Full WWE SmackDown Results - 9/25/03 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Friday, September 26, 2003 at 11:13 AM EST

Note: Our SmackDown reporter will return with his full reports next week.

WWE SmackDown Results - 9/26/03
Taped From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Results courtesy of: WWE.com

Last week on SmackDown!, Brock Lesnar cheated his way to a victory of Kurt Angle in the 60-minute WWE Ironman Match. The victory over Angle made the young Lesnar a three-time WWE Champion. This week, Vince McMahon, with the lovely Sable by his side, arranged for a very championship presentation for new title holder.

Serving as MC for the event, Mr. McMahon introduced Lesnar, calling him the "new face of WWE." When Lesnar came out and accepted his new belt. He not only said that he was the new face, but that he was unstoppable, as well. This comment hit a nerve with one SmackDown! Superstar in particular. That man is the Undertaker.

Undertaker crashed the championship presentation to tell Brock that he was going to prove that he was unstoppable because he has a date with the Deadman at No Mercy for the WWE Championship. This announcement infuriated the Champion. However, it confused Mr. McMahon. Vince wanted to know how the Undertaker could just come out and name his own pay-per-view matches. It was at that moment that Stephanie McMahon's music hit. The General Manager told Vince that the match was made on her authority.

This was unacceptable for Vince. he demanded that Stephanie retract the No Mercy match. When she didn't, Vince announced that there would be an I Quit Match at No Mercy between Stephanie and himself.

For the first time ever in SmackDown! history, one man defended two titles on one night. That man was Eddie Guerrero. He was successful in both matches, beating Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship, then beating Charlie Haas to hold on to the United States Championship. The wins did not come at a cost, however. The two matches took their toll on Latino Heat, leaving many wondering how much longer Eddie can defend two titles.

In other SmackDown! action, John Cena Pearl Harbored Kurt Angle backstage. Before the Olympic hero could retaliate, Cena hightailed it out of the arena. Angle jumped in Mr. McMahon's limo and chased Cena.


- Tajiri def. Rey Mysterio for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
- WWE Tag Team Champions Los Guerreros def. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore
- Jamie Noble & Bradshaw def. the Basham Brothers vis disqualification
- United States Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Charlie Haas