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This is a listing of the known WWWF/WWF/WWE as well as WCW and ECW events which have either taken place or aired on this day. For more information, visit

Graham Cawthon

WWWF @ Bridgeport, CT – Arena - October 29, 1963
Television taping:
Bobo Brazil defeated the Shadow via disqualification
Bobo Brazil defeated Frank Martinez
The Shadow defeated Carlos Milano
The Fabulous Kangaroos defeated Eugenio Marin & Chris Jelevarou
Miguel Perez defeated Gordo Chihuahua
Pedro Morales defeated Joe Quinones
Klondike Bill defeated Pedro Rodriguez
Vittorio Apollo defeated Paul Reinhardt
Dory Dixon defeated Pete Sanchez

WWWF @ Boston, MA - Boston Garden - October 29, 1965
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Chief Big Heart defeated Bill & Dan Miller

WWWF @ New Haven, CT – October 29, 1966
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino fought Bill Miller to a draw

WWWF @ Washington DC - National Arena - October 29, 1970
Vincenti Pometti defeated Miguel Feliciano
Gorilla Monsoon defeated Joe Turco & Carlos Peredes in a handicap match
Ivan Koloff defeated Arnold Skaaland
Manuel Soto defeated Mike Conrad
Victor Rivera defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Crusher Verdu & the Black Demon at the 17-minute mark

WWWF @ North Attleboro, MA - Witschi's Sports Arena - October 29, 1971
Mike Pappas vs. Jack Evans
Manuel Soto vs. Mike Monroe
Jimmy Valiant vs. Mike Conrad
Chief Jay Strongbow & Rene Goulet vs. the Russians

WWWF @ Boston, MA - Boston Garden - October 29, 1973
Andre the Giant defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka

WWWF @ Hamburg, PA - Fieldhouse - October 29, 1975
Television taping:
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Sprios Arion
Televised matches:
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna

WWWF @ Harrisburg, PA - Zembo Mosque - October 29, 1976
Arnold Skaaland pinned Mark Tendler at 12:31
Johnny Rivera pinned Pete McKay at 13:24
Kevin Sullivan pinned Johnny Rodz at 9:25
Tor Kamata pinned SD Jones at 15:34
Andre the Giant & Billy White Wolf defeated WWWF Tag Team Champions the Executioners in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0; fall #1 - the champions were disqualified; fall #2 - Andre scored the pinfall

WWWF @ Baltimore, MD - Civic Center - October 29, 1977
Lenny Hurst defeated Joe Turco
Johnny Rodz defeated Dennis Johnson
Larry Sharpe & Jack Evans defeated Johnny Rivera & Frankie Williams
Tony Garea defeated Stan Stasiak via disqualification
Ivan Putski defeated WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham via referee's decision when the match was stopped due to blood
Vivian St. John & Wenona Little Heart defeated Leilani Kai & Kitty Adams
Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji fought Chief Jay Strongbow & Peter Maivia to a draw

Orlando, FL - October 29, 1978
Ali Bey defeated Raul Mata
Prince Tonga defeated Pete Austin
Rocky Johnson & Jim Garvin defeated Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito via disqualification
Dusty Rhodes defeated Bobby Duncum in a bunkhouse match
WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund fought NWA World Champion Harley Race to a draw

WWWF @ Asbury Park, NJ - Convention Hall - October 29, 1981
Bulldog Brower vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna
Larry Sharpe vs. Jerry Johnson
Don Muraco vs. Dominic DeNucci
Pedro Morales, Rick Martel, & Tony Garea vs. Lou Albano, WWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito

WWF @ North Adams - October 29, 1981
Johnny Rodz defeated Angelo Gomez
Jose Estrada defeated Joel Cox
Pat Patterson defeated Hans Schroeder
Killer Khan defeated SD Jones
Greg Valentine defeated Curt Hennig
Tony Atlas defeated Angelo Mosca via count-out

WWF @ Lowell, MA - Memorial Auditorium - October 29, 1982
Johnny Rodz defeated Pete Mitchell
Rocky Johnson defeated Mr. Saito
Salvatore Bellomo (sub. for Pete Sanchez) defeated Swede Hanson
Curt Hennig defeated the White Angel
Tony Garea defeated Johnny Rodz
Superstar Billy Graham defeated Ivan Putski (sub. for Tony Garea) via disqualification
WWF IC Chapion Pedro Morales vs. Buddy Rose

WWF @ Etobicoke, Ontario - Olympium - October 29, 1984
Sgt. Slaughter & Tito Santana vs. the Iron Sheik & WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine

WWF @ Pensacola, FL - Civic Center - October 29, 1985
Included Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat

WWF @ Worcester, MA - Centrum - October 29, 1985
WWF Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake vs. Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Junior
Andre the Giant vs. King Kong Bundy
Terry Funk vs. Junkyard Dog

Prime Time Wrestling

- Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) pinned Paul Roma at 6:57 after twice hitting the flying elbowsmash; prior to the bout, Howard Finkel introduced Otto Wanz to the crowd, introduced as the European Heavyweight Champion (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)
- Scott McGhee pinned Les Thornton with a reverse roll up into a bridge at 18:20 (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)
- Cpl. Kirchner pinned Moondog Spot at 2:45 with a Samoan Drop (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)
- Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) at 18:31 when Dynamite pinned Bret after after a diving headbutt off the top behind the referee's back as Hart had Smith covered; after the bout, the Harts attacked Dynamite with Jimmy Hart's megaphone (Best of the WWF Vol. 7) (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)
- The Missing Link pinned Lanny Poffo at 5:59 with a diving headbutt from the middle turnbuckle (Link's last MSG appearance) (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)
- Adrian Adonis (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Rick McGraw at 10:06 with the DDT (McGraw's last MSG appearance) (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)
- Bob Orton Jr. pinned SD Jones (sub. for George Wells) at 12:07 with a reverse splash off the top (9/23/85; Madison Square Garden)

WWF @ Glens Falls, NY - Civic Center - October 29, 1986 (8,500)
Wrestling Challenge taping:
Koko B. Ware defeated WWF IC Champion Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) via count-out; this was a rematch from the match listed below, which aired 11/16
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff
11/9/86 - included Paul Orndorff & Bobby Heenan as guests of the Snake Pit:
The Junkyard Dog & George Steele defeated Joe Mirto & Al Navarro at 1:26 when JYD pinned Mirto with the powerslam
Hercules (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Scott McGhee via submission with the backbreaker at 1:06
Hillbilly Jim & Billy Jack Haynes defeated Jimmy Jack Funk & Rick Renslow at 1:53 when Renslow submitted to Haynes' full nelson
Butch Reed (w/ Slick) pinned Jerry Allen at 2:19 with the flying clothesline
The Islanders defeated Frenchy Martin & Dave Wagner at 2:26 when Tama pinned Wagner with the splash off the top
11/16/86 - included Slick & Butch Reed as guests of the Snake Pit:
WWF IC Champion Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) fought Koko B. Ware to a double count-out in a non-title match at 3:10
King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Cpl. Kirchner at 2:20 with the cradle suplex
Tito Santana & Pedro Morales defeated John Jackson & Steve Regal at 3:01 when Morales pinned Jackson with a backbreaker
Kamala (w/ the Grand Wizard & Kimchee) pinned Kurt Koffman at the 53 second mark with a splash
The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Slick) defeated Johnny Mann & Nick Kiniski at 2:31 when the Sheik locked Mann in the Camel Clutch
Capt. Lou Albano, WWF Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, & Johnny V at 3:39 when Albano pinned Johnny V following the running powerslam from Smith and kneedrop off the top from Dynamite (Albano's retirement match)
11/23/86 - included WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan as a guest of the Snake Pit in which he told Jake Roberts off before abruptly leaving the set; featured footage of the ending to the Machines / Studd & Bundy bout from the 11/15 Superstars:
Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated the Moondogs at 3:51 when Neidhart pinned Rex following the Hart Attack behind the referee's back
Rick Martel & Tom Zenk defeated the Gladiator & Barry O at 3:23 when Martel pinned the Gladiator following a slingshot splash
Sika (w/ the Wizard) pinned Paul Roma with a Samoan Drop at 1:45
Dino Bravo (w/ Johnny V) pinned Mario Mancini with the back suplex at 2:35
Dick Slater pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 3:47 with an elbow off the top to the head
Don Muraco (w/ Mr. Fuji) & Bob Orton Jr. (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell via disqualification at the 5-minute mark after the Blair pushed referee Danny Davis as Davis was about to make the count as Muraco had Brunzell covered after Orton interfered as Davis tried to get Blair out of the ring; prior to the bout, Muraco & Orton came to the ring wearing kilts and using Roddy Piper's theme

WWF @ San Diego, CA - Sports Arena - October 29, 1987
Included Randy Savage

Prime Time Wrestling
10/29/87 - included an interview with Ted Dibiase & Virgil, where Dibiase offered $500 to a young boy named Shaun to bounce a basketball 15 times in a row; just as Shaun bounced it 14 times, Dibiase kicked the ball away and paid him nothing (10/6/87; Milwaukee, WI; Mecca):
- Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) pinned Sika at 6:48 with the slingshot splash after Sika ran into the corner (10/3/87; Boston Garden)
- Jim Duggan pinned Johnny K-9 at 2:42 with the running clothesline (10/11/87; Maple Leaf Gardens)
- Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov (w/ Slick) defeated Lance Allen & Sonny Rogers at 4:49 when Zhukov pinned Allen with a diving headbutt (10/6/87; Milwaukee, WI; Mecca)
- Butch Reed (w/ Slick) pinned Superstar Billy Graham at 6:06 with his feet on the ropes after Graham punched Slick off the ring apron; Sir Oliver Humperdink did guest commentary for the bout, replacing Johnny V (10/11/87; Maple Leaf Gardens)
- Ken Patera, Billy Jack Haynes, & Don Muraco defeated the Islanders & Bob Orton Jr. when Muraco pinned Orton at 13:37 after an attempted superplex failed when Patera hit Orton with his cast and Muraco fell on top for the win (10/7/87; Green Bay, WI; Veterans Memorial Arena)

WWF @ Richmond, VA - Coliseum - October 29, 1988
Included the Red Rooster, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty, the Powers of Pain, Jim Duggan, and Ted Dibiase

NWA @ New Orleans, LA - Municipal Auditorium - October 29, 1988
Kevin Sullivan defeated Dusty Rhodes via disqualification
Steve Williams defeated Larry Zbyzsko
The Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) defeated NWA Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (w/ Jim Cornette) to win the titles at around the 4:30 mark when Road Warrior Animal pinned Bobby Eaton with a clothesline, immediately after Animal was sent into the corner; prior to the bout, Ellering attacked Cornette on the floor while Eaton was double teamed and had his head busted open on the outside of the ring (The Life & Death of the Road Warriors)
Lex Luger defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification

WWF Superstars
Taped 10/5/88; Ft. Wayne, IN
10/29/88 - included Hercules as a guest of the Brother Love Show in which WWF World Champion Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth came out, with Savage saying he wanted to shake Hercules' hand, then doing so; featured the fifth 'Mr. Perfect' vignette of him playing basketball:
WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated John Latu & Mike Richards at 1:51 when Ax pinned Richards following the Decapitation
Greg Valentine defeated Scott Casey via submission with the shinguard-assisted figure-4 at 2:20
Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Sandy Beach & Brian Costello at 2:51 when Jannetty pinned Costello with a crossbody off the top as Michaels held Costello up in a suplex
The Red Rooster (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Reno Riggins via submission with the Scorpion Death Lock at 1:31
Bad News Brown pinned Red Tyler at 2:03 with the Ghetto Blaster
Brutus Beefcake defeated Gene Ligon via submission with the sleeper at 1:48
The Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Tom Walsh at 1:02 with the Shake, Rattle, & Roll

WWF @ Las Vegas, NV - Thomas & Mack Center - October 29, 1988 (3,000)
Scott Casey defeated Jose Estrada
The Blue Blazer pinned Barry Horowitz
Brutus Beefcake defeated Ron Bass; after the bout, Bass attacked Beefcake with his spurs until the Blue Blazer and Scott Casey made the save
WWF Women's Champion Sensational Sherri pinned Rockin Robin (Robin's title win in Paris earlier in the month had yet to be recognized in the US)
Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
Tito Santana defeated Akeem via count-out
Bad News Brown pinned Koko B. Ware
Mr. Perfect pinned Jim Brunzell
WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated the Honkytonk Man via count-out at 3:15

WWF @ Baltimore, MD - Arena - October 25, 1988
Saturday Night's Main Event #17 - 10/29/88 on NBC (8.7) - featured opening comments from Jake & Cheryl Roberts, Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan, Slick & the Big Bossman, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart, WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition, Jimmy Hart & Mr. Fuji, and Hulk Hogan, with Miss Elizabeth, regarding their upcoming matches; included Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura on commentary; featured a video package recapping the Roberts / Rude feud; included Gene Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Rude & Heenan regarding Rude's upcoming match with Roberts and his wearing tights with Cheryl's face on them; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Jake & Cheryl Roberts regarding Jake's upcoming match with Rude:
Jake Roberts (w/ Cheryl Roberts) defeated Rick Rude (w/ Bobby Heenan) via disqualification at 7:22 when Heenan climbed in the ring and kicked Roberts as Roberts began ripping off Rude's tights, which featured Cheryl's face, after hitting the DDT; after the bout, Andre the Giant came to the ring and threw Roberts to the floor before going over to check on Rude with Heenan; moments later, Roberts took Damien out of his snake bag and scared Andre with it before throwing it on Andre, with Andre then falling down and clutching his chest; after Andre passed out, Jake held Damien in the air as he stood over Andre's body (Best of the WWF Vol. 18)
WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji & Jimmy Hart) defeated Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart at 5:58 when Smash pinned Neidhart by hitting him with Jimmy Hart's megaphone when Neidhart grabbed for Raymond Rougeau on the ring apron moments after Jacques & Raymond Rougeau came ringside
Hulk Hogan (w/ Miss Elizabeth) pinned King Haku (w/ Bobby Heenan) at 6:16 with the legdrop; Heenan was helped backstage during the bout after Hogan had pulled him in front of him when Haku was jumping from the apron (Hulk Hogan - Real American)
Dino Bravo (w/ Frenchy Martin) pinned Ken Patera at 3:03 with the side suplex
The Big Bossman pinned Jim Powers with the sidewalk slam at 2:34 (More Saturday Night's Main Event)

WWF @ Lakeland, FL - Civic Center - October 29, 1988
Included WWF World Champion Randy Savage

Wrestling Challenge

Taped 10/3/89; Toledo, OH; Sports Arena
10/29/89 - included Gene Okerlund conducting a podium interview with Ted Dibiase, Zeus, & the Powers of Pain regarding their match at the Survivor Series; featured closing comments from WWF Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard and Demolition regarding their match the following week:
Jimmy Snuka pinned the Brooklyn Brawler at 2:48 with the top rope splash
Andre the Giant & Haku (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Paul Roma & Chuck Coates at 4:02 when Andre pinned Coates with an elbow drop following a side kick to the face from Haku
Bret Hart pinned Barry Horowitz at 2:27 with the piledriver
Mr. Perfect (w/ the Genius) pinned Mark Young with the Perfect Plex at 2:04
Dusty Rhodes pinned Joe Cruz with the Bionic elbow drop at 1:28
Rick Rude (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Tim Horner at 2:16 with the Rude Awakening
Ron Garvin defeated Tony Burton via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock at 2:40

WWF @ Colorado Springs, CO - Broadmoor World Arena - October 29, 1989 (1,600)
The Honkytonk Man pinned Jim Neidhart
Tugboat pinned Barry Horowitz
Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
Paul Roma pinned Ted Danz
Haku pinned the Red Rooster
Rick Martel pinned Brutus Beefcake
Jake Roberts defeated Ted Dibiase via disqualification

NWA @ Charlotte, NC - Coliseum - October 29, 1989
Rescheduled from 9/24 due to Hurricane Hugo
Included NWA World Champion Ric Flair, NWA TV Champion the Great Muta, Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey

WWF @ Toronto, Ontario - Maple Leaf Gardens - October 29, 1989 (9,000)
Prime Time Wrestling - 12/11/89: Nikolai Volkoff pinned Jose Luis Rivera when the momentum of a crossbody by Rivera put Volkoff on top
Hercules defeated Akeem via count-out
Dino Bravo defeated Bret Hart via count-out after Hart was knocked off the apron into the ringside barrier, breaking his ribs and sternum in the process; after the bout, Hart was taken backstage on a stretcher
WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
Dusty Rhodes pinned the Big Bossman
WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated Andre the Giant (w/ Bobby Heenan) via disqualification at 10:41 after Andre shoved the referee in front of the champion; after the altercation but before the bell rang to end the match, Andre further attacked the champion and executed several headbutts to the back of the head before dropping an elbow and making the cover; moments later, as Andre celebrated with the title belt, Warrior attacked him from behind and knocked him to the floor (The Ultimate Warrior)
Randy Savage pinned Jim Duggan

NWA @ Anderson, SC - October 29, 1990
Television taping:
The Nasty Boys defeated Chris & Mark Youngblood via disqualification
Steve Armstrong defeated Stan Lane
Terry Taylor fought NWA TV Champion Arn Anderson to a no contest
Ric Flair defeated Buddy Landell

Prime Time Wrestling

- Davey Boy Smith pinned the Brooklyn Brawler at 2:20 with the running powerslam (WWF Superstars - 10/9/90; Springfield, IL; Prairie Capital Convention Center)
- Dustin Rhodes pinned Paul Diamond at 7:03 with a flying forearm and an elbow drop; Rhodes used the "Crank it Up" song by Jimmy Hart as his theme song (Dustin's MSG debut) (9/21/90; Madison Square Garden)
- The Orient Express (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Koko B. Ware & Battle Kat at 7:33 when Tanaka pinned Koko after Sato hit Koko with Fuji's cane behind the referee's back (10/10/90; Cape Girardeau, MO; Show Me Center)
- Saba Simba pinned Bob Bradley at 3:44 with a Samoan Drop (10/9/90; Springfield, IL; Prairie Capital Convention Center)
- Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeated Greg Valentine & the Honkytonk Man via disqualification at 7:30 after Honky hit Tugboat with a guitar (Saturday Night's Main Event - 9/18/90; Toledo, OH; Sports Arena)
- The Barbarian (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Shane Douglas at 6:01 with a clothesline off the top (10/10/90; Cape Girardeau, MO; Show Me Center)
- Jimmy Snuka pinned Haku at 5:12 with a reverse roll up (10/9/90; Springfield, IL; Prairie Capital Convention Center)
- Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Kent Carlson & Buddy Rose at 2:54 when Jannetty pinned Carlson after Michaels front-suplexed his partner onto Carlson (WWF Superstars - 10/9/90; Springfield, IL; Prairie Capital Convention Center)
- Mr. Perfect (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Randy Jackson at 1:07 with the Perfect Plex (WWF Superstars - 10/9/90; Springfield, IL; Prairie Capital Convention Center)

WWF @ Indianapolis, IN - Market Square Arena - October 29, 1990
WWF Superstars taping:
Al Blake pinned Bob Bradley
Dustin Rhodes defeated Sean McTracey
Shane Douglas defeated Boris Zhukov
The Big Bossman pinned Bobby Heenan
Ted Dibiase pinned Dusty Rhodes
Randy Savage defeated WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior via count-out
11/17/90 - included WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior, WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich, & the Legion of Doom as guests of the Brother Love Show:
The Big Bossman pinned Spike Jones at 1:23 with the sidewalk slam
The Warlord (w/ Slick, Rick Martel, Paul Roma, & Hercules) pinned Gary Jackson at 1:32 with the running powerslam
Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart & Dino Bravo) pinned Tom King at 1:57 with the sit-down splash; after the bout, Earthquake hit the move two more times, with King having to be taken from ringside on a stretcher
Tom Stone defeated Jake Roberts (w/ Shawn Michaels) via disqualification at 2:36 when Roberts shoved the referee and continued to attack Stone after hitting the DDT
WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart fought the Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) to a double disqualification at 5:37 when Ted Dibiase, Virgil, Dusty Rhodes, and Koko B. Ware interfered, with all eight men brawling in the ring
Survivor Series Showdown - 11/18/90 (3.1) - featured Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan on commentary:
Sgt. Slaughter (w/ Gen. Adnan) pinned Tito Santana at 11:30 when Adnan tripped Santana as he attempted to suplex Slaughter into the ring
Rick Martel pinned Marty Jannetty at 10:49 after Jannetty hit his head on the mat while attempting a slingshot into the ring (Greatest Hits)
Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated the Big Bossman via count-out at 10:59 when Bossman chased Bobby Heenan backstage; earlier in the bout, Heenan left the broadcast position and came ringside where he continuously nailed Bossman with cheap shots when the referee wasn't looking
WWF Tag Team Champion Bret Hart pinned the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) at 10:25 with a roll up after Honky collided with Jimmy on the ring apron
WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich defeated Demolition Smash via disqualification at 7:44 when Mr. Perfect, Ax, and Crush interfered; after the match, Ax & Smash hit the Decapitation on Von Erich before the Legion of Doom and the Ultimate Warrior ran out to make the save
WWF Superstars:
Mr. Perfect defeated Reno Riggins
Davey Boy Smith defeated Paul Diamond
Rick Martel defeated Pez Whatley
Dustin Rhodes defeated the Black Demon
The Legion of Doom defeated Black Bart & Kent Carlson
Sgt. Slaughter pinned Tito Santana
The Barbarian defeated Jeff Kramer
12/1/90 - included Jim Duggan as a guest of the Brother Love Show:
WWF IC Champion Kerry Von Erich defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
Ted Dibiase defeated Jim Evans
Shane Douglas defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
Tugboat defeated Jeff Sword
Paul Roma & Hercules defeated Dan Robbins & Alan Reynolds
Jimmy Snuka defeated Doug Vines
The Orient Express defeated Gary Jackson & Albert Bissel when Sato pinned Bissel

WWF @ El Paso, TX - County Coliseum - October 29, 1992
Included the Natural Disasters, WWF Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase & IRS

WCW @ Danville, IL - October 29, 1992
Big Van Vader & Steve Austin defeated Tom Zenk & Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Also included Arn Anderson and Nikita Koloff

WWF @ Youngstown, OH - October 29, 1992 (1,200)
Ric Flair did not appear as advertised
Lance Cassidy defeated Skinner
Max Moon defeated the Brooklyn Brawler
The Beverly Brothers defeated Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware
Tatanka defeated Repo Man
Davey Boy Smith defeated Kamala
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Papa Shango

WWF @ Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum - October 29, 1993
Owen Hart defeated Bastion Booger
Rick Martel defeated Marty Jannetty
Lex Luger defeated Ludvig Borga
The Smoking Gunns defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Quebecars via count-out
WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon & Mr. Perfect defeated IRS & Diesel
Bob Backlund defeated Duane Gill
Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler via disqualification when one of the Knights interfered

WWF @ Orlando, FL - Arena - October 29, 1993 (1,400)
The Bushwhackers & Tiger Jackson defeated Dave Heath (Gangrel), the Cuban Assassin, & Little Louie
Adam Bomb defeated the 1-2-3 Kid
Men on a Mission defeated Barry Horowitz & Timothy Well
The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Yokozuna via disqualification
Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Doink the Clown (Lombardi)
Rick & Scott Steiner defeated the Headshrinkers

WCW @ Birmingham, England - NIA Arena - October 29, 1993
Johnny B. Badd defeated Brian Pillman
Ricky Steamboat defeated Maxx Payne
WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated WCW US Champion Dustin Rhodes; only the TV title was at stake
WCW Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio
WCW International World Champion Rick Rude defeated Ric Flair
Sting & Davey Boy Smith defeated WCW World Champion Vader & Steve Austin

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - October 29, 1994 (9,646)
Adam Bomb defeated Bam Bam Bigelow via disqualification
Jim Powers defeated Abe Schartz
Jerry Lawler & Queezy defeated Doink & Dink the Clown
IRS defeated Duke Drose
WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Jim Neidhart
Billy Gunn defeated Tom Prichard
Lex Luger fought Tatanka to a double disqualification
The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna in a casket match

Halloween Havoc 95 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena - October 29, 1995 (13,000; 7,000 paid)
The Main Event - shown live:
Eddie Guerrero pinned Disco Inferno at 3:21
Paul Orndorff pinned the Renegade at 1:22
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko defeated Lord Steven Regal & Dave Taylor at 8:41
Sgt. Craig Pittman pinned VK Wallstreet
Pay-per-view bouts - featured Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary; included footage of WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and the Giant playing cat and mouse in their respective monster trucks on the roof of the adjacent Cobo Arena; featured the announcement that Ric Flair had been attacked backstage before the live broadcast and that Flair's scheduled tag team partner, WCW US Champion Sting, had not yet arrived to the arena; included a video package highlighting the feud between Johnny B. Badd and WCW TV Champion Diamond Dallas Page; featured Gene Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Badd regarding his TV title victory; included footage of Kurasawa injuring Road Warrior Hawk's arm during August's Clash of the Champions; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Randy Savage regarding his victory over the Zodiac, the possibility of facing Lex Luger later in the show, and Hogan facing the Giant in the monster truck challenge; included a segment in the Master's lair, in the arena, during which the Master and Kevin Sullivan spoke about Hogan's upcoming title defense against the Giant, the fact that the Yeti was in Detroit, and that Hogan had no allies; featured Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with the Giant regarding the upcoming monster truck challenge and match with Hogan; included Mike Tenay conducting a backstage interview with Luger regarding the controversial finish of his match with Meng and facing Savage later in the show; featured a video package highlighting the altercations between Hogan and the Giant dating back to Bash at the Beach and the debut of the Yeti the previous Monday:
Johnny B. Badd pinned WCW TV Champion Diamond Dallas Page (w/ Maxx Muscle & Kimberly) to win the title at 17:00 after Muscle accidentally hit a clothesline on the champion, with Badd then knocking Muscle off the apron with a left hand punch; prior to the bout, a man appeared at the entrance stage dressed as Badd, distracting Page as the real Badd came out of the crowd; during the match, it was announced WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and the Giant had been ordered out of their monster trucks and would return later in the show for the monster truck challenge
Randy Savage pinned the Zodiak (sub. for Kamala) with the flying elbowsmash at 1:29; during the bout, a fan climbed in the ring and was ignored by the wrestlers but taken away by security; Bobby Heenan announced during the match that Kamala wasn't wrestling because he mentioned to Kevin Sullivan that he was afraid of Savage and Sullivan beat him up and sent him back to Uganda; pre-match stipulations stated if both Savage and Lex Luger won their matches they would wrestle each other later in the show
Kurasawa (w/ Col. Rob Parker) pinned Road Warrior Hawk at 3:18 with a Samoan Drop, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage, and Parker holding the feet for added leverage; late in the bout, Hawk dropped Parker with a clothesline from the apron to the floor
Sabu (w/ the Sheik) pinned JL at 3:24 with a springboard moonsault; immediately after the pinfall, the Sheik threw a fireball into JL's face (Sheik's only WCW appearance)
Lex Luger defeated Meng (w/ Kevin Sullivan) via disqualification at 13:12 when Sullivan interfered and lightly kicked Luger after Meng hit Luger with the golden spike, knocking him out, and made the cover; during Luger's entrance, a gravestone on the set was shown that read "Crockett;" during the bout, footage was shown from The Main Event of Heenan having sushi in the arena with a Japanese man, with Heenan claiming it was a personal matter; after the match, Meng argued with Sullivan over his interference
WCW US Champion Sting & Ric Flair defeated Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman via disqualification at 17:56 when Flair attacked his partner; Flair, in street clothes, finally appeared at the 6-minute mark with his head bandaged after reportedly being attacked backstage before the show by Anderson & Pillman; when Sting finally tagged Flair in, Flair joined in triple teaming Sting and peeled off his bandage to reveal it was a set up; Flair, Anderson, and Pillman continued to attack Sting until officials covered Sting's body; moments later, Gene Okerlund interviewed the three in the aisle, during which Flair said the Horsemen were reunited; Sting was then helped backstage by the trainer
WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated the Giant in a monster truck challenge; the contest was held on the roof of the adjacent Cobo Arena and rules stated the winner would be the truck to push the other outside a 100-foot diameter circle; Eric Bischoff, Heenan, and Bob Chandler, who designed the two trucks, provided commentary for the contest; after the contest, the Giant got out of his truck and cornered Hogan against the ledge of the roof; after a brief brawl, in which both men were on the ledge, the Giant lost his balance and fell off; Hogan immediately ran for help as the helicopter filming the contest focused on the Detroit River below; moments later, Bischoff left the broadcast table to find out more information, with Tony Schiavone then returning to call the remainder of the show
Randy Savage pinned Lex Luger with the flying elbowsmash at 5:23 after Luger collided with Jimmy Hart, who appeared on the apron mid-way through the match, and knocked Hart to the floor; after the bout, Heenan momentarily left the broadcast table out of frustration for not knowing more about the Giant's condition
The Giant (w/ Kevin Sullivan) defeated WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/ Jimmy Hart) via disqualification at around the 14:30 mark when Hart hit referee Randy Anderson, and later Hogan, from behind with the title belt after Hogan hit the legdrop on the challenger; Hogan wore black and white while Hart wore all black for the contest; upon their entrance, Hogan cut an in-ring promo and apologized for his part in the Giant falling off the roof; as Hogan began to speak, the Giant appeared with Sullivan; late in the match, the Giant hit the chokeslam but Hogan kicked out at 2; after the bout, Lex Luger and Randy Savage appeared, with Luger attacking Savage as the Yeti came out and double teamed Hogan with the Giant; moments later, Luger put Hogan in the Torture Rack and did the same to Savage; Anderson then came to and raised the Giant's hand in victory, with the Giant taking possession of the title belt; after the Dungeon of Doom members left ringside, Hogan and Savage were tended to in the ring (the Giant's in-ring debut)

WWF @ Muksat, Oman - October 29, 1997
Tiger Ali Singh defeated Billy Gunn
The Headbangers defeated Kama & D-Lo Brown
Ken Shamrock defeated Rocky Maivia
The Undertaker fought WWF World Champion Bret Hart to a double count-out
Ahmed Johnson defeated Farooq
Dude Love defeated Jim Neidhart
WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom defeated Henry & Phinneas Godwinn

WCW @ Albuquerque, NM - Tingley Coliseum - October 22, 1998
Thunder taping:
Wrath pinned Van Hammer
Fit Finlay pinned Alex Wright
The Disciple pinned Tuff Tom
Dean Malenko defeated Eddie Guerrero via disqualification
WCW TV Champion Chris Jericho defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Ernest Miller defeated Villano V
Scott Hall pinned Steve Armstrong
The Giant defeated Raven in a No DQ match

ECW @ Warren, OH - Packard Music Hall - October 29, 1999 (1,200)
Rod Price defeated Scott Warton
David Cash & Nova defeated Jack & Bo Dupp
Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Super Crazy and Jesus Cristobol
Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney defeated Bill Whiles & CW Anderson
Spike Dudley & Tracy Smothers defeated Danny Doring & Roadkill
Jerry Lynn defeated Little Guido
Tommy Dreamer defeated Simon Diamond
ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Rhino
Sabu defeated Justin Credible

Halloween Havoc 00 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden Arena - October 29, 2000 (7,582)
Pay-per-view bouts - featured Tony Schiavone, Stevie Ray, & Mark Madden on commentary:
WCW Tag Team Champions Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire defeated Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. and Disco Inferno & Alex Wright
WCW Hardcore Champion Reno defeated the Wall
Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Lash Laroux defeated Shawn Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo
Konnan & Tygress defeated Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson
Buff Bagwell defeated David Flair in a first blood match
Mike Sanders defeated Ernest Miller via count-out in a kickboxing match
Mike Awesome defeated Vampiro
Hugh Morrus defeated WCW US Champion Lance Storm and Jim Duggan to win the title
Jeff Jarrett pinned Sting at 14:39 after smashing a guitar over him; early in the bout, a man dressed as Sting circa 1989 appeared at the entranceway, with Sting attacking him and dropping him with the Scorpion Death Drop; moments later, a man dressed as Sting circa the early 90s came through the crowd, with Sting fighting him off as well; a Wolfpac era Sting appeared, with Sting assaulting him with a baseball bat and also dropping him with the Scorpion Death Drop; late in the contest, Sting locked Jarrett in the Scorpion Deathlock, only for a Crow Sting to come through the mat and pull Sting underneath the ring; after Sting fought off the fake Sting and set Jarrett up for the Scorpion Death Drop, the lights went out and another Crow Sting (Bill Eadie) came down from the rafters; Sting then hit the Scorpion Death Drop on the fake Sting through the commentary table; another fake Sting then smashed a guitar over Sting's head, with Sting no selling it and laying out the man; Jarrett then smashed another guitar over Sting and made the pin
WCW World Champion Booker T defeated Scott Steiner (w/ Madajah) via disqualification at 13:26 after Steiner hit Booker with a lead pipe as the champion attempted a Harlem sidekick, then assaulted several officials inbetween locking Booker in the Steiner Recliner; upon Steiner's entrance, footage was shown of the challenger attacking agent Ricky Santana backstage, upset that the match wasn't going on last as originally scheduled; after his introduction, Steiner confronted Stevie Ray at the commentary table; after the contest, Steiner laid out several officials with the pipe before Jeff Jarrett appeared in an attempt to restrain Steiner; moments later, Steiner hit Booker several times with the pipe until he was forced back by security
Bill Goldberg defeated Kronik in a handicap match

WWF @ Buffalo, NY - October 29, 2000
The Goodfather & Bull Buchanon defeated Too Cool after Steven Richards pushed Grandmaster Sexay off the top
WWF European Champion William Regal pinned Crash Holly with a neckbreaker
Billy Gunn defeated WWF IC Champion Eddie Guerrero via disqualification when the champion hit a low blow as Gunn attempted the Fameasser; after the bout, Chyna came to the ring and hit a low blow on Guerrero moments before Gunn hit the Fameasser on the champion
X-Pac defeated WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko in a non-title match
Test, Albert, & Jackie (sub. for Trish Stratus) defeated WWF Women's Champion Lita, WWF Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy when Jackie pinned Lita after Albert pushed Lita off the top as she attempted the moonsault; after the bout, Lita hit the moonsault on Trish Stratus
Al Snow pinned Perry Saturn with a roll up after Saturn accidentally hit Terri with Head
The Dudley Boyz defeated Edge & Christian in a tables match when D-Von put Edge through a table with a powerbomb
Kane pinned the Road Dogg with a chokeslam after catching Road Dogg coming off the middle turnbuckle as he attempted a double axe handle
The Rock, Triple H, & Steve Austin defeated WWF World Champion Kurt Angle, Rikishi, & Chris Benoit when Austin pinned Angle with the Stunner after avoiding the Olympic Slam

WWF @ Louisville, KY - Freedom Hall - October 29, 2001
Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin defeated OVW Tag Team Champions Rico Constantino & Prototype to win the titles
Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Ron Waterman
Billy Gunn pinned Shawn Stasiak with the Fameasser at 4:06
Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Justin Credible defeated Crash Holly & Spike Dudley at 4:30 when Chavo pinned Spike with a Frog Splash after Spike hit the Dudley Dog on Credible
Albert pinned Hugh Morrus with the Baldo Bomb at 3:05
Jeff Hardy pinned Billy Kidman with the Swanton at 5:19
Raw is War - included Shane & Stephanie McMahon interrupting an in-ring promo by Vince McMahon and his Survivor Series team in which Shane said a member of the WWF team would be defecting later in the night to join the Alliance:
WWF IC Champion Edge pinned WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam with the DDT at 5:26 after avoiding the Five Star Frog Splash; only the IC title was on the line
The Hurricane & Molly Holly defeated Tajiri & Torrie Wilson at 2:38 when Molly pinned Torrie with a roll up and using the tights for leverage as the Hurricane was caught in Tajiri's Tarantula
WWF Tag Team Champions - WCW World Champion Chris Jericho & the Rock defeated Booker T & Test at 8:05 when Test submitted to Jericho's Walls of Jericho; late in the contest, the champions came to blows
Lita (w/ Matt Hardy) pinned Stacy Keibler with the Twist of Fate at 2:46; late in the contest, Hardy accidentally hit Lita with an elbow - which she took exception to after the match
WCW US Champion Kurt Angle defeated William Regal via submission with the ankle lock at 3:25
WCW Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz defeated the Undertaker & Kane at 4:56 when D-Von pinned Kane with the 3D after the Undertaker was knocked off the top rope while attempting the armbar blow off the top
Shane McMahon pinned Vince McMahon in a streetfight following a Stunner from Steve Austin at 11:09; late in the contest, the match saw interference from Test, Booker T, the Undertaker, Kane, William Regal, the Rock, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle; the ensuing brawl saw Angle attack his WWF teammates with a steel chair, thus officially joining the Alliance

WWE @ Grand Rapids, MI - October 29, 2002
Val Venis pinned Ernest Miller with the Money Shot
Shelton Benjamin defeated Bull Buchanon
Albert defeated Mark Maraculi
Chuck Palumbo defeated D-Von Dudley
Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Tyson Dux
Billy Kidman & Sho Funaki defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) & Crash Holly when Kidman pinned Crash with the Shooting Star Press
Edge pinned WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Chris Benoit with a spear at 12:21 after avoiding a clothesline after fighting off an interfering Kurt Angle
The Big Show pinned Rikishi with the chokeslam at 2:28; after the match, Show once again challenged Brock Lesnar
Torrie Wilson pinned Dawn Marie in a pool of mud match following a chop
Matt Hardy pinned Tajiri with the Twist of Fate at 7:38
Eddie Guerrero pinned WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champion Kurt Angle at 13:20 with the frog splash after Chris Benoit hit Angle in the head with one of the title belts
Rey Mysterio Jr. fought WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) to a no contest at around the 4-minute mark when the Big Show came ringside, caught Mysterio in the air as Mysterio attempted the 619 on the champion, and threw him into the crowd; moments later, Lesnar attacked Show on the floor but was rammed into the steel ringpost and sustained a chokeslam through the announce table

WWE (Raw) @ Rockford, IL - Metro Centre - October 29, 2006 (matinee)
Cryme Tyme defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Carlito Caribbean Cool defeated Shelton Benjamin
Val Venis defeated Daniel Rodimer
Super Crazy defeated Chris Masters
Mickie James defeated Victoria
Robbie & Rory McAllister dfeated WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Mikey & Nicky in a non-title match
WWE IC Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Johnny Nitro
Triple H defeated Randy Orton
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Umaga via disqualification

WWE (Raw) @ Melbourne, Australia - Rod Laver Arena - October 29, 2005 (9,000)
Lilian Garcia sang the Australian National Anthem to begin the show
Shelton Benjamin pinned Rob Conway with the Exploder suplex at 8:19
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Val Venis & Viscera at 9:35 when Murdoch pinned Viscera following the clothesline / clip to the knee combo
WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus pinned Torrie Wilson at 6:03 with the Chick Kick after hitting the Stratusfaction on an interfering Victoria; after the bout, Victoria attacked the champion until Ashley made the save
Gene Snitsky pinned Tajiri at 5:36 with a spinning urinage; Tajiri was helped backstage after the bout
Shawn Michaels & the Big Show defeated Chris Masters & Carlito Caribbean Cool at 16:13 when Show pinned Carlito with the chokeslam immediately after Michaels hit the superkick on Masters
Kerwin White pinned Eugene at 12:35 with a roll up and grabbing the ropes for leverage after ripping apart Eugene's stuffed animal
Triple H pinned WWE IC Champion Ric Flair in a non-title match with the Pedigree at 17:13
WWE World Champion John Cena pinned Kurt Angle in a streetfight at around the 14-minute mark with the FU after Angle accidentally hit himself in the head with a steel chair after it bounced off the ring ropes

WWE @ Milwaukee, WI - Bradley Center - October 29, 2006
ECW - 10/31/06 - featured an opening segment highlighting the previous week's Rob Van Dam / Big Show ladder match in which RVD solidified a title shot against Show for whenever and whenever he wanted; included a backstage promo by Paul Heyman in which he said RVD had chosen the title match to take place Dec. 3 at ECW's December to Dismember and it would take place but four other men would be involved and the six would compete in an Extreme Elimination Chamber; featured Rebecca DiPietro conducting a backstage interview with the Sandman regarding possibly facing Umaga at Cyber Sunday in which the Sandman ended up caning someone dressed as a clown for Halloween; included a look at the alligators featured in "The Marine;" featured Rebecca conducting a backstage interview with Rob Van Dam about Heyman's announcement, with RVD saying he would walk in the challenger and walk out the champion; moments later, Hardcore Holly confronted RVD about ripping open his back weeks earlier and the fact they had to be partners later in the show; included a commercial advertising WrestleMania 23 tickets going on sale Nov. 11; featured an extreme divas costume contest between Trinity, wearing little more than yellow police tape across her chest, Ariel, dressed as normal, and Kelly Kelly, dressed as CM Punk; after Trinity won, Mike Knox came out to confront Kelly until Punk appeared and knocked him to the floor; included an advertisement that Punk would appear on a live edition of the Sci-Fi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" immediately after the show; featured a backstage promo by Knox in which he challenged Punk to a match the following week; featured a live clip of CM Punk preparing for his appearance on "Ghost Hunters":
Sabu defeated Kevin Thorn (w/ Arial) via submission with the Camel Clutch at 4:32 after a somersault legdrop into the ring; due to pre-match stipulations, Sabu earned a spot in the December to Dismember Extreme Elimination Chamber match
Daivari (w/ the Great Khali) pinned Shannon Moore with a modified DDT at 1:48; after the bout, Khali hit a double choke throw on Moore (Daivari & Khali's ECW debut and surprise return after a 3-month absence)
ECW World Champion the Big Show & Test defeated Rob Van Dam & Hardcore Holly at 19:32 when Show pinned RVD with the chokeslam after someone in a gorilla costume hit RVD on the floor with a pipe, knocking him out; after the match, the man unmasked to reveal himself as Paul Heyman; the show then closed as Heyman celebrated in the ring with Show & Test
Smackdown! - 11/3/06 - included an opening in-ring promo by Rey Mysterio Jr., on a crutch, in which he said while he did give up in his I Quit match against Chavo Guerrero Jr., he did not give up on the fans; moments later, Chavo and Vickie Guerrero came out with the dented chair Chavo used to assault Rey's knee during their match and Chavo asked Rey to autograph it for him; after Chavo wrote "I quit" on the chair, he attacked Rey and targetted the already injured knee, hitting it with the chair; as Vickie attempted to hit Rey with the chair, WWE US Champion Chris Benoit came out, scaring both Chavo and Vickie out of the ring; featured a look at Kelly Carlson's role in "The Marine;" included the announcement Batista would face Finlay the following week; featured Teddy Long appointing Batista as the bodyguard of World Heavyweight Champion Booker T, with Sharmell, for the night - against the wishes of Booker; included footage from the Cyber Sunday press conference held the previous Tuesday in Cincinnati; featured a look at the alligators featured in "The Marine;" included the announcement that Cryme Tyme, Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade, the Highlanders, and Viscera & Charlie Haas would compete at Cyber Sunday with the fans deciding the stipulation featured a backstage segment in which Batista walked into the hallway and pretended to fight off several men from Raw and Smackdown!, to protect Booker T, while Booker and Sharmell listened to the "struggle" from inside his locker room; included an ad promoting WrestleMania 23 tickets going on sale Nov. 11; featured Batista leading Booker & Sharmell to his limo, after which he fought off several men who supposedly were there to attack Booker; included a closing in-ring segment in which Batista challenged Finlay to face him then and there, with the two then brawling in the aisle for several minutes until they were pulled apart by referees and officials, including Mike Rotundo and Steve Keirn:
WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick (w/ Ashley) defeated KC James & Idol Stevens (w/ Michelle McCool) in a non-title match at 5:18 when London pinned Stevens with a Shooting Star Press off Kendrick's back
The Undertaker & Kane defeated Ken Kennedy & MVP in a No DQ, no count-out match at 11:53 when Taker pinned Kennedy with the tombstone after hitting him with a chokeslam, as Kane did the same to MVP; Taker & Kane originally won the match at 4:44 via count-out when Kennedy & MVP walked out of the match after being knocked to the floor but Teddy Long came out and ordered that the match be restarted as a no-count out match; the match, after being restarted, Taker & Kane won via disqualification at 3:15 when Kennedy hit a low blow on Kane as Kane attempted the chokeslam on MVP but Long again came out and ordered the match continue as a No DQ, no count-out encounter (total match time: 15:08)
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms pinned Jimmy Wang Yang (w/ 2006 Diva Search finalist Amy) with a roll up at 3:20 after Yang beame distracted by Sylvan on the ring apron; after the bout, Sylvan attacked Yang until Matt Hardy came out to make the save against Sylvan and Helms
Mike Mizanin & Kristal defeated Vito & Layla at 1:54 when Kristal pinned Layla with a roll up after Layla hit the corner; after the bout, the Boogeyman came out and scared Mizanin & Kristal to the floor until Vito & Layla threw them back inside the ring; moments later, Boogeyman grabbed Kristal, as Mizanin ran from the ring, and spat worms into her face
Bobby Lashley pinned Jamie Noble with a running powerslam at 1:14; prior to the bout, Tatanka appeared at the entrance stage wearing new black and white face paint; after the match, Tatanka cut a promo saying he didn't owe Lashley or anyone else an explanation of what he did the previous week, but he and his people were owed an explanation for what they suffered through

WWE @ Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center - October 29, 2007 (10,000)
Atlas DaBone defeated Kenny Dykstra
Snitsky defeated Greg Cardona
Ron Simmons defeated Jason Static
Robbie & Rory McAllister defeated Jim Duggan & Super Crazy
Raw - featured an in-ring promo by Shawn Michaels regarding his match the previous night against WWE World Champion Randy Orton, Orton getting himself disqualified, and Michaels wanting a rematch; moments later, Vince McMahon interrupted, said Michaels wanted revenge more than the title, but he would get his rematch at Survivor Series; Michaels then threw a superkick at McMahon, not letting it connect but scaring McMahon from the ring; included footage of Candice Michelle sustaining an injury the previous week against WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix; featured Todd Grisham conducting a backstage interview with Phoenix about the injury Candice sustained and her attack earlier in the show on Kelly Kelly; included a backstage segment with Mickie James and WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch in which she thanked him for saving her from WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Lance Cade the previous week, with Cade eventually showing up and then having words with Murdoch about talking with Mickie; featured a backstage segment with Vince McMahon and William Regal about the match later in the show pitting Triple H against Orton & Umaga; moments later, McMahon called for Hornswoggle to be brought in his office, sent Regal out, and gave him a pep talk about Hornswoggle's match later in the night against Jonathan Coachman; included a Matrix-style vignette with the words "Please stand by" appearing; featured Grisham conducting a backstage interview with Triple H regarding his match later in the night; included an ad for WrestleMania 24 tickets going on sale the following Saturday; featured an in-ring promo by Santino Marella in which he complained about the WWE not sending him to Cyber Sunday so he could give Steve Austin a piece of his mind, with Marella then interrupting himself dressed as Austin on the big screen; "Austin" then said Marella was right about everything he said and that Marella should have been the star in "The Condemned;" moments later, Maria appeared and said Austin would be on Raw the following week; included Grisham introducing the two 2007 Diva Search finalists, Brooke and Eve, and announcing Eve as the winner; featured a longer Matrix-style vignette; included an ad for the Wal-Mart exclusive "Undertaker: 15-0" DVD:
Kelly Kelly won a Diva Halloween costume battle royal at 4:10 by last eliminating Torrie Wilson; eliminations: Layla by Jillian Hall after being splashed by Victoria (0:40); Brooke by Victoria via being knocked off the apron after sustaining a Bonzai Drop from Victoria (1:40); Jillian by Michelle McCool after hitting her with her own prop baby dolls (2:03); Maria by Torrie Wilson (2:18); Michelle by Melina (2:21); Melina and Mickie James eliminated each other after fighting on the apron (3:05); Victoria by Torrie & Kelly Kelly (4:05); Torrie by Kelly Kelly; after the bout, WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix appeared, scaring Kelly to the floor until she was thrown back in by Jillian and Melina; moments later, Beth attacked Kelly and dropped her with a double arm chickenwing slam (Cyber Sunday 07)
Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeated Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas at 2:35 when Rhodes pinned Haas with a DDT
Hornswoggle pinned Jonathan Coachman with a frog splash at 3:40 after guest referee Mick Foley dropped Coachman with a clothesline; prior to the bout, Foley was introduced as the susprise guest referee
WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Lance Cade (w/ WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch) pinned Paul London (w/ Brian Kendrick) at 2:10 with the sit-down spinebuster; after the bout, Robbie & Rory McAllister appeared and attacked London & Kendrick while Cade & Murdoch watched from ringside
WWE IC Champion Jeff Hardy & DH Smith defeated Ken Kennedy & Carlito Caribbean Cool at 10:46 when Hardy pinned Carlito with the Twist of Fate and Swanton
WWE World Champion Randy Orton & Umaga defeated Triple H via disqualification in a handicap match at 2:51 when Shawn Michaels made the save and helped clear the ring; after the bout, Vince McMahon & William Regal were shown backstage, with McMahon confident things would still end up the way he wanted; McMahon then said Triple H & Michaels would team up one last time the next week

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