ASK WV (9/14/03): Waylon Mercy, Pillman, RVD/Lynn, Arn Anderson & More

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On Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 12:42 AM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer.

In the previous ASK WV, I forgot to include a match for the 1999 Over the Edge PPV. Nicole Bass and Val Venis went on to defeat Debra and Jeff Jarrett. (Thanks to everyone who pointed that out.)

Was Joanie Laurer aka Chyna fired from the WWF? What is the real story?

A while before her contract had even expired with the WWF, she asked for more money so she can renew her contract, but she didn't get it. She knew a while before her contract expired that she wasn't going to sign. Money was one of the reasons and the other was the fact that Stephanie and Triple H started going out. Triple H and Chyna were serious at one point and then the relationship ended and HHH started seeing Stephanie. It bugged her in a way (well, it would bug anyone), and she couldn't see herself around them at that time. She found letters between STephanie and Triple H and started seing/hearing things from what I remember her saying. She pretty much left the WWE unhappy, not technically on bad terms, just unhappy with the way things escalated I guess.

Was Brian Pillman's Death Announced At Bad Blood 1997?

A few minutes before the actual PPV started, they played a taped segment for the fans tuning in on PPV, where Vince McMahon informed them that Brian Pillman had passed away in his hotel room earlier in the afternoon.

In ECW, who defeated Rob Van Dam for the ECW Television Title? And did Jerry Lynn ever pin Rob Van Dam at all?(like in a regular match or a title match or anything?)

RVD was stripped of his Television title due to an injury. A tournament was held for the vacated title and Super Crazy defeated Rhino to win it.

Jerry Lynn pinned Rob Van Dam at the ECW Hardcore Heaven 2000 PPV. The match was a regular match since RVD wasn't TV champ at that PPV. On the other hand, Rob Van Dam has pinned Jerry Lynn five different times and all of them where title matches except one if I am not mistaken.

What was the cage match titled that Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and Buzz Sawyer wrestled in?

I believe you're referring to "The Last Battle of Atlanta" in the Omni. That was what the event was called.

Who was that guy "Wayne Mercy" that was in WWE for a brief amount of time in the 90's?

I believe you mean "Waylon MercY". The Waylon Mercy character was played by Dan Spivey. He wrestled as Waylon Mercy in the mid 90's for a very short period of time and left due to injuries. Earlier in his career, Spivey was the tag team partner of Mean Mark Callous (Undertaker) and were known as the Skyscrapers in the NWA. Spivey and Sid carried the same tag team name in 1989. He was also one half of the WWF tag team "U.S. Express" with Mike Rotundo (IRS) where Dan was replacing Barry Windham. Dan also wrestled in the indys and Japan. He's been retired for a long time.

What caused Arn Anderson to retire?

After years of abuse in the ring, Arn Anderson had to undergo surgery in mid 1997 to repair a damaged neck and vertebrae. This was a career ending injury and he hasn't wrestled since.

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