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On Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 3:03 PM EST

Mark Holdsworth sent these notes in:

TNA makes its first ever appearance in Chicago with Bound For Glory 4 on October 12th. The Sears Center Venue, host to this years event is a 11,000-seat multi-purpose arena, one of the biggest venues TNA has ever used for a PPV. It remains to be seen if they will section off certain areas or use the whole arena, that being said the first two tiers of seats are sold out already (Ticket Prices: 152.00 (sold out), 127.00 (sold out), 77.00, 52.00, 37.00, 22.00 remain), which is a good sign, hopefully with more local publicity and TNA's new video game release, we will see this number grow.

TNA bills this event as their Superbowl or their Wrestlemania, as a result it is good to see them focusing on making this PPV the best of the year. Already the line up appears to be stacked with some standout matches (first ever meetings of Joe vs. Sting and Angle vs. Jarrett), plus they have done a good job building to this show for many months now, something TNA has lacked in the pass for other PPV's, but continues to do well for BFG. The build for Jarrett vs. Sting at BFG '06 was begun months in advance, as was last years Angle vs. Sting main event. Sting himself always seems to put a little more effort in at this PPV as well, having his two best matches in TNA at Bound For Glory. TNA's has even up the price for BFG to $34.95, from the regular $29.95 to show that this is their premiere event.

On a side note, it has been confirmed that TNA's “Final Resolution” PPV will take place on Sunday December 7th, 2008 in Orlando FL at Universal Studios as a contest is now running with Viewers Choice to promote the event, in fact Kevin Nash taped a spot for this promotion when he was in Toronto for TNA's No Surrender PPV.

One other odd note, even though TNA has begun promoting Bound For Glory with roman numerals (their first ever PPV to do so, to give a feel of the Superbowl or Wrestlemania), calling it Bound For Glory IV, TNA's has never actually called it number "4" on TV.

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