Full WWE SummerSlam PPV Results - 8/24/03 - Phoenix, Arizona

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, August 24, 2003 at 11:02 PM EST

- This match took place on Sunday Night Heat prior to WWE SummerSlam on Pay Per View:


  • Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Shannon Moore

    Winner & STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

    - Not a very long match with Moore getting little offense in on Mysterio. Mysterio eventually hit the 619 on Moore to knock him back into the middle of the ring. Mysterio went up to the top rope and hit the West Coast Pop for the win to retain his title.

    Full WWE SummerSlam PPV Results - 8/24/03
    Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

  • La Resistance (c's) vs. Dudley Boyz

    Winners & STILL World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

    - The Dudley Boyz dominated the match with some great offensive and eventually hit the 3-D on Dupree. Then, a photographer (Rob Conway) jumped in the ring and hit D-Von Dudley with the camera. Dupree covered D-Von for the win and allowing La Resistance to retain World Tag Team Titles. After the match, Conway knocked out Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley with the camera.

    - Backstage, Christian was mad at Eric Bischoff for not putting him on the card tonight. Bischoff blamed Steve Austin. Christian then asked if Bischoff needed any help in his match with Shane McMahon tonight. Eric said no since he already had a back-up play ready to go. Christian asked Bischoff about Linda McMahon. Bischoff said he would tell everyone what happened later in the show.

  • The Undertaker vs. A-Train w/ Sable

    Winner: The Undertaker

    - Undertaker came to the ring with his ribs taped up. A-Train was accompanied to the ring by Sable. At one point in the match, A-Train hit 'Taker with the Derailer when the referee was knocked out. 'Taker kicked out after two and A-Train fought back with a big jump kick. A-Train tried to use a steel chair against 'Taker, but got it booted back into his face. 'Taker got A-Train up for a Tombstone, but A-Train rolled out of it, went for a clothesline, 'Taker ducked, A-Train turned around and got a big chokeslam. Undertaker went for the cover and got the win. After the match, 'Taker went for the Last Ride on A-Train, but Sable prevented him from doing so. Sable tried to get fresh with Undertaker, but he grabbed her by the throat. Stephanie McMahon ran down to the ring and 'Taker allowed her to tackle Sable. Stephanie pounded away at Sable until A-Train pulled her out of the ring.

  • Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff

    Winner: Shane McMahon

    - Before the match started, Bischoff said the question shouldn't be if he did anything with Linda, but how many times they did do it. Bischoff said now he knows where Shane gets all of his energy from.

    Shane hit the ring right away and hit some big rights and lefts on Bischoff. They went to the outside and Shane threw Bischoff into the ring barricade. Shane then threw Bischoff into the SmackDown announcers table. Then, Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman came out to ringside and knocked out Shane with a steel chair two times. The referee tried to call for the bell, but Bischoff said this match will now be No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere. Bischoff made Coach toss Shane into the ringsteps which lead to Bischoff going for the cover. Shane kicked out. Bischoff got on the mic and said Coach was the best announcer ever and ordered Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's mics to be turned off. Coach did LIVE commentary in the ring. Coach made fun of JR's numerous catchphrases over the mic. Shane tried to fight back, but Coach hit him with a low blow. Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the ring. Coach said he works for Bischoff now and said Austin can't touch him unless he is provoked. Shane pushed Coach into Austin, making him "physically provoked", allowing Austin and Shane to attack Coach. Ross and Lawler's mics were ordered back on by Austin. Shane picked up Eric and used his hands to smack Austin. Austin was "provoked" so he gave Bischoff a Stunner. Shane put Eric Bischoff on the Spansh announce table and hit a big elbow off the top rope, smashing the announce table into pieces. Shane went for the cover and got the win.

    - Backstage, Triple H and Ric Flair made sure Randy Orton knew his role in the Elimination Chamber tonight with Triple H's World Heavyweight Title on the line.

  • Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno vs. Tajiri

    Winner & STILL US Champion: Eddie Guerrero

    - The match ended when Rhyno hit the Gore on Guerrero, but Guerrero used the US Title to protect himself. Guerrero went up to the top rope, but Tajiri knocked him to the floor. Tajiri climbed the ropes, but Benoit knocked him down into a tree of woe position. Benoit went up on the top rope and connected with a head-butt on Rhyno. Benoit went for the pin, but Tajiri broke it up. Tajiri went for a kick on Benoit, Benoit ducked and attempted a powerbomb, but Tajiri reversed it into a huricanrana that took both of them to the floor on the outside. Guerrero then climbed up the to rope, jumped and connected with the Frog Splash on Rhyno for the pin, allowing Guerrero to retain the WWE US Title.

  • Kurt Angle (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

    Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Kurt Angle

    - The match ended when Angle charged at Lesnar, jumped and applied a leg vice on the head and shoulder of Lesnar. Angle was on his back upside down, using a waistlock to hold on to Brock's back. Very unique hold. Brock slowly went down to his knees, allowing Angle to apply the Ankle Lock. Lesnar kept reaching for the ropes, but Angle would keep pulling him back to the center. Vince McMahon ran into the ring and knocked out Angle with a steel chair. Brock picked up Angle and connected with the F-5. Lesnar went for the cover, but Angle kicked out after two! Brock went for a second F-5, but Angle reversed it into an Ankle Lock. Brock kept trying to reach for the ropes yet again, but Angle kept pulling him away and applying it even harder. Lesnar eventually tapped out, allowing Angle to retain the WWE Championship. After the match, Vince came into the ring with a steel chair going after Angle, but Angle kicked Vince in the gut, set up the chair and gave him the Angle Slam on the steel chair, flattening it in the process.

  • Kane vs. Rob Van Dam

    Winner: Kane

    - The match ended when RVD went to the outside and brought a steel chair into the ring. RVD gave Kane a big spinning heel kick. RVD put the steel chair on Kane and hit the Rolling Thunder. Kane somehow sat up and RVD fought back with a dropkick to Kane's face with the steel chair. Kane crawled over to the corner dazed. RVD climbed up the opposite top rope with a steel chair in hand, looking to hit the Van Terminator. RVD jumped, but Kane rolled out of the way to the outside. RVD jumped off the ring apron onto Kane, but Kane caught him in mid-air and gave him a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel steps. Kane rolled RVD back into the ring and went for the cover to get the win.

    - Backstage, Eric Bischoff was shown and his face was messed up following his match with Shane McMahon. Linda McMahon contronted Bischoff, slapped him and left.

  • Triple H (c) vs. Bill Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash vs. Randy Orton

    Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

    Here are some highlights & order of elimination:

    - Kevin Nash was eliminated first. Nash had Jericho in the powerbomb position ready to go when Shawn Michaels gave him a superkick and Jericho rolled up Nash for the pinfall. Before Kevin Nash left the Chamber, he gave both Randy Orton and Chris Jericho a powerbomb.

    - Randy Orton was eliminated second. Goldberg cleaned house on everyone in the ring, giving both Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho a flying clothesline. Goldberg gave Randy Orton the Spear to get the pinfall.

    - Shawn Michaels was eliminated third. Goldberg gave Jericho a Spear on the outside. Goldberg came back into the ring and Shawn Michaels hit him with the big elbow. Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music on Goldberg, but Goldberg moved and hit HBK with the Spear to get the pinfall.

    - Chris Jericho was eliminated fourth. Jericho hit the ring right away after HBK was eliminated, but Goldberg hit him with the Spear to get the pinfall. Triple H, still locked up in the Chamber, looked on in pure shock at what he just saw.

    - Goldberg was eliminated fifth. Ric Flair, who was at ringside, tried to keep Triple H locked in the Chamber so Goldberg couldn't get in. Goldberg started kicking the glass down with his feet to get Triple H out. He finally got Triple H out and threw him into the cage a few times. Triple H eventually got back into the ring dazed, Goldberg sprinted at him looking to hit the Spear, but Triple H knocked him out with a sledgehammer. Triple H covered Goldberg to eliminate him and retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

    - After the match, Evolution beat down Goldberg in the ring. Goldberg was busted open and Evolution handcuffed him. Triple H got in Goldberg's face and told him he would never get the belt.