Full WWE RAW Results - 8/25/03 - (The fallout from SummerSlam)

Reported by Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Monday, August 25, 2003 at 11:23 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 8/25/03
LIVE from: Tucson, Arizona
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com.


Raw opens with highlights from Summerslam of Evolution beating down Goldberg and a bloody Goldberg being helped down the ramp, HHH tells Goldberg heíll never have the world title

After the openings an angry Goldberg with face taped up makes his way down to the ring, Jr. talks of how Goldberg took out HBK, Orton, and Jericho last night before HHH finds his way to victory with the sledgehammer.

Goldberg says the title is his and HHH knows it, he calls out HHH to finish what was started last night, the Games music hits as he comes out along with Evolution and stands at the end up the ramp. Goldberg wants HHH tonight, the game removes his shirt, he asks what about the scene Goldberg didnít get, he says he isnít better then him and he proved it last night by beating Goldberg and the top 5 guys in the industry. He proved that he is the best wrestler alive today. Goldberg will come after hunter every night, everywhere until he gives him his title shot. HHH asks what makes Goldberg think he is different from all the rest, he is sick of Goldberg. HHH challenges Goldberg for Unforgiven, if Goldberg loses he must retire, meaning he canít wrestle again even for another promotion. Goldberg says he is on!!


Match #1
Trish vs. Gail Kim

Trish is making her way to the ring when Kim runs up from behind and attacks her, throws her in the ring and sheís on the offensive. Trish tries for a quick roll up but Kim is able to keep control and locks on a sleeper. Trish fights back after a reversal, spine buster by Trish and covers for a 2 count. Chic kick by Trish, Kim still kicks out on 2. Kim sends Trish into the ropes, she reverses and connects with the stratification for the 3 count and the win.

Winner: Trish

Molly Runs down and attacks Trish, then stares at Kim for awhile without touching her.

Next highlights are shown from Summerslam, Bischoff is in the ring saying he canít understand why Vince would want hamburger when he has a hot juicy steak at home. Itís not a question of what happened, itís a question of how many times it happened and it happened again and again and again. Itís announced that the guest on the highlight Reel tonight will be Linda.

Highlights shown of Wrestlemania 1998, the Austin era begins with help from Mike Tyson.


Raw comes back, Molly is choking Kim and tells her she has a choice to keep fighting her or they can team up and take out Trish. Kim says Trish doesnít stand a chance.

Out comes Rodney Mack with T. Long, Long says he has been considering expanding his empire. He says he has the world strongest man, out comes Mark Henry who is looking big as ever. Itís not going to be about talking tonight, the people are going to find out what the thuggin and buggin is about, out come Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak.

Match #2
Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs. Mack and Henry

Mack and Cade start the match and Mack is on the offense first before Cade makes a tag to Jindrak. Mack tags into Henry and Henry dominates, Jindrak canít faze him, he goes up top for a cross body and Henry catches him, slams him to the mat and covers for the 3 count, very short match

Winners: Mack and Henry

Backstage Storm tells Goldust he set him up last week by putting that girl in the locker room. Goldust tells him to calm down because he has a healthy relationship now, a mini Goldust is then shown humping Storms leg. Rosey comes up and tells Storm he understands there is commotion in the ring, Storm says he is dealing with his own problems now and doesnít have time for him, then Rosey walks up to a girl and asks her the same thing, she says there is a guy in the ring with a gun, Rosey says he needs to go save the day. Hurricane comes up to the girl after Rosey leaves and asked her what happened, she tells him she said their was a guy with a gun in the ring, the gun that shoots t-shirts, Hurricane then runs off.


Clips are shown of the Rocks new movie Rundown, this looks like a good one.

Clip is shown from the break, Rosey runs and attacks the t-shirt man, Hurricane runs down to the ring, asks what he has done, tells him the gun shoots t-shirts no bullets, he is suppose to be a superhero and he beat up an innocent man, whatís up with dat?

Summerslam clip is shown, Coach attacking Shane, and helping Bischoff do a number on him. Down comes Austin, he canít touch Coach without being provoked, Shane pushes Coach into Austin, Austin then opens up a can.

Backstage, Terri asked Austin about last night. Austin says he went out there to investigate the situation and then Coach physically attacked him, Austin was protecting himself and when he was about to leave for no reason at all Bischoff walks up to him and slaps him, in self-defense Austin gives Bischoff the stunner. Bischoff then walks up with his face bruised up, he says Austin wasnít provoked by anyone, Bischoff is going to make Coach employee of the month tonight and tells Austin he had better not interfere.

Commercial: Paul Nemer's favorite one with Stinger and HHH

Match #3
La Resistance and Rob Conway vs. Dudleys

Before the match Conway tells the fans they are ignorant for not respecting La Resistance, he talks about how Bush has forced America into a war, and how we need to pull out of the war and start treating the French with respect, then the rest of the world will know that the Americans are the real terrorists. Out come the Dudleys

Spike makes his way down to the ring and Bubba and Dvon come into the ring and attack from behind. In a match that includes 2 Dudley Dogs and 2 3ds La Resistance finds a way to win when Conway hits Bubba with one of the tag belts and picks up the 3 count, very fast match with a lot of action.

Winners: La Resistance and Rob Conway

Linda is shown backstage making her way to the ring, Highlight Reel is next.


Highlights are shown again from Summerslam, this time of Kane giving RVD the tombstone on the steps and picking up the win.

Highlight Reel

Itís now time for the Highlight Reel. Jericho talks about how brutal the Chamber was, he could have won if not for Goldberg. Jericho says Goldberg got what he deserved last night. Jericho shows the footage last week of Bischoff and Linda. Down comes down to the ring, Jericho says we want to know the true story of what happened last week. Linda says the truth is that Bischoff is a very creative liar, shortly after they went off the air last week security came and took Bischoff off the property, what he did last week was wrong. She thought about firing him but she realized Vince would come right behind her and hire Bischoff back just to get back as Shane, then Vinceís music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Vince says what he decides counts and no punishment will be handed out to Bischoff, Vince says he invited Bischoff to come by their house last week, he says Linda is not a victim, there is only one victim and that is him. He is a victim of her and their failed marriage and of their terrible kids who donít respect him, he says she has turned them against him. She says that Vince needs help, he says he doesnít need any help.

He says he feels a lot like Kane, at one time everyone was behind Kane but then everyone turned their back on him, Vince says he knows how that feels, his family has turned their backs on him, out comes Shane. Shane says Vince and Kane are a lot alike because they are both monsters, he says they can both go to hell. Jericho tells Shane not to come out and talk to Vince like that, he sucks up to Vince. He says Shane was not invited, calls him an SOB. Shane gets in the face of Vince, Jericho attacks Shane and does a number on him. Vince announces Shane vs. Jericho for later tonight.


Match #4
Randy Orton vs. Maven

Maven doesnít come alone, out comes HBK to the dislike of Flair and Orton. A lot of offense from Orton to open up the match, hits with a neck breaker and gets a 2 count. Maven fights back with punches but is stopped with a rake of the eyes from Orton and a dropkick. HBK nails Flair with sweet chin music after Flair nailed Maven with a cheap shot. Maven now gets into the match, picks up a near fall then nails a cross body off the top for another near fall. Orton eventually hitís the RKO but lifts Maven off the mat after a 2 count, then mocks HBK by stomping his feet and nailing sweet chin music for the win. After the match Orton and HBK stare each other down.

Winner: Randy Orton


Bischoff is in the ring, it is now time to honor a man who is hard working and dedicated. Bischoff welcomes the Raw employee of the month, Coach. Coach says he didnít want to hurt anyone last night, he was just doing his job. He is proud to serve Eric Bischoff, chants of asshole start up. He says Austin attacked him last night for no reason, he says Stone Cold has had it out for him because unlike some people around here, heís not his boy, "isnít that right JR?" Bischoff says JR doesnít care what Coach thinks, they then show footage of a couple weeks ago when JR returned to the announce booth sending Coach out. Coach says he was hurt by that, he had been carrying the ball for JR, he had wished him well, he filled Jrs spot so well while he was gone that nobody knew JR was gone. JR never even gave him a thank you, he wants an apology from JR and one day he will get that but right now he wants one from Austin. Out comes Christian, he says nobody deserves an apology more then him, at least Coach was on Summerslam. Now comes Austin to the ring. Austin says Coach couldnít carry Jrs jockstrap. Heís not going to apologize, then he sticks up his middle finger. Coach says his announcers are a joke, he has a cowboy and a king, King then stands up and says if Coach thinks he is such a joke why doesnít he come down there and stick his award where the sun donít shine. Christian says he is tired of being ignored, Austin tells him to shut his hole. Austin makes a match, Christian vs. Jerry Lawler, IC belt will be on the line.


Match #5
The King vs. Christian

The King has entered the ring and Coach has joined JR at the announce table. Coach and JR argue back and forth as Christian takes the early advantage in the match. Coach makes fun of JR, asking him if the match was a slobber knocker. Lawler takes control of the match, gets an elbow off the top and goes for the pin but Coach breaks up the pin, Christian rolls up The King and picks up the win.

Winner: Christian

Before the commercial Kane is shown backstage

Back from the break, Coach interviews Christian and Christian brags about his win and about his peeps. Austin then walks up to Coach, tells him he will be in a match next week one on one with Jerry The King Lawler, Coach is left with a very concerned look.

Match #6
Chris Jericho vs. Shane McMahon

Jericho goes for some early blows before he is thrown to the outside by Shane. Shane goes to work, sets Jericho up on a table, and goes up to the top rope, lights out and Kaneís music hits, Shane looks to the ramp way and Jericho attacks from behind, no Kane just yet.

Winner: No contest


Back from the break, DDT by Shane, he goes for the pin and Jericho is out with 2. Jabs by Shane, then a clothesline, another cover and another 2 count. Now a kick to the back of the head by Jericho, and a bulldog, he goes for the lionsault but Shane gets his knees up. Both guys are down and Kaneís music again hits, this time heís on his way. Jericho gets out of the ring, choke slam by Kane on Shane. Kane then goes outside and into the crowd, he looks back to Shane and the two stare each other down, Shane then goes into the crowd after him. Kane continues to walk off and through a set of doors, Shane is looking for him. Then Shane walks outside, Kane comes from behind and attacks again. Then he starts slamming him up against a concrete wall, he then pulls out a can of gasoline, pours it into a dumpster, then throws in a few more cans. He then lights up a match and the whole thing sets on fire, he picks up Shane and starts to throw him in, Shane reverses and itís Kane who falls into the dumpster, Shane tells him to burn in hell and Raw goes off the air.