Full WWE RAW Results - 9/08/03 - Huntsville, AL (Kane vs. RVD in a cage)

Reported by Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Tuesday, September 9, 2003 at 12:34 AM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 9/08/03
LIVE from: Huntsville, Alabama
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com.

Match #1
Steel Cage match, RVD vs. Kane

Kane comes out first followed by RVD, as RVD enters the ring Kane quickly attacks. RVD counters with kicks and some high risk moves, Kane rises up, fights RVD off and throws him into the cage. Kane takes control of the match with punches, and by throwing Van Dam into the cage yet again, followed by a choke, RVD is bleeding. Kane attempts to throw him into the cage again but a counter by RVD, dropkicks Kane into the cage, heís looking to make a comeback but Kane makes the stop with a power slam. Both men climbing to the top of the cage, Kane falls off, RVD then goes for the 5 star splash but misses. Kane then throws him around the ring and into the cage a bit more. Kane throws Van Dam into the cage again and it breaks and RVD falls to the outside, his music hits and then Bischoff comes out to stop it, he says the winner is the man who goes through the door or over the top of the cage, not through it, he rules the match is to continue.


We come back from the break, the cage is repaired and both men are back in the ring. Kane continues driving RVD into the cage, he has been dominating this match. Now he shuts the cage door on his head. Van Dam continues trying to get up and get out of the cage, he goes to the top, Kane following him, the monster delivers a Choke Slam off the top of the cage and gets the 123, RVD showed guts but was hardly ever in the match. RVD is taken out on a stretcher



Footage is shown of last week when Goldberg went through evolution and got the win over Randy Orton, as a fearful HHH looks on.

Bischoff now comes out and says before Austin comes out later and gives the State of Raw Address he has a few things to say. He announces Kane vs. Shane at Unforgiven. The match between Jr. and Coach has now been changed, it will be Jr. and The King vs. Coach and Al Snow, he says the reason for doing this is because Jr. and The King suck, the winning team will be THE broadcast team on Raw. The era of Slobber Knockers and Puppies is about to come to an end. Bischoff then says he will get his moneys worth out of Goldberg tonight since he wonít be around much longer, he makes a tag team match with HHH vs. Goldberg, they each will have a surprise partner of his choosing.


Lance storm and Goldust are shown talking, Lance asks him what if the fans chant boring, Goldust tells him he isnít boring. Who was the one who was jay walking last week? Who was it that got the double cheeseburger? Who was it that was pleasuring himself with a porno popup magazine last week? Lance says that was you, pretty funny segment.

Match # 2
Rico vs. Lance Storm

Before the match Rico tells Storm that he will never be anything more then boring, boring, boring, Lance greets him with a right hand. Goldie comes in and starts a Rico sucks chant. Match starts off going back and forth, crowd continues with the Rico sucks chant. Storm with a line of clotheslines, everything but a boring style or wrestling, he gets a near fall. Storm tries to go to the top but Jackie stops him, Storm kisses her and then drops a smile, followed by dropping a kick off the top on Rico, and getting the 3 count. Storm is very excited after the match.

WINNER: Lance Storm

In the back HHH walks up to Bischoff and asks him who he will make for Goldbergís surprise partner, Bischoff says if he tells him it wonít be a surprise. HHH starts to threaten him. Bischoff says he hopes HHH wasnít trying to threaten him then HHH says it wasnít that at all, he just wanted to make sure the wrong person didnít get hurt, then he walks off.


Match # 3
Trish & Jackie vs. Molly & Gail Kim

Starts with Jackie and Molly, Jackie goes for a quick roll up but only gets a 2 count. Molly tags into Gail Kim, Jackie also gets the best of her with a slam but only another 2 count. Molly and Gail then double-team her to get control of the match, Gail walks over and allows Trish to tag in, she comes in and cleans house. She fights both women off for a while while Jackie is still down before she is thrown hard to the outside, they roll her back in the ring and pick up the 3 count. After the match they continue to work Trish over with a double DDT.

WINNERS: Molly & Gail Kim

Coming up next is Stone Cold with the State of the Raw Address

State of Raw Address

Austin says he has a few things to get off his mind before the State of the Address. He says he knows HHH is going to do anything he can to keep the title, thus if HHH get disqualified or counted out then he loses his title. He then talks about Kane and the reckless path heís been on, he says the right answer would be an ass whopping by Stone Cold but as GM he canít do that and it sucks. He is the interrupted by Christian. He says what sucks is being the IC champ and not getting any respect from the Co-GM. He then tells Stone Cold that he wants his own talk show, he knows they already have the Highlight Real but he beat Jericho last week, heís hot and Jericho is not. Now Jericho comes out. Jericho attacks Christian and throws him to the outside, the crowd starts chanting Y2J. Austin says Jericho just showed him something, he likes what he just did. Then Jericho starts to talk trash to Austin, he says he canít attack someone without being provoked because heís a bully and couldnít control himself, he says he is a failure as a GM and a human being, not a day goes by he doesnít pray that Austin gets fired. Jericho then says he doesnít think Austin should cancel the Highlight Real, Austin says he wasnít going to do that, he likes the show. Then he invites Jericho to drink beer with him, Jericho says he isnít stupid, every time he wants to drink beer with someone he gives them the stunner afterwards. It wonít happen tonight unless Jericho provokes him, then he agrees to it, really funny stuff. Austin throws Jericho a beer but Jericho drops it, then Austin picks it up again and gently tosses it to him, then another, then they drink, Jericho taps Austin on the back. Austin then delivers the stunner to Jericho.


Match # 4
La Resistance & Rodney Mack/Mark Henry vs. Dudleys, Hurricane & Rosey

All 10 guys start the match in wild action, Dudleys hit the "Whatís up" on a member of La Resistance (canít tell them apart) all the Dudleys along with Hurricane and Rosey decide to get the tables but are stopped by Mark Henry. Finally order is made in the match as Rob Conway and Spike go at it. Tag into Mark Henry who is dumped to the outside and hurts his knee. A lot of tags after this and fast paced action. Dudleys hit the 3D on Conway but then Rodney Mack runs in, heís then taken out. Then Mark Henry runs in and hits a power slam on Bubba and picks up the 3 count. As I said a lot of fast paced stuff. After the match La Resistance works over the Dudleys, they throw Spike onto the floor, his head bounced off a table. Then they put Hurricane through that same table.

WINNERS: La Resistance, Rodney Mack, & Mark Henry

In the back Coach, Al Snow and Bischoff are making fun of King and Jr. Bischoff makes a match for Unforgiven, Dudleys against Conway and La Resistance in a table match. Gail Kim comes up and asks to talk to Bischoff alone.


After the break, Terry is asking HHH about later tonight, HHH says Goldberg is like his can of YJ Stinger, the difference is YJ Stinger delivers, all Goldberg does is gives you gas. Goldberg is only hype, last week Goldberg promised he would take his title at Unforgiven, tonight HHH promised he is going to leave Goldberg in a bloody mess.

Now they are talking to Shane via Satellite, he says he is going to get even with Kane. Bischoff interrupts; he wants to know how Shane is feeling, he then says he knows the Shane and Kane match canít be just any match, it is going to be a last man standing match. Shane says screw you Eric, Bischoff then tells Shane that he doesnít get it, because it was Bischoff who just screwed Shane.


Gail Kim walks up to Molly and Molly asked Kim if Bischoff went for it, Kim says it went better then she thought, it went QUICKER then she thought too. Molly says it is settled, next week they end Trishís career for good.

Match # 5
Scott Steiner vs. Stevie Richards, Test and Stacie at ringside

Richards attacks Steiner from behind but the advantage lasts all of about half a second as Steiner starts to throw Richards around the ring. Victoria grabs the foot of Steiner which gives Stevie an upper hand, which again is short lived. A belly to belly suplex by Steiner, followed by another, then a clothesline, Victoria then finds it in her best interest to get on the ring apron, Steiner finds it in his best interest to pull her in the ring, Test runs in with a cheap shot but Steiner is able to kick out at 2. Steiner then goes on to win the match as Test stares him down. Steiner gets on the Mic and says itís obvious to everyone that Stacie doesnít want to be with Test. Steiner makes a challenge to Test for Unforgiven to get Stacie back. He accepts the match but says that if he wins that he also will get Steiner.

WINNER: Scott Steiner


We are back and Coach is in the ring and my tv goes out for a minute, pretty much Coach is just showing different pictures of Jr making fun of him. Then my tv goes out again, I missed the rest of that, sorry guys. When it comes back on here Goldberg is saying he is going to become the heavyweight champ at Unforgiven, that match is next.


Match # 6
Goldberg/mystery partner vs. HHH/ mystery partner

Both men come to the ring, after HHH comes down Bischoff comes down and says nobody tells him what to do, and he will be introduced to his tag team partner, itís Ric Flair. Goldbergís partner is Randy Orton. Goldberg starts on the attack, heís running through Evolution, but finally Evolution starts getting the upper hand, the steal cage starts to lower. As it lowers Goldberg starts to fight back, Orton gets a chair but he gets a spear for his troubles, but HHH gets a chair and has much better luck as he cracks it over the head of Goldberg. Goldberg is busted wide open as Evolution does a number on him. HHH rams him into the cage a few times. Flair and Orton hold Goldberg down as HHH puts the title in his face and tells him that itís his and that Goldberg will never see it. HHH hits Goldberg with the pedigree, well he actually messed up with it the first time but then tried it again and got it. HHH sits at top of the cage with the title belt as Raw goes off the air.

WINNER: No Contest

Thoughts and Comments

Boy did Kane kill RVD or what? I was expecting a little more out of this match, I did like how RVD kept coming back for more, just thought heíd get in a little more offense.

I love what they are doing with Lance Storm, his character was going nowhere and when the "boring" chants started we all wondered what they were thinking, well they have done a great job with this one IMO.

Trish needs some help, will she get it next week with Jazz or will she continue to be punished?

Please donít let Test beat Steiner and have him taking orders from him, just let this feud die already.

Jericho is indeed the MVP of Raw, could he really be turning face soon? Loved the segment with he and Austin, does he win the IC belt anytime soon or what?

Will the two people in the country who didnít see the main event turning out the way it did with Orton as Goldbergís partner please raise your hand and acknowledge to us all of just how stupid you are?

This is my 2nd week doing this, Iím still learning as I go and Iím trying as hard as I can, feedback is more then welcome. Iíll be back with you guys in 2 weeks, take care.