Full WWE SmackDown Results - 11/6/03 - Buffalo, New York

Reported by Ryan Allen of WrestleView.com
» On Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 10:21 PM EST

Note: Our regular SmackDown reporter Mike Siciliano was unable to recap the show tonight, but he will be back next week!

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All Aboard!
Nov. 6, 2003

With only 10 days to go until Survivor Series, it was announced that Faarooq would be lost for Survivor Series, thanks to an attack by Team Lesnar last week. If that was not bad enough for Team Angle, within minutes after SmackDown! began, it was also revealed that John Cena would be offered the final spot on Team Lesnar and, on top of that, Team Angle would be forced to survive a Handicap Match between Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit against four members of Team Lesnar.

When it seemed like things could not get any worse for Team Angle, the one glimmer of hope that arose was Cena himself. Cena shocked the SmackDown! audience and rejected the offer from Paul Heyman to join Team Lesnar. After his act of defiance, Cena received a vicious beating at the hands of Team Lesnar and A-Train, who would later become the final member of Team Lesnar. However, by evening’s end, Cena was out for revenge, attacking members of Team Lesnar. Despite his efforts, however, Cena and Team Angle ended up laid out in the ring at the conclusion of SmackDown!

Despite Eddie Guerrero's recent struggles, he proved why he is known as one of the toughest veterans in WWE when he stunned the Basham Brothers with a win in their Handicap Match. Guerrero’s win was huge considering that Chavo was banned from ringside by SmackDown! GM Paul Heyman, but Guerrero was able to score the win. As a result, Los Guerreros will face the Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Championship next week on SmackDown!

SmackDown! will air for the final time before Survivor Series next Thursday. Will Los Guerreros regain the WWE Tag Team Championship? There is only one way to find out… watch SmackDown! next Thursday at 8/7 CT on UPN!

Match results:

  • John Cena defeated Rey Mysterio

  • Big Show defeated Bradshaw

  • Eddie Guerrero defeated the Basham Brothers in a Handicap Match

  • Jamie Noble & Ultimo Dragon defeated Tajiri & Nunzio

  • Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit defeated Brock Lesnar, A-Train, Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones via disqualification in a Handicap Match