Full WWE RAW Results -8/18/03 -Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash (Hair vs. Hair)

Reported by Jeff Williams of WrestleView.com
On Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 12:14 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 8/18/03
LIVE from: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Jeff Williams of WrestleView.com.

Highlight Reel

Raw starts off with the Highlight Reel and Jericho welcomes everyone to Raw Is Jericho! The King of Bling Bling expected to have a very busy week and it starts tonight on RAW. Tonight he would beat Kevin Nash and cut all his frizzy hair right off his huge cranium. He'd introduce everyone to Big Daddy Bald. Jericho is obsessed with winning the title on Sunday night at SummerSlam. The Elimination Chamber was the most violent, brutal, devastating match he'd ever been in last November at Survivor Series and he came so close to winning the title last November but it was stolen from him, then Jericho introduced the man who'd stole the title from him, Shawn Michaels. HBK's music hits and he dances his way to the ring

Jericho asked HBK if he had what it took to win the Elimination Chamber a second time. When Michaels started to answer, Y2J yanked the mic away and said he had an important Hair vs. Hair match tonight and he didn't have time to talk. But his close personal friends, Evolution, would be special guest co-hosts of the Highlight Reel for tonight only.

Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton came out to new music once again and circled around Michaels. Triple H said only him and HBK could recall the torment of the Elimination Chamber. He said he'd lost the most of out everyone that night because he'd spent 48 hours in a hospital bed and lost the title to HBK. This year would be differrent, since Evolution would be watching his back. He promised that HBK would be the one in the hospital bed this time.

Michaels' answers with his fists, but the numbers game caught up but then Kevin Nash and Goldberg ran down to even things up. Goldberg cleans house and sets up HHH for the spear, but HHH moved out and pulled Nash right into the spear.

Backstage Test was sweet-talking Stacy. He then changed his attitude and told her this time he'd treat her like the "little slut" that she is.

Moments ago: Goldberg had speared Kevin Nash.

Earlier today, Trish had been asked about Gail Kim. She said if she has a problem with her she'll deal with her later because tonight she plans on leaving Grand Rapids with the Women's Title.

Women's Title Match: Molly Holly over Trish Stratus via DQ.

Molly tried a tombstone, but couldn't get Trish up right. Dropkicks and chops by Trish on Molly. A spine buster by Trish, then she spotted Gail Kim on the apron and tossed her to the floor. Molly went to pin Trish, but was attacked by Gail Kim. The referee called for the bell and DQed Trish.

Evolution was shown talking when Stone Cold walked by. Austin thought Goldberg vs. Randy Orton would be a good main event tonight. But since Evolution uses the numbers game. The match would probably need a special enforcer, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Shane McMahon segment

Shane McMahon came out to good pop. He announced that there would not be a match between Eric Bischoff and himself at SummerSlam. That was because he's gonna drag to the ring tonight. Shane said he had something special for Kane. He walked backstage, then came out with a can of gasoline. He said Kane was not the only one who liked to play with fire.

Backstage, Goldust was asking LanceDust if he could be unpredictable . Lance said he once returned a video once without rewinding it.

Back in Greewich, CT, Linda McMahon was reading magazines.

Test over Scott Steiner to win Stacy's Services.

Steiner dominated early in the match. Test went for his patented big boot but it looked like he landed wrong and began to favor his knee, pretending he could not stand on it. The referee made the "X" sign and called for a trainer. Test was visibly upset. Three refs and a trainer came out. Test was being helped from the ring, but when Steiner got within reach, Test kicked him, pinned him, and won Stacy's services. Test dragged Stacy to the back by her arm.

La Resistance/Dudley Boyz segment

La Resistance came out and asked the crowd for a moment of silence for the Dudleys. Sylvain Grenier promised to bury them once again at SummerSlam. They spotted a serviceman (Rob Conway) in the front row and began to hassle him saying they just want to have fun. While their backs were turned, D-Von and Bubba Ray came out and chased them away.

Bubba invited the serviceman to climb over the guardrail and a USA chant broke out. He got in the ring and the Dudleys thanked him for his services and waved the flag as the USA chant continued. Then he suddenly attacked Bubba and D-Von with the flag and joined La Resistance in attacking the Americans and "buried" them again with the US flag

Hair vs. Hair: Chris Jericho beats Kevin Nash.

Match started off with Nash pinning Jericho with repeated knees and elbows in the corner followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam. Nash went for an early pin, but got a 2 count. Jericho began a comeback and went for a cover after a missle dropkick off the top ropes. Jericho took the cover off the top turnbuckle, and while the referee was replacing the cover, Nash rolled up Jericho but only got a 2 count. Nash got a face full of Jericho's foot, followed by a Lionsault, but Nash got a shoulder up at 2. Jericho hit the lionsault but only got a 2 count and then went for the Walls Of Jericho. Nash gets to the ropes to break the hold. Nash jackknives Jericho, but he was able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Nash gives Jericho a boot to the face and goes for a second Jacknife but Jericho poked Hebner in the eye and hit Nash with a lowblow Jericho reached into his boots and pulled out some brass knucks. Jericho hits Nash and gets the win He immediately goes for a pair of scissors and takes chunks of Nash's hair.

Earlier today, a little girl was trying get her kitten out of a tree. Rosey comes to the rescue. After a couple of whoooshes, Rosey returned with the kitten, which attacked him while Hurricane talked superheroes with the youngster.

Theodore Long and Rodney Mack headed to the ring. Theodore said he'd been on a cruise. Belie' dat. He referred to last week's blackout and said tonight there would be a Mack Out.

Rosey (w/Hurricane) pinned Rodney Mack.

Mack tries to attack, but Rosey gives him a Samoan Drop to take the win.

Linda McMahon/Eric Bischoff Segment

In Connecticut, Linda McMahon said she had two herniated disks and the doctors were hopeful that she would not need surgery. Then the doorbell rang. Linda tried to continue the interview, but was distracted. She excused herself to answer the door. Her face dropped, and Eric Bischoff walked in. Eric said that there's noone home and then told Linda that she looked exceptional.

After the break, Eric was going through Linda's things. She asked him to leave buthe wanted to "please" her. (Couldn't J.R. pick up a phone and call 911 and rescue her?)

Eric told Linda how he was going to break Shane's bones and beat him to a bloody pulp. Eric twisted Linda's arm and told her not to fight him. He suggested she show him the bedroom and kissed her.

Shane was hurrying out of the building and trying to reach someone on his cell phone. He stormed into the parking lot and stole a car.

Intercontinental Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Christian went to a no contest.

Fast paced action through out. Nick Patrick got knocked out when RVD tried a flying side kick from the ropes. Christian tried to do a one person Conchairto but Van Dam countered into a Van Daminator. RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash and Kane's music hit. RVD fought off Kane till he went for a suicide dive, Kane nailed him with a chair, then picked up RVD and carried him off over his shoulder.

Metallica's St Anger/SummerSlam video aired.

Test was making Stacy lap dance in the dressing room. Stevie Richards and Rico were his guests.

In the boiler room, Kane found Shane's gas can and poured it over RVD, who was hanging from a pipe. He stuffed a towel in RVD's mouth and was striking a match but blew it out said "they" wanted him to burn RVD. But from now on, he'd do what he wanted.

Stone Cold heads out to enforce the next match.

Ric Flair and Triple H joined J.R. and the King on commentary.

(6) Goldberg pinned Randy Orton.

Orton runs from Goldberg, who caught up and got the match started. Orton began to wear Goldberg down. Goldberg began to get momentium till Flair came down and pulled Austin out. Flair and Orton began to double team Goldberg till Austin came in and started to beat down Flair. Goldberg hit the spear on Orton and Austin hit the stunner on Flair. A "jackknife" (as JR called it) and Goldberg took the win.

Triple H and Goldberg were staring each other down.But Nash (looking like a mutant Jeff Jarrett) snuck up behind Goldberg and took him out. Shawn Michaels came out and hit HHH with a superkick and picked up Triple H's belt, but Jericho whacked him with a steel chair from behind ending the show.

After Thoughts -

Jericho is my pick to win the World Title this Sunday, He damn well deserves it.

Was I the only one who believed Test really hurt his knee?

If Kane will do what he wants to do then why not just put the mask back on like he wants?

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