Full WWE RAW Results - 9/15/03 - Columbia, S.C. (WWE Superstar returns)

Reported by Jeff Williams of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 15, 2003 at 11:38 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 9/15/03
LIVE from: Columbia, S.C.
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Jeff Williams of WrestleView.com.

Raw starts off backstage with Triple H asking Eric Bischoff for a favor. A special going away party for Goldberg since it's his last RAW. Triple H tells Bischoff to make sure that he invites Goldberg to the party. Also, we'll see the contract signing for Shane McMahon vs. Kane's match at Unforgiven.

Raw is live from Columbia, South Carolina

Chris Jericho and Christian are in the ring with signs asking for Steve Austin's termination. Jericho says Austin is a menace to RAW and a failure as GM. Austin enters and says Jericho slapped him on the back so he was able to defend himself. Austin calls Christian, a whiny crybaby and books Christian defending his Intercontinetal Title at Unforgiven.

Austin asks which one is gonna provoke him first. Jericho gets in Austin's face before telling Christian to go for it but then Christian declines. Jericho says that it's not worth it since Austin can't touch him unless he does and tells Austin to give him the title shot at Unforgiven. Austin agrees, but he has to win his match tonight against someone who doesn't whine and cry, Rob Van Dam.

#1 Contenders Match for the Intercontineal Title
Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam

Great match here with both men going for their respected finishing moves with both receiving knees to the midsection. RVD goes for a flying kick from the second rope and hits the ref and then Christian runs in hitting both men with the IC Title. The ref sees and calls for the bell.

Result - No Contest

Stone Cold enters once again saying since Christian thinks he can come out and cause a no contest, doesn't mean he won't have an opponent. Stone Cold books Christian vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam in a triple threat for the Intercontineal Championship at Unforgiven.

Spike Dudley w/ The Dudley Boyz vs Rob Conway w/ La Resistance

Out comes the Dudley Boys with an concussed Spike Dudley who also has a neckbrace on. JR says Spike was forced into this match by Eric Bischoff. La Resistance with Rob Conway enter next with La Resistance and the Dudleys brawling on the outside and into the crowd. Conway then attacks Spike and hits a neckbreaker and pin.

Winner - Rob Conway

After the match, Conway sets up a table and hits Spike with a powerbomb through the table. Bubba and D-Von chase off Conway and check on Spike.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff along with Al Snow and Coach are enjoying what just happened. Bischoff asks them both if they'll be that viscous this Sunday at Unforgiven. Snow and Coach guarantee that they won't let Bischoff down. A staff member enters and tells Bischoff that two half-naked women are waiting in his office. Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young are shown in Bischoff's office. Moolah says that it's her 80th birthday and she wants a match in her hometown. Stone Cold enters saying he sent them in here. As they both leave, Mae gives Bischoff a kiss.

Fabulous Moolah vs Victoria

Quick match here as Victoria gets distracted by Mae allowing Moolah to roll up Victoria for the win.

Winner - Fabulous Moolah

After the match, Victoria attacks Moolah until Randy Orton comes out and tells Victoria that Moolah is a legend and his dad and grandfather had tons of stories about her. Orton says today is Moolah's 80th birthday and she's in her hometown. He then introduced himself. Randy Orton, Legend Killer and hits the RKO.

Mark Henry vs Lance Storm

Storm comes out to new hipper music and acts all hyped up trying to show that he's not boring. Mark Henry hits Storm with a gorilla press and gets the win.

Winner - Mark Henry

Backstage, Triple H and Ric Flair congratulate Randy Orton on his actions and want to celebrate but Orton says has a couple of things to take care of first. He bumps into Maven and Shawn Michaels. Michaels says he sees a lot of himself in Orton then turns around and slaps him. HBK says if you're gonna use him as a stepping stone, step hard.

In a pretty funny skit, Rosey calls up for a cab but is then hung up on as he says his name and spells out S.H.I.T.

Terri is shown with Gail Kim and Molly Holly. She asks what they have in mind for Trish. Molly says that Eric Bischoff has granted a handicap match with herself and Gail vs. Trish. Molly says buhbye to Trish

Bischoff comes out and the contract signing is about to happen. Bischoff says both men are also going to sign release forms because he does not want any of this on himself and then introduces Kane. Shane McMahon comes out and says the only reason Eric Bischoff made this match is because he feels Kane will annihilate him. Shane claims if he's going down then Kane is going down with him. Shane says that as long as he is breathing, he will be the last man standing and signs the contract. Kane knocks away the chairs and a brawl stars up. Shane hits a bunch of low blows and hits Kane with a couple chairshots Shane sets up Kane on the announce table and drops the big elbow from the top rope.

Handicap/No Holds Barred - Molly & Gail Kim vs Trish Stratus

A long dragged out match with Molly pinning Trish. After the match, Gail holds Trish while Molly continues the assault. They set Trish up on the chair and are about to crush her face or something but Lita makes the save hitting Molly with a DDT and Gail with a powerbomb.

Winners - Gail Kim & Molly

Eric Bischoff tells Gail and Molly he has no idea how Lita got into the building because he fired her last time she was on RAW. Stone Cold comes in and says he let her in. Austin books Gail & Molly vs Trish & Lita at Unforgiven. Gail says she went to the wrong GM.

Jonathan Coachman comes out to JR's music wearing a cowboy hat. Al Snow comes out to Jerry Lawler's music wearing a crown. They sit at ringside and begin to do color commentary for the next match.

Val Venis vs Test w/ Stacy Keibler

Stacy interfered by shaking the ropes causing Test to fall. Venis hits a full nelson slam and gets the win. After the match, Stacy laughed at Test and Test got upset and was about to attack Stacy until Scott Steiner came out and attacked Test but he was still able to escape with Stacy.

Winner - Val Venis

Lawler gets on a mic and challenges Al Snow to a match. Coach joins JR at the announce table

Jerry Lawler vs Al Snow

Lawler schoolboys Snow for the win. Coach cheap shots JR from behind and runs away.

Winner - Jerry Lawler

Evolution is walking to the party when Stone Cold stops them and says he doesn't think they should go out there for the going away party. Triple H has to do it by himself just like he has to do at Unforgiven but maybe he doesn't have the guts to do it. Triple H says he's got this one.

Triple H gets in the ring as balloons fall from the ceiling. Triple H says he's beaten everyone Goldberg has beaten but he's also beaten Goldberg. He says he'll beat Goldberg and have to leave this business forever. He presents a retirement present and it's a picture of the Evolution holding a bloodied Goldberg inside the Elimination Chamber. He then asks for clips to be aired of where he beats Goldberg up. Goldberg is shown on the Titan Tron and tells Triple H to take a long look at the next World Champion. Goldberg comes to the ring and presses Triple H and powerslams him. Triple H crawls on the outside as Goldberg shouts in the ring.

Thoughts & Comments

I'm tired of seeing RVD and Jericho as the IC Champ. Hopefully, if Goldberg wins the Heavyweight Title, he'll be put into a fued with Jericho for the title.

Now that I've seen Shane's bump, should I even get the PPV?

Great, now Lita and her 3 moves are back on my television. Don't get me wrong, I think she has a great body but unless she's learned some new moves and worked on that awful moonsault, I could care less if she's back unless she just comes out and takes off her shirt every RAW.

JR makes himself seem like such a toughass. I hope Coach potatoed him.

They should've just changed the 6 man match to a regular tag match but for the Tag Titles cause this fued needs to die and RAW needs more tag teams cause those titles mean nothing to me.

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