Full WWE RAW Results - 10/20/03 - Wilkes-Barre, PA ($100k collected)

Reported by Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Monday, October 20, 2003 at 11:46 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 10/20/03
Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Reported By: Stephen Lyle of WrestleView.com

Before the show they have a picture in memory of Road Warrior Hawk, Iíd like to add that I watched him as a kid and LOD was my favorite team for a long time, heíll be missed.


Highlights of HHH putting the bounty on Goldbergís head and of the events leading to tonightís match up between Goldberg and HBK.

Austin comes out to the ring to start the show. He says heís in a good mood and has a reason to be, he has a note that says Stone Cold, me and you in the ring at 9, which he says must mean that someone wants to provoke him. Out comes Test along with Stacie, Test has a crutch due to his broken foot. He says heís the one who wrote the note, because there is nothing heís like to do more then take out Austin right now but he canít thanks to Austin and his reckless match making. Since thatís his fault, he wants an apology for that and for what he did to his property last week. Austin gives this bird to both Test and Stacie. Austin tells Stacie he didnít want to stun her last week but he hopes she learned a lesson last week, when he offers a beer to do one of a few things A) respectfully decline, B) walk away or C) drink away. Test doesnít allow her to answer.

Austin tries to get Test to provoke him, Stacie pushes Test into Austin, Austin gives Test the stunner. Bischoff comes up on the titration; he says what just happened was really sad. Bischoff makes a challenge to Austin in a 5 team Survivor Series match, if Austinís team wins the rule about him having had someone provoke him is gone but if Bischoffís teams wins Austin is out as GM. Bischoff says he already has 2 guys who want to be on his team, Jericho and Steiner are standing next to Bischoff. Austin says OH HELL YEAH to the challenge. Stacie catches a beer thrown towards Austin, and she drinks right down along with him.


I saw an add for the upcoming Smack down game for PS2, God I canít wait

Match # 1 WWE Tag Team Championship
Dudleys vs. La Resistance

Dudleys dedicate the match to Hawk. Early on La Resistance is able to take it to Dvon, some early double teaming gives them control. Finally Dvon is able to make the tag into Bubba who comes in on fire clearing the ring of the Frenchmen. Dudleys go for the Whatís up but Dvon is knocked off the top. They do a double team slam on Bubba but heís able to kick out at 2. Dudleys win the match with the Doomsday device so often used by Hawk of LOD.

Winners: The Dudleys


Bischoff is telling Steiner and Jericho how important the match with RVD and Storm tonight is.

Terri interviews Flair and Orton. Orton guarantees that Goldberg will be taken out tonight, and the100,000 will be collected. Flair says heís going to take out Maven tonight. Booker T comes up saying heís going to make a statement tonight, Orton says he can make a statement tonight by collecting the 100,000 tonight, Booker T says Orton is nobody, he slaps Orton, says he will make a name for himself tonight by taking out Orton in the ring tonight.


Match #2
Booker T vs. Randy Orton

Orton is wrestling in his street pants. Booker T starts the match on fire but Orton is able to slow the Booker Man down and wrestle him to the mat. But Booker T fights back with kicks, hits Orton with the scissors kick, Orton goes to the outside and gets counted out. Booker T says heíd better run because Booker T is back. Booker T then says that he will be on Austinís team for Survivor Series.

Winner: Booker T


Match # 3 World Heavyweight championship
HBK vs. Goldberg

Goldberg comes out of the lockeroom, Mark Henry comes from behind and throws Goldberg through a door and knocks him out, Teddy Long says itís time to go and collect the money.

NO Match


Med workers are in the back working over Goldberg, Austin comes up to ask what happened, he asked if Goldberg was going to be ok, the med workers say they donít know.

Match # 3
Jericho & Scott Steiner vs. RVD and Lance Storm

Storm comes to the ring dancing, pretty entertaining. Starts with Steiner and RVD, Sorted amount of kicks from RVD, goes for an early pin but gets a 2, Steiner uses his power to fight back, matches the kicks of RVD with slams. RVD makes a tag to Storm, Steiner rolls out of the ring, Jericho tries to call for a timeout. While in the ring Storm does some dancing along with some great wrestling, heís become really entertaining. Storm gets knocked to the outside by Jericho, after this Jericho and Steiner are able to work on Storm, a few close counts during this time. RVD goes to the top rope and hitís a kick on Steiner who was standing on the apron, great move, Jericho rolls him up after but gets a 2. A lot of action going on after this, Steiner takes Storm out by throwing him into the steps, then hits RVD with a chair in the back, Jericho picks up the 3 count. Great match.

Winners: Jericho and Scott Steiner

Med workers are still attending to Goldberg, Bischoff comes and asks if the match will still go on tonight, he says Goldberg isnít really hurt, that he just wants to get out of his match tonight, Goldberg says itís going to take a hell of a lot more then that to keep him out of the match tonight, he says the match is on.


Come back and they talk more of Hawk, then they talk about Stu Hart, they show a great video on the life of Stu Hart, very touching moment.

Flair is on the phone saying Henry didnít take out Goldberg so he doesnít get the money but that he does have someone who is going to take out Goldberg tonight.

Jericho walks up to Trish, says last week wasnít a big deal, Trish says she knows he was only trying to prove a point to Austin last week but she still wants to say thank you, Jericho says last week wasnít about Austin, he really respects her, they stare for a moment, then both ramble and walk off, interesting.

Orton is sitting in the back, Jindrak and Cade come up to him and say they are there about the bounty, but they have a different way of getting it, they attack Orton and run off with the money.


Match # 4
Trish & Lita vs. Molly & Victoria

Some early double teaming on Trish as sheís isolated from Lita. She pretty much gets in no offense but is able to make the tag. Lita comes in and regains control for her team, tags back into Trish and they use some double team moves to take control but while the ref has his back turned Stevie Richards comes in and attacks Trish, allowing Victoria to get a 3 count. After the match the girls and Richards keep up with the attack but Christian comes to the rescue.

Winners: Molly and Victoria


Match # 5
Maven vs. Ric Flair

Flair dances as he gets in the ring, taking off his robe, while doing this Maven attacks. The kid is fired up at first but the crafty veteran is able to wrestle him to the mat. Maven does some fighting back though, a forearm takes down the legend. Some high flying moves, high cross body but he only gets 2. A moment later Flair rolls up Maven and uses the tights to pick up the 3. Maven is left in the ring with a "I canít believe that look" but at the same time a look of respect.

Winner: Ric Flair

Orton is still looking for Cade and Jindrak in the back as Flair comes up bragging about the match, Orton tells Flair about what happened with the money. They go looking for the money as police officers run past them, they surround Kane who has arrived.

Weíre back and Kane is on his way to the ring along with all the police guards. Kane still has marks all over his face, he says he knows Shane is there but tells him not to come out. Because he wants him to listen. He said it all started with Shaneís mother, she thought she could control him and stop him but she found out that she couldnít. He says what he did to her felt good, inflicting pain turns him on. He says Shane canít stop him, nothing can stop him. He will give him one last chance at Survivor Series, there is nothing that he wonít do to him, there is no line that he will not cross, no amount of suffering he will not inflict in order for him to feel his pain. Survivor Series will be the end for Shane but his pain has just begun.

In the back Jindrak and Cade are going out with the money, someone attacks them and takes the money, itís HHH!!! He goes back inside with the $100,000.


Back from the break Flair and Orton are still talking about the money, HHH walks up to them, Flair tells HHH that Orton lost the money. HHH tells Orton not to lose the money again and hands it to him. HHH guarantees that someone will take the money tonight.

Match # 6 World Heavyweight Championship
HBK vs. Goldberg

Early on HBK hammers Goldberg into the corner, Goldberg fights out of it with one punch that takes down HBK. But HBK gets right back in control of the match with a couple of drop kicks, doesnít last long though as Goldberg hitís a gorilla slam and a huge clothesline. They fight their way to the outside, hbk backs Goldberg into the steel post, gets him back in the ring and again works the champ into the corner. HBK hits Goldberg with an elbow off the top, covers but gets 2. He sets up for sweet chin music but Goldberg hits him with a clothesline. Goldberg hitís a big slam, sets up for the spear but misses and hitís the ref. Sweet chin music by HBK and both men are down, including the ref. Another one comes down and starts counting both men out, Batista pulls HBK out of the ring and lays him out. Then he enters the ring and does a number on Goldberg. Heís actually bigger then Goldberg, throws him around the ring with ease. He gets a chair, puts Goldbergs foot in it and comes off the top rope, shades of Steve Austin on Brian Pillman. The music of Evolution hits and HHH, Flair, and Orton walk out to greet Batista and give him the bounty. Raw goes off with Evolution celebrating.

Thoughts and Comments

Did Mark Henry really think that was going to take Goldberg out for good?

The thing that keeps me watching wrestling and makes it interesting is the ability to surprise us. Tonight I was surprised when HHH came and took the money, I was surprised when Batista showed up, great job WWE.

Great match for Survivor Series, and itís a classic style match, Iím impressed. Hopefully they will add another classic survivor series match or two to the list, maybe Smackdown can at least add one.

Whatís up with Jericho and Trish, that could be interesting and Christian making the save tonight and the look he gave Lita, whatís up with dat?

Lance Storm again looked great tonight, I hope they put him in the Survivor Series 10 man tag, just please donít make him the first eliminated.

Did I mention that I canít wait for the new Smackdown game to come out?

Wonder what type of match Kane and Shane will have, I want a casket match.

Maven looked good tonight, the look he gave Flair after the match makes me think more then ever that he will be the next member of Evolution.

So what did you think of Raw tonight? What do you think of me, love me or hate me? Let me know