Full WWE SmackDown Results - 10/02/03 - Milwaukee, WI ('Taker/Angle)

Reported by Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com
On Friday, October 3, 2003 at 12:05 AM EST

Full WWE SmackDown Results
Date: October 2nd, 2003
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Bradley Center
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
Report by: Mike Siciliano of WrestleView.com


  • Eddie Guerrero retained the United States championship with a pinfall victory over Matt Hardy.
  • The Basham Brothers defeated the A.P.A.
  • Chris Benoit defeated Charlie Haas by DQ when the A Train interfered and attacked Benoit.
  • Tajiri pinned Billy Kidman to retain the WWE Cruiserweight championship.
  • Orlando Jordan defeated the Big Show via countout.
  • Brock Lesnar & John Cena defeated Kurt Angle & The Undertaker.


    Smackdown opened with Los Guerreros coming to the ring for the US title match between Latino Heat and Version One. Hardy and Shannon Moore come out with a replay of last week's tag team title match showing the events leading up to this contest. Cole & Tazz question the health of Guerrero's ribs following the abuse he took last week during his matches & the beatdown by the Big Show.

    An absolutely fabulous match ensued between Hardy & Guerrero with Matt attempting somewhere around 8 near pinfalls through the usual methods, a side effect, multiple suplexes, and more continued work done by Version One on Eddie Guerrero's ribs and lower back. Eddie sold the injured ribs tremendously throughout the match. Eddie did hit his triple vertical suplex on Hardy, and was able to counter some of Hardy's more explicit moves for near pinfalls on two different occasions. The match concluded when Matt Hardy summoned Shannon Moore to grab the US title and clock Eddie in the back of the head. Eddie ducked, hit Shannon Moore, and then tossed the US title to Matt Hardy. The referee challenged Hardy, took the belt away, and while his back was turned, Chavo ran in with the tag team title, clocked Hardy in the back of the head, and, one frog splash later, Eddie lied, cheated, & stole his way to another successful US title defense.

    Promos are shown for the announced matches for No Mercy, the WWE championship match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker, and the 1st ever father daughter I quit match between Mr. McMahon and Stephanie.


    A promo is shown detailing the success of the Wrestlemania 20 ticket sales. John Cena does a freestyle interview as well explaining how he is going to 'get out of Kurt Angle's shadow.'

    Eddie & Chavo are in the back celebrating the title victory when the Big Show gets in their path. Eddie challenges Show about what had occurred last week and asked if it was personal, or business. Show says some slightly racial context, implying that he doesn't like 'their kind', pointing to the Guerreros, however, he does like Mexican food.. Show also claimed that there was nothing that they, the Guerreros could do about it, shoving Eddie out of the way.


    During the break, Chavo challenges Eddie as to what just transpired with the Big Show pushing Latino Heat down. Eddie throws Chavo to the garage door, and says he will handle this situation, "Guerrero style."

    The APA come out for a revenge tag team match against Shaniqua's Doug & Danny Basham. A recap of the tag match between Noble & Bradshaw against the Bashams from last week is shown illustrating the revenge that Bradshaw is looking for against the team, and their valet.

    The APA take it to the Bashams at the bell, beating down on both individuals both inside and outside the ring. This contest was full of hard hitting, high impact moves by both teams, but Shaniqua again proved to be the pivotal factor for the Basham's victory. Following the referee being knocked down in the ring, a clothesline over the top rope by Bradshaw is met by the boot of Shaniqua, taking him out of the contest temporarily, and allowing the tag team to hit their finisher, the Ball & Gag on Ron Simmons, for the three count.

    Bradshaw did not take this loss very well, grabbing and throwing both Bashams out of the ring, and hitting a scintillating clothesline from hell on the amazon Shaniqua. Bradshaw was seen seething leaving the ring as the amazon lay motionless in the middle of the ring. Tazz summed up the scenario perfectly for Shaniqua:

    "If you don't believe in God, Start."


    Smackdown returns with the Boston native A-Train joining the commentators for the upcoming match. Tazz asks if everything is OK following the events from last week, to which Train coyly replies, "It's ok, I got Benoit." Cole reiterates this fact promoting the next match for No Mercy, a one on one encounter between Chris Benoit and the A Train. Benoit and Charlie Haas come out for the next matchup.

    This matchup between the two skilled mat wrestlers was full of counter this and counter that back and forth action. Even the massive A Train had to put over the abilities of the wolverine when it comes to submission mat wrestling. One extremely unique move Haas was able to execute was while Benoit was in the corner, Haas climbed the ropes, and strategically placed his boot right on the neck and chin of the Wolverine, forcing the head and neck to bend in a pretty damn painful looking unnaturally position. During the contest, Benoit is thrown outside the ring following a crossface attempt, A Train tries to distract Benoit to allow Haas tro continue to maintain the advantage. The fans do not seem to have a tremendous amount of pop for this matchup. Benoit manages to elude A Train's distractions, and Haas's holds to lock in the cross face, only to have the Train come in, drop a big elbow on Benoit's head, and lock Benoit in his own finishing move, forcing Benoit to tap out repeatedly as the show goes to black.


    Mr. McMahon comes out with Sable on his arm, and says he is going to give someone a second chance before making a huge mistake. He is going to give Stephanie a 2nd chance to recind the championship match for No Mercy between Brock and Dead Man Inc. Stephanie comes out and flatly says no. Vince then claims the I Quit match between himself and the GM is still on, and that when Stephanie quits the matchup, according to Vince, she will also be quitting her job as GM of Smackdown. Vince continues to berate Stephanie, claiming at No Mercy he is going to 'strike down the face of defiance.' Sable tries to comfort the boss, and begins trash talking Stephanie. Stephanie spears Sable, forcing Vince to intervene, and then body slamming his daughter. Vince looks enraged, Stephanie looks distraught. As Vince goes to attack Stephanie again, the Undertaker comes out and cold cocks Vince McMahon right out of his boots. Brock comes in to protect the boss, but barely himself is able to escape a chokeslam for his efforts, as the segment ends, focusing on Stephanie McMahon's distraught expression.


    Big Show is in the locker room when a man wearing a sombrero is calling out for Eddie Guerrero, saying he has a delivery for him. Show finds out that 'Jose' has burritos to deliver to Los Guerreros. Show uses some creativity with one of the burritos and gives it to Jose to tell Eddie & Chavo that there is some 'special sauce' in this burrito, then proceeds to eat the other ones.

    Tajiri comes out for the cruiserweight title defense against Billy Kidman. A recap is shown as to how Tajiri was successful in gaining the championship last week from Rey Mysterio. The usual spots on this match are all heir apparent between these two repeated competitors. Tajiri is showing some signs of his heel turn, his intensity continues to be extremely tangible, and the kicks continue to have the same pop they have had at all times. Tajiri kicked out of a wicked BK bomb by Kidman, Kidman was able to survive the Tarantula, but Kidman was not able to survive a low blow, followed by the stiff kick to the back of the head. Special interest was made at the beginning of the match by the referee about the mist, so naturally, it was not involved in this decision, as the swift kick to the skull got the three count for the Japanese Buzzsaw.


    Big Show comes out for his match with Orlando Jordan, selling an extremely pained expression on his face, holding his stomach. Jordan tries to take advantage of the apparent injury, with two shoulders to the gut, but for his trouble, Show chopped him nearly across the ring. About 45 seconds in to the match, Show runs out of the arena, holding his, (there is no way to say this nicely), ASS! 10 seconds later, Jordan scores the upset victory via countout.


    An interview with Zach Gowen. Zach says he is tired of the sympathy vote, and will be back to wrestle next week.

    Eddie Guerrero is in the bathroom scene with a nasty sounding vignette involving the Big Show in a stall. Eddie asks Show what happened, and Show tells Eddie to get lost. Eddie asks what he's gonna use to wipe his, (well, twice I gotta use this word) ASS, and Show gets ticked off that there is no toilet paper in the stall. Eddie replies by kicking the door down, laughing in his face, and walking away with the toilet paper in his hands.

    John Cena comes out with a freestyle rap to Kurt Angle saying Smackdown has officially become HIS show.


    Lesnar comes out, with a recap of what he had recently done to Zach Gowen, and that Zach will be back next week.

    Dead Man Inc. comes out next, recapping the events of eariler when 'Taker came out to help the Smackdown GM against her maniacal father.

    Angle is last out, recapping the events of last week between himself and John Cena. The main event tag match is set to go.

    Before the final commercial break, Angle and Taker are primarily the ones in control of this contest, working primarily on Cena. Taker hits Old School on Cena, Angle hits a HUGE back body drop on the master of thug-a-nomics, and the beatdown continued until Cena hits Angle with a thumb to the eye, and then as the final commercial was about to begin, Cena whips Angle toward Lesnar, Lesnar drops the top rope, and Angle goes flying over the top rope to the floor.


    Following the break, Angle is beating on Lesnar in the center of the ring. Back and forth action continues until Cena comes in and begins to work on the Olympic champion's back and neck area. A huge beat down ensues with the primary target being Angle's back and neck, until Lesnar goes for a gorilla press, and Angle is able to reverse it into a german suplex. Angle got the tag after that counter, but the usual incident occurred, the ref didn't see it, and the beatdown resumes. Cena trash talks to the Taker, Angle gets Cena in the ankle lock, but Lesnar drags both Cena and Angle back to their corner as Cena countered the ankle lock. The WWE champion continues the beatdown on Kurt Angle, all over the ring, as well as hitting a cheap shot on the Dead Man on the apron of the ring. Follwing that cheap shot, Angle got a small package 2 count on Lesnar, and then was able to Angle Slam the champion to get the tag to the Undertaker. Taker begins to clean house from pillar to post, snake eyes on Lesnar, chokeslam on Cena, Lesnar and Taker continue to beat the hell out of each other, then the champion hits a devastating spinebuster. Taker manages to tag in Angle following that move, and takes out everybody that moves with a belly to belly suplex. Cena grabs his chain. Ankle lock is locked in on Cena, Lesnar with the save. Cena is brought up to his feet, apparently for an angle slam, and clocks Angle with the chain for the 3 count, as Taker was outside the ring kicking the crap out of the WWE champion as Smackdown went off the air.


    Dear Mr. Vinnie Mac:

    The idea of you forcing a match at a pay per view between yourself and your daughter can be summed up in less than one word. However, I will use one word to describe my feelings on this: STUPID. RIDICULOUS. OFFENSIVE. ASSININE. REPULSIVE. GROSS. ABHORRENT. BEYOND REPROACH. Wait, that's two words.

    Your company has provided my family with years of entertainment, and it will down the road, that I am certain. However, in this time of lean pay per view buys, extreme controversy involving this business, and a lot, a LOT of your talent being extremely discontented with the direction being taken by both brands of WWE, don't you think that it's kind of unnecessary to have matches involving a father and daughter?

    My job is to only publicly describe my opinion on the Smackdown brand, but I believe I speak for my readers when I say that the RAW angle as well of the announcers fighting every week can be described with the same exact words that I used in the opening of this letter.

    Your talent pool is endless. Your ability to make characrters shine near genius. Get back to the creativity of this business that made you a billionaire, not flauting the fact that you have all this power to burn, and nobody is powerful enough to stop you.

    My children look up to your talent. My children live, eat, and breathe your business, and specifically, your company. Don't make the same mistakes that the others have made before you. You know better, you know how to make this work. You did it before. Do it again. Stop the insanity, stop the offenses, now, before it's too late.


    Michael Siciliano
    Wrestleview.com staff member

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