave the announce position and attempt to come to the ring. They are stopped by WWE officials, but La Resistance heads outside the ring and taunts the Dudleys as they are being held back. When the show returns from commercial, Cade plants Grenier with a suplex, and both men make a tag. Jindrak takes out Grenier with a backdrop and then lays out Dupree with a clothesline. Jindrak hits the ropes and skys high into the air and catches Grenier with a flying clothesline, and gets a two count. La Resistance foils Jindrak & Cade’s double team effort by isolating one man out on the floor. Grenier & Dupree both slam Mark Jindrak into the canvas, and they retain their titles as a result of Grenier gaining the pin.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: La Resistance when Grenier pins Jindrak at 8:30

After the match, La Resistance attempts to beat up on Cade some more, but the Dudleys come to the rescue and clean house. As they set up Grenier for a 3D, Rene Dupree sneaks into the ring with the French flag and smacks both Bubba Ray and D-Von across the head with it, and the two stars from France head back up the ramp waving the flag of their homeland as they sport their Tag Team Titles.

Kane is about to be released from the van, and Bischoff says that if Kane makes one wrong move, that the guards are to light him up like a Christmas tree with their lasers. Kane is shackled up and is escorted out of the van by a number of guards, and Bischoff warns them to watch him closely.


Women’s Title Match
Women’s Champion Gail Kim -VS- Molly Holly

Gail Kim uses some high risk moves early on, but gets thrown over the top rope to the floor. Molly rolls her back into the ring and gets a two count, then plants Gail with a snap suplex followed by an elbow to the back. She gets another two count, and then clamps Gail in an archer’s bow submission. Gail doesn’t give up, and mounts a comeback with a hiptoss. Molly regains the advantage and goes for a handspring elbow, but Gail kicks Molly in the butt and rolls her up for a two count. Gail turns a victory roll attempt into a huracanranna for a two count, then lays in some kicks in the corner. Gail puts Molly on the top rope, but Molly throws her to the canvas and hits the Molly-Go-Round and pins Gail to win the Women’s Title.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Molly Holly via Pinfall at 3:15

Vince McMahon is shown walking down a hallway, and it is announced that his confrontation of Kane will take place right after the commercial break.


Vince McMahon is already on his way to the ring when the show returns, and he says he’s waited long enough and it’s time for Kane to come out. Kane comes out escorted by several security officers, locked up in shackles and chains. Vince comes out and stands face-to-face with Kane at the bottom of the ramp and says that it’d be real easy to beat the hell out of Kane right now. Vince then orders the officers to take the chains off, and Vince awaits Kane with an enraged look on his face inside the ring. Vince dismisses the officers and orders Kane to get into the ring. Kane gets into the ring and gets in McMahon’s face, and McMahon asks Kane just who the hell he thinks he is for piledriving his wife into the stage. Vince calls Kane a french fried freak, and then calls Kane a monster. He says that Kane is a real, live remorseless monster. Vince then says that he could do a lot with a monster in the palm of his hand, and it appears as though Vince is proposing an alliance with Kane, but before he can spit it out, Austin’s music begins to play and he makes his way to the ring.

Austin snatches the mic from Vince and then stares Kane down. Austin first announces that he is staying on as Co-RAW General Manager, and then says that he just can’t whip Kane’s ass just because he sees fit as a result of Linda’s proposal. With that being said, Austin says he’s out here looking to be provoked into a fight, and orders Kane to provoke him. Austin rips on Kane from a variety of levels and calls Kane a stupid son of a bitch. Kane throws his black towel to the ground, and Austin continues to provoke him. Austin orders Kane to take his best shot, but Kane simply backs away. Suddenly, Shane McMahon’s music begins to play out of nowhere, and Shane-O-Mac makes his way to the ramp with an enraged expression on his face.

Shane steps into the ring, and takes Kane over the top rope with a clothesline to the floor and is about to beat the hell out of Kane, but Vince pulls him off. Shane responds by laying Vince out with a right hand, and then chases Kane up the ramp with a chair. Shane annihilates Kane with the chair and bashes him over the head repeatedly. Shane delivers a crushing shot that sends Kane off the stage and through tables, but after only a few seconds, Kane rises from the debris and laughs at the punishment. Shane looks on with a look of disbelief as the show goes off the air.