Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 8/27/03 (Styles retains NWA World Title, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 5:44 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 8/27/03
Location: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of: NWATNA.com

Shane Douglas & The New Church (Slash & Sinn), w/James Mitchell, vs. 3 Live Krew - No Contest
Match stayed as a traditional tag bout until the end, when Konnan & James brawled with Sinn & Slash on the floor. In the ring, Killings went at it with Douglas, when James Mitchell got into the ring. Killings backed him off, then clotheslined Douglas from the ring. As Mitchell was creeping up on him, CM Punk and Julio Dinero came in. They ran off Mitchell, and took down the New Church before they ran off. The referee ruled the bout a no-contest.

Scott Hudson was on assignment, so Terry Taylor was outside interviewing Sonny Siaki and Trinity. Siaki was having a hearse pull up so he could "bury" D'Lo Brown's career. Taylor informed Siaki that his match was right now.

Sonny Siaki d. D'Lo Brown
They started out brawling in the aisle before the bell even rang. Brown hit an Asai moonsault on Siaki and tossed him into the ring to officially start the match with a slingshot senton. Near the end, Brown hit the Sky High spinebuster, but Trinity distracted the referee. This allowed Siaki to hit the Siakolypse for a two count. Brown came back, but Trinity hit a top rope tornado DDT, to allow Siaki to hit the Siaki Driver for the pin. Post match, Siaki and Trinity dragged Brown out to the hearse, but Jeff Jarrett showed up and broke a guitar over Siaki's head. Jarrett tossed Siaki into the hearse, and went to check on Brown.

Terry Taylor interviewed X Division Champion Michael Shane. Shane acted arrogant and cocky. He said he was the "Showstopper, Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels' cousin".

X Division Title Match
Michael Shane d. Jerry Lynn

Callis joined Tenay & West for commentary, and argued with Lynn throughout the match. Great back and forth match from the start, with neither maintaining the advantage for long. At the nine minute mark, Shane went to the top, but then flipped off the fans and decided not to jump. He went for a superkick, but Lynn blocked it and hit a Yakuza kick. Lynn chopped Shane to the mat, and argued with Callis. Shane hit a low blow and cradled Lynn for two. Shane went for a piledriver, but Lynn backdropped him. Lynn hit a series of punches on Shane, and Callis left ringside to go get his red shirt security. Lynn hit a lariat and a spear. Lynn hit a powerbomb, followed by a TKO. Lynn called for the cradle piledriver as red shirt security got on the apron. Lynn dropkicked one of them down, but the distraction allowed Shane to hit a superkick and get the pin.

A pretaped interview by Mike Tenay with Raven aired. Raven talked about how it was his destiny to win the World Title. Raven pointed out how Tommy Rich won the world title, but then got into a blood feud with Buzz Sawyer, and never got back to the prize. Raven said he was ECW World Champion, but then got caught up in his feuds with Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman. Raven said he needed to get back to the prize, despite Shane Douglas, Jim Mitchell and the Masked Man's efforts. Raven said he has never lost sight of the prize, and that tonight he would attain it. AJ Styles, with a reluctant Vince Russo, interrupted him. Raven slapped Styles, who got frustrated, but Russo backed him off, while Raven smiled.

Abyss' impressive display in the Gauntlet match from last week was shown. This led to the match between Sandman and Abyss.

Abyss d. The Sandman
The referee took the cane from Sandman at the start of the match, giving Abyss the advantage. They went to the floor, and Sandman went for a pescado, but Abyss caught him and rammed him into the ringpost. They brawled on the floor for a time, and Sandman set up a table, but never used it. Sandman hit a senton off the top rope in the ring. Kid Kash ran in, and shoved the referee from behind into the Sandman. Kash got in Abyss' face, yelling at him for his efforts. Kash kicked Abyss low, and gave him a rana from the ring into the table. Kash left, as Sandman dragged Abyss back into the ring. However, Abyss hit the Black Hole, sideslam on Sandman for the pin, than ran up the aisle.

Backstage, Terry Taylor tried to interview Kid Kash about what he did to Abyss. Kash said to not be nosey. Abyss entered, and Kash yelled at him for eliminating him from the Gauntlet last week. Taylor told Abyss to be a man. Kash slapped Taylor, and Taylor went after Kash, but Abyss stood in Taylor's way.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger d. America's Most Wanted

All four men started brawling on the floor before the bell and actually fought for two minutes before the bell rang. After two more minutes, they settled into a traditional tag team match. Five minutes in, Harris hit a spear on Swinger, but Diamond superkicked Harris. Storm then superkicked Diamond for a two count. Storm went for a leapfrog, but Diamond kicked him low. Harris went for the Catatonic on Diamond, but Swinger hit him low and Diamond rolled Harris into a small package for two. They did a nice spot where Diamond was going to superplex Storm, but Harris put Diamond on his shoulders while climbing the ropes. Swinger got underneath the whole pile and powerbombed them to the mat. Glen Gilberti came to ringside at this point. He distracted the referee, while Swinger tossed a title belt to Diamond. Harris kicked the belt into Diamond's face and covered him, but Gilberti stopped the referee from counting. The referee took the belt back to the timekeeper, while Harris reached over the ropes to grab Gilberti. Gilberti hit Harris with a chair, and Harris fell into the Problem Solver (elevated DDT) and was pinned.

Post match, Dusty Rhodes came out to the ring with his bullrope, and chased off Diamond, Swinger & Gilberti. Dusty got on the mic and said it was "unadulterated bulls***". Dusty told Gilberti to bring his ass to the ring so he could kick it. Referees escorted AMW out, so Gilberti would take on Rhodes one-on-one.

Bullrope Match
Glenn Gilberti d. Dusty Rhodes

The fans chanted "We Want Blood" before they even locked up. Dusty backed Gilberti in the corner and rung the cowbell on the rope to scare Gilberti. Dusty hit a bionic elbow and a series of rights, followed by a low mule kick. Gilberti rolled out of the ring, but Dusty pulled him back in by the rope. Dusty choked Gilberti with the rope, and rubbed it against his eyes. Gilberti was busted open above his left eye. Dusty used the cowbell, but Gilberti came back with kicks to the leg. Gilberti went to mock Dusty, but Dusty hit him with a bionic elbow. Dusty hit a running bell shot, then went and got his bullrope (they had been using the rope Gilberti brought out). The referee was checking on Gilberti, and Gilberti then started grabbing the referee. This allowed Christopher Daniels to run in, and he punched Rhodes in the back of the head. Gilberti crawled onto Dusty for the pin.

Daniels and Gilberti kept on Rhodes after the match, but Chris Harris ran out to help Dusty. Diamond & Swinger ran in and attacked Harris. Jeff Jarrett came in from the crowd and helped Harris clean house, hitting Daniels with a guitar shot to the head.

Mike Tenay interviewed Mad Mikey. Mikey talked about his upbringing, saying he was slapped when he was born ... with wooden paddle. Mikey said he was trained by Mae Young, and had to endure bronco busters by her. He talked about having success in wrestling, then threw a temper tantrum.

Terry Taylor was interviewing 3 Live Krew, who seemed more concerned with dancing. Taylor asked them if they were high, and BG James said "Oh, you didn't know". Diamond, Swinger and Gilberti entered, bragging about their tag title win. Konnan tossed some insults at Gilberti, saying he lost his virginity to himself. Jeff Jarrett then entered, and smashed a guitar over Gilberti's head.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles w/ Vince Russo d. Raven

Styles circled Raven early, throwing kicks at his legs. Raven came back with a forearm to the face. Styles ran into an elbow, and went down from a shoulderblock. Styles missed a dropkick, and Raven hit a headbutt to the groin. Raven tossed Styles to the floor, but AJ got right back in. Raven went for an early DDT, but Styles got out. Raven punched Styles and sent him to the floor again, but Styles got right back in. Raven hit a vertical suplex for two. Styles went for a leapfrog, but Raven caught him and dumped Styles to the floor. Raven tossed Styles into the ringsteps, then pulled out a trash can. Raven blasted Styles with the can on the floor, then gave Styles a trio of Russian legsweeps into the guardrail. Styles was busted open, and Raven gave him two more legsweeps into the rail. Raven rolled Styles in for the cover, but Vince Russo was distracting the referee. Styles hit a low blow on Raven, and hit a quebrada moonsault off the middle rope into a DDT. CM Punk & Julio Dinero showed up at ringside and carried Vince Russo off to the back. Raven and Styles slugged it out, and Styles hit an enzugiri. Styles covered Raven for a two count. Styles hit a vertical suplex, followed up with a kneedrop and covered for a two count. Styles ripped at Raven's face, as the fans were chanting "Go Raven Go". Raven ducked a clothesline and hit a superkick. Both men were down, and when they got up, Styles hit a springboard rana. Styles snapmared Raven and kicked him in the back twice, then locked on a Mutalock (grapevine and bridging chinlock). Raven made the ropes. Styles brought in a chair and wedged it in a corner. Styles whipped Raven, but Raven reversed it. Styles stopped himself, and superkicked Raven. Styles set up the chair in the ring and gave Raven a drop toe hold into it for a two count. The referee tried to take the chair away, but Styles set it up. He went for the drop toe hold again, but Raven sidestepped it, picked up the chair, and tossed it at Styles' head. Both men were down, and got up slowly. Raven got a second wind, hitting punches, a pair of clotheslines and a running kneelift. Raven hit a lariat in the corner and a bulldog for two. Raven went for the drop toe hold into the chair, but Styles jumped off the chair onto the top rope and launched himself back, but Raven picked up the chair and Styles went right into it. Styles barely kicked out at two. A series of reversals saw AJ block a DDT, but Raven turned a rana attempt into a Styles Clash by Raven. Raven covered, but Sinn ran out and dragged the referee from the ring to stop the count. Styles hit Raven with a DDT, but Raven kicked out at two. Sinn got on the apron, but as Styles went for a dropkick, Raven moved, and Styles kicked Sinn into the guardrail. Raven went for a DDT, but Styles backed him into the referee, knocking him down. Raven then hit the DDT, but there was no referee to count the fall. Slash came in with some powder, but Raven kicked it into his face. A blinded Slash then gave Styles a whirlybird powerbomb by mistake. Raven knocked Slash out of the ring and covered Styles. The referee recovered to make a two count. Raven went for a DDT off the top rope, but Shane Douglas ran down and knocked him off the ropes. Styles went for a rana off the top, but Raven turned it into a powerbomb for two. Raven knocked Douglas off the apron, while Slash was distracting the referee. Douglas got back in and hit Raven with a lowblow, allowing Styles to hit the Styles Clash for the pin.

Douglas got some shots in on Raven before being run off as Chris Harris and D'Lo Brown came down. Harris took the mic and said they were sick of everyone being screwed tonight. Harris threatened the referee, saying he either had to restart the match, or reverse the decision. Diamond & Swinger ran out and started brawling with Harris & Brown, while Styles & Douglas attacked Raven. Christopher Daniels ran in and joined the heels in the beatdown. Jeff Jarrett ran down to clean house. Erik Watts came down, and said he wanted to see everyone go at it. He announced a Wargames match with weapons for next week. It wasn't quite clear who the participants will be in the match. Erik Watts said he would be the referee. Dusty Rhodes came out, and said he would be the keeper of the key for the cage. Vince Russo go on the mic, and said they could start it right now. The heels charged the ring to brawl with the faces as the show came to an end.

Credit: NWATNA.com