Full WWE RAW Results - 10/06/03 - Uncasville, CT (Mark Henry vs. Goldberg)

Reported by Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Monday, October 6, 2003 at 11:31 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 10/06/03
LIVE from: Uncasville, Connecticut - Mohegan Sun Casino
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com

Show starts showing footage of last week when HHH said heíd pay 100,000 for someone to take out Goldberg.

Match # 1
Kane vs. Rosey

Rosey takes it to Kane in the opening segments, a slam, followed by a splash but Kane rises up, fends off punches by Rosey and then nails a big boot. Now itís Kane who goes to work pounding Rosey into the corner. Kane goes for a high risk move but misses, Rosey comes firing back, splash in the corner, then a DDT, followed by a leg drop but Kane wonít stay down. Kane eventually nails the choke slam and picks up the win.

Winner: Kane

After the match Hurricane runs down to the ring and goes up top but is caught and choke slammed, then Shaneís music hits and he actually comes through the crowd and attacks Kane from behind, then takes off running as Kane marches on to the back after him.


Kane is in the back looking for Shane as Raw comes back on the air. He finds him in the parking lot after a long search, Shane runs inside of a limo, Kane starts hitting it with a pipe, breaks out a window and then climbs inside, Shane comes out one of the doors, then starts the car and it heads straight into a big truck destroying the limo with Kane still inside.

Commercial (which came right in the middle of JR and The King talking about what just happened not sure if this was on purpose or not)

Weíre back and workers are going through the limo trying to get Kane out. About a dozen replays are shown of what just happened. Austin comes up to try and see whatís going on but the workers ask him to stay away and let them work.

Match #2
Gail Kim vs. Lita

Molly joins The King and Jr. at the broadcasting booth. Molly talks of how she should have her own book also and how Lita deserves anything she gets as the match has some good back and forth action. Gail attempts to work over the neck of Lita. Lita hits with a DDT and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Lita

More footage is shown backstage as more workers arrive, Bischoff comes up but like Stone Cold is turned away.

Then footage is shown of earlier in the day of HHH and his $100,000. Heís asking Goldberg who the guy is going to be who trys to take the money . Think of the things someone could do with that kind of money, the person who takes out Goldberg could live a great lifestyle, he could even become a member of Evolution, anything could happen with that kind of money. HHH says itís real simple, Whoís Next?


HBK walks into Stone Colds office, he asks Austin for Mark Henry but Austin tells him he already made Henry vs. Goldberg. HBK says he is going to take matters into his own hands.

Scott Steiner comes down to the ring next along with Stacie. Steiner says when his freaks get out of line bad things happen. He says Stacie cost him his match with Test and that meant heíd have to take orders from Test, he tells Stacie that he wants an apology from Stacie. Bischoff comes out and says finally the Scott Steiner he knows has decided to return. Bischoff says he is going to hand pick Steinerís next opponent.


Match # 3
Scott Steiner vs. Spike

Jr. says that Kane has now been removed from the limo. They show Kane on a stretcher and heís out cold and a bloody mess. Heís put into an ambulance and taken away. They go back to the ring and Steiner is having his way with Spike. Steiner easily wins the match, little to no offense for Spike. After the match Steiner continues to work over Spike, then the Dudleys hit the ring but Test comes down and pulls Steiner out of the ring, then drags Stacie off.

Winner: Scott Steiner

La Resistance is in the back and they plan an attack on Goldberg to collect the money, Goldberg takes out all 3 pretty easily, breaking the French flag over the back of one member.


They return and Bischoff is asking a guy what happened with Kane, the guy tells Bischoff what happened with Shane. Bischoff says the whole thing is because of Austin, if Kane dies then itís because of Austin.

Highlight Reel

Jericho heads down to the ring along with Coach, Lance Storm, and Christian. Jericho says he isnít surprised about what happened with Kane, things like this happen when Austin is in change. It was Austin who unleashed the monster Kane. He knows the board of directors are in attendance and he asks of them to release Steve Austin. Itís not just him who wants Austin out, he has others who are there to tell their own tales. Coach is the first to speak, he says everyone knows he and Al Snow beat King and Jr. fairly at Unforgiven, he should be broadcasting but it was Austin who gave "his boy" a rematch unfairly. Next to speak is Christian. He beat RVD at the ppv, then the next night on Raw but that wasnít good enough for Austin, he had to give RVD a rematch in a ladder match. Highlights are shown of that match. He lost his IC and itís all Austinís fault, he hates Stone Cold. Next to speak is Lance Storm, Storm though tells Jericho that he is full of crap. Stone Cold changed his life, for the first time in his life he is happy and heís having fun, he owes it all to Austin, he thinks that heís doing a great job. Jericho on the other hand is doing a great job of being a jackass, Christian and Jericho attack Storm and then Austionís music hits.

Jericho continues to beat on Storm anyways and tells Austin to stop it, RVD hitís the ring before anything happens and Jericho and Christian get out. Austin books Jericho and Christian in a match vs. Storm and RVD. That match is going to happen right now.

Match #4
Jericho & Christian vs. RVD and Storm

Itís Christian working on RVD to start the match off but RVD is able to make the tag to Storm who for a moment is able to fend off both Jericho and Christian. Before long all 4 men are in and out of the ring but slows down as a little double team work slows down Storm. They work over on Storm for awhile, Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Storm reverses it into a pin and gets a near fall. Storm gets an extra burst of life and starts fighting off both men, he makes the tag to RVD who hitís the ring and cleans house. All four men are in the ring again before Storm is taken to the outside. RVD hits rolling thunder on Jericho who manages to get his foot on the rope. Van Dam hitís the five star on Christian but then Jericho hitís the Lion Sault on RVD but gets only 2. A moment later Jericho gets on the Walls of Jericho, RVD gets to the ropes and makes the tag to Storm who hits a missle drop kick on Jericho and gets the win!!! Great match

Winners: RVD and Lance Storm


Mark Henry is talked to in the back and he says he is going to collect on the money.

Match # 5
Randy Orton & Ric Flair vs. Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

A pretty good match, the kids look better and better every week. Back and forth action, Cade and Garrison work over on Flair, then Flair and Orton work over on Cade. Later in the match all 4 man are in for high level action. Orton nails Garrison with the RKO and Flair covers him to pick up the win.

Winners: Randy Orton and Ric Flair

In the back Maven mocks Flair and Orton, Maven tells Flair that he is confident, and confident in one thing, that he can beat him in the ring. He challenges Flair to a match next week. Flair accepts, says heís had more championships then Maven has had women. (actually heís had more of those then most men have had women)

Match # 6
Stevie Richards & Victoria vs. Maven & Trish

Starts with Maven working over Richards before Stevie tags in Victoria, which also brings in Trish. Richards gets in a cheap shot on Trish allowing Victoria to take advantage for awhile. Maven and Richards are both tagged back in and just as the first time Maven does a nice job of working over Richards. Maven hitís a bulldog off the top rope and gets the pin. After the match Victoria sends Trish into the steps.

Winners: Maven and Trish


Match # 7
Mark Henry vs. Goldberg

The ref tells Rodney Mack that he canít stay at ring side and heís sent to the back. Henry takes advantage from the beginning using his strength, he backs Goldberg into a corner, Goldberg fights out of it, he hits him with a few clotheslines but canít take Henry down. Finally Goldberg takes down Henry, but his advantage is short lived as Henry beats Goldberg down again into a corner. Goldberg again fights back but it taken down with a sideslam, Goldberg all of a sudden comes to life with a slam and a couple of clotheslines, but enters Mack with a Chair, but HBK comes down to the rescue. Goldberg goes to spear Henry but misses and hits HBK. Goldberg hits Henry with a jackhammer. Goldberg celebrates as Raw goes off the air.

Thoughts and Comments

Wow, I thought the whole thing with Shane and Kane was well done myself, I kept looking though for Kane to not be in the car and to rise up through it all but didnít.

Why did the announcers act as if it was the worse thing in the world, that he didnít deserve this? This is the same guy who lights people on fire, who tried to torch Shaneís nuts and who almost killed him in a hospital a couple of weeks back, oh well.

God Gail Kim is ugly

I liked Lance Storm tonight, I was afraid they were going to have him go back to his old character tonight, the way he stood up to Jericho was great, we need to see more of him.

Iím so glad Steiner is back as a heel, heís better by far like this, I like the idea of he and Test being together too. I look forward to seeing them feud with the Dudleys if in fact that is where they decide to go with this.

Mark Henry is actually looking good too, the main event was better then I expected.

Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, I didnít really like them at first but they are growing on me.

I like the direction they are heading with Maven, should be a great match with him and Flair next week, I still think and hope he joins Evolution.

The last two weeks of Raw have been much better IMO, shows are so much better when the focus of the show isnĎt on what the next PPV is going to be, I could be all for less ppvs.

I downloaded Machoís song "Be a Man" it was better then I thought, I wouldnít ever take him serious as a rapper but it wasnít nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Give me feedback, let me hear from you, thinking about the direction of Raw I know we all have our own ideas of how to improve it. Give me yours, what storylines would you have run over the course of the next few months, what matches? Donít give me personal attacks, ex. HHH this or that, give me ideas, Iím interested in what you have to say. Iím out for now, hope you enjoyed my report.