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On Friday, June 27, 2008 at 6:15 PM EST

As plans stand now regarding Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash, TNA is looking to go in a different direction for the Bound For Glory main event later this year on October 12. While there are plans to have a Joe vs. Nash PPV match in the next few months, they are wanting to establish a stronger main event program for what they consider to be the biggest show of the year for them. Joe vs. Nash could be coming in August or September.

Speaking of Samoa Joe, while many people within TNA are outwardly behind him as the TNA World Champion, there remains some second-guessing about him as the "top guy" having the title right now. This more so has to do with the fact that Joe doesn't physically look like the prototype for a "big league" headliner because of his physique. Despite some having this opinion, Joe was said to have done well at the recent Midwest TNA events with Kurt Angle not appearing or wrestling on the card. He was said to have done with post-show Polaroid sales in the ring and while the sales were not at the level of Angle's, he was said to have done well.

MMA star Frank Trigg has been training every time he comes to Orlando for TV tapings. Trigg has been described as a natural at pro wrestling and has strong talking and character skills. There are said to be plans to have Trigg begin wrestling for TNA soon and to team him up with Kurt Angle for a possible tag team.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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