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On Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 3:52 AM EST

The following took place on Monday in Orlando, FL.

TNA Impact Tapings for November 27:

- Turkey Bowl Match: Alex Shelley defeated Kip James and Consequences Creed to advance.

- Turkey Bowl Match: TNA X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Matt Morgan and Jimmy Rave to advance.

- Rhino, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles came out to the ring. The new name of the group going against the Main Event Mafia is The Front Line. Rhino vowed to get rid of Kurt Angle at Final Resolution and wants to recruit members since they are lacking experience.

- Turkey Bowl Match: Rhino defeated Hernandez and Sonjay Dutt.

- Backstage, Rhino, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles try to recruit Team 3D to The Front Line. Team 3D argues with Joe.

- Backstage, Scott Steiner tries to recruit Team 3D for the Main Event Mafia. Kurt Angle then gives 3D suits to wear later tonight.

- Christy Hemme defeated Raisha Saeed. Hemme vs. Awesome Kong at Final Resolution is announced.

- Rhino won the Turkey Bowl defeating Alex Shelley and Sheik Abdul Bashir. Rhino pinned Shelley, so Shelley had to put the Turkey costume on. He refused and Mick Foley told him if he didn't he was fired. Shelley put the costume on and flipped off Foley. Foley then took out Shelley with a double arm DDT.

- The Main Event Mafia wants the answer from Team 3D to close the show. 3D walks out wearing the suits they were given. The segment ends with 3D turning on Angle and joining The Front Line. 3D tries to put Angle through a table, but Sting interferes to prevent it. Team 3D will team with Samoa Joe and AJ Styles at Final Resolution against the Main Event Mafia with Sting's TNA World Title on the line.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online