Reported by Adam Martin of
On Friday, October 31, 2008 at 2:52 PM EST

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, almost everyone involved in the Monster's Ball match at the Bound For Glory PPV on October 12 were furious when they came backstage at how special guest referee Steve McMichael handled himself. Complaints involved how he counted very slow, was always in the wrong position and they felt he screwed up the match. The original idea was for McMichael to serve as a special guest enforcer at ringside and have someone interfere to do his spot. However, they didn't want his role to be done twice in one night with Mick Foley serving as special guest enforcer for Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle. The decision went back-and-forth the day of the show and Jarrett made the call to have McMichael act as referee in the ring.