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On Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 5:48 PM EST

There was said to be lots of concern about Kurt Angle's health at the Slammiversary PPV two weeks ago. According to reports, things got so bad that Karen Angle was described as almost being in hysterics and had to be consoled by Tomko in assuring her that Kurt was okay to work despite appearing to be out of it. Kurt wanted to work the recent UK tour, but the company asked him to rest up and simply make appearances instead.

Despite earlier rumors, there is said to be nothing regarding the possibility of TNA wanting to use The Ultimate Warrior.

Former WWE star Bobby Lashley has apparently been vocal about TNA. Lashley is said to be more interested in working on a "per show" basis for independents around the world. He was overheard saying he wants the kind of schedule that Chris Masters is currently working so he is leaning against going to TNA.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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