ASK WV (9/08/03): Z-Man, Aldo Montoya, Over The Edge, The Patriot, & More

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On Monday, September 8, 2003 at 12:38 PM EST

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I have received tons of questions that I have either answered in the past OR that are answered in our FAQ section. Don't confuse yourself between our FAQ and ASK WV section. Our ASK WV section is just random questions..that are answered. The other is the frequently asked questions (questions that always come up). I have decided to answer five or six questions per ASK WV post. I'll try to do at least a couple per week. But please take time to read our ASK WV archives section and our FAQ section before sending in your questions. Chances are, your question already been answered. Thank you.

I read that the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage formed a tag team called the Ultimate Maniacs. Is this true and if so, how long did the team last?

Yes, it is true. He teamed up with Randy Savage in October of 1992 and were given the name "Ultimate Maniacs." This was only for a few matches, then Warrior left the WWF.

Few years back there wass this wrestler 'Aldo Montoya',the Portugese Man-o-war. Where is he now?

That would be Justin Credible. He is currently wrestling for Ring of Honor and is also listed on the NWA TNA website.

I wanted to know what happened to The Z-Man and why he left WCW?

Tom Zenk (Z-Man) is retired from the professional wrestling. I am unsure of why he left WCW.

In WCW AJ Styles wrestled in the Cruiserweight Tag-Team Title tournament,who was his tag-team partner?

His partner was Air Paris. They wrestled Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo in the first round of that tournament and lost.

I have two questions about OVER THE EDGE '99. #1) What was the card for the event and what was the result of those matches? #2) Besides the death of owen why was ther hardly a trace of that night.? I mean no offical video, or results in the mag.

Here are the quick results for Over the Edge:

  • Kane & X-Pac defeated D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry to retain the tag titles
  • Al Snow defeated Bob Holly
  • Owen Hart was scheduled to face the Godfather for the IC title.
  • Billy Gunn defeated Road Dogg
  • The Union defeated he Corporate Ministry in an elimination match
  • The Rock defeated Triple H
  • Undertaker defeated Austin to win the WWF title.

    The tragic death of Owen Hart is the main reason why there's hardly a trace of that night. No other reason. It's done out of respect I believe. They don't want to make money off a PPV where one of their wrestlers had died. I am not sure about results not being published in magazines or anywhere, but I know they aren't selling the PPV.

    I thought that the Patriot was played by Kurt Angle (looked like the same physique and it's the same entrance music).

    But I was reading a Bret Hart column and he mentioned that he was honored that Kurt said that Hart was his favorite wrestler, but said he had never met him before. Did someone else play the Patriot? I do remember that Hart and the Patriot had a feud for a while.

    This is one of the hundreds of "Patriot" questions I've received. Everyone is asking the same type of questions, so I figured I'd answer this and hopefully it will answer everyone's question.

    First of all, The Patriot character was played by Del Wilkes, in the WWF and WCW. In the WWF, Del Wilkes use to go under Kurt Angle's current theme song. To my knowledge, no one else played The Patriot character in the WWF or WCW, it was always Del Wilkes. Hope this answers everyone's question.

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