ASK WV (8/05/03): Bagwell, Sid, DiBiase, Haku, Hardy, HHH, Lesnar, & More

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On Tuesday, August 5, 2003 at 5:49 PM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer.

Why was Buff Bagwell released by the WWE after WWF bought the WCW? He was there for a couple shows and then suddenly was gone. I have just read that he was released for "disorderly conduct". Do you know what he did, or what happened?

First of all, I am unsure of the things he actually did to get fired and I don't believe it was because of one thing in particular that he did. The main problem with Bagwell was his attitude. He drew a lot of heat backstage and his attitude was said to be as bad as it was in WCW. One small problem after another led to his release.

Was it a work or shoot when Shawn Michaels collapsed in the ring while facing Owen Hart? It looked like it was real.

They actually fooled a lot of people at that time with the Shawn Michaels situation. The whole thing was a work.

Is Sid returning to the WWE anytime soon?

Well from the last time I heard, Sid has retired from professional wrestling, but never say never to anything. Although, if you ask my personal opinion, I don't think he'll be back any time soon.

What was the name of the group Steven Richards used to be head of?

I think you're referring to "RTC" (Right to Censor). Richards was a part of another stable called the bWo (Blue World Order). Himself, The Blue Meanie and Super Nova were the first three in that stable. It was a funny parody of the nWo.

When you listed all of the KOTR winners one name seems to be missing, or am I wrong? I remember Haku going around as King Haku for a while, I thought this was because he won the KOTR tourney.

Haku never won an actual King of the Ring tournament. Harley Race was forced to vacate his crown because of an injury, and this led to a coronation ceremony on WWF Superstars where Haku became King Haku.

Why did Jeff Hardy leave the WWE? Was he fired or did he just quit?

Many say Jeff Hardy lost his passion for the business, he arrived late to shows, etc.. Some of it might be true some of it might not be. The main explanation/reason that was given is that he failed a drug test and was released. Plain and simple.

Will Triple H be losing his title anytime soon that you you know of?

In my opinion, I think it makes sense and it has become clear that Triple H will FINALLY let go of the title at SummerSlam. With his ego, he probably won't get beaten for the title in the elimination chambers match, he'll be eliminated early and have two men battle at the end and one of them becomes the new champion. Again, that is my own personal opinion, but I think it makes sense, since he refuses to lose the title one on one.

How did Ted DiBiase win the Million Dollar belt? And who did he lose it to?

DiBiase had the belt made for him, he didn't win it from anyone. On August 26, 1991 he lost it to Virgil and towards the end of 91' he won it back.

When the WWF was in Calgary for the Hart Foundation vs. Team USA match, who were the members of The Hart Family that interfered, and who all was in Team USA? All I remember is Vader.

Bruce Hart was sitting front row along with the rest of the Hart family and he was the main/first guy that interefered. Then his other brother, Keith if I am not mistaken, helped him out. I would have to put in the tape and check exactly who did what to who. As far as the members of the USA team, Vader wasn't with them. Vader had a match with the Undertaker earlier in the night. The five Americans were: Goldust, Hawk, Animal, Ken Shamrock and Steve Austin.

The main event at Wrestlemania 3 was Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant. At the beginning of the match Hogan attempts a body slam. He couldn't get Andre fully up so he fell on him. Was that supposed to happen, or was Hogan suppose to body slam him then and win the match right away?

Everything went as planned. It was suppose to be that way. Can you imagine a one-minute main event WWF title match in front of the largest WWF audience of all-time? That would have been disappointing :)

When did Brock Lesnar make his first appearance for WWE?

It was at the RAW after WrestleMania 18 on March 18, 2002. Brock Lesnar interfered in the Al Snow vs. Maven match, where Spike Dudley was involved too. Brock delivered two huge powerbombs on Spike Dudley that night.

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