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ECW on Sci-Fi
New Orleans, LA
January 6th 2008
Commentators: Matt Striker & Todd Grisham
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Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart because it is time for ECW!

Jack Swagger v. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle heads straight under the ring before the match even starts and stays there. Striker suggests that we do a WWE Cribs on Hornswoggle to learn what exactly resides in his abode under the ring. I concur with his sentiment. Swagger and Finlay start the match off with some power takedowns and grapples to try and get a feel for each other. I find it amusing that Finlay is twice Swagger’s age. Swagger takes Finlay down to the mat and locks in a side headlock.

Five minutes into the show my friend calls to say that he won’t be able to have me over to watch ECW tonight. I heckle him briefly about the fact that I already knew this because we talked about it earlier and I was obviously recapping at my own house anyway. He realizes that he was confused on what time the clock was showing and is enlightened to the fact that he is interrupting my recap. I hang up and jump right back into the match. What a bum.

Finlay escapes and takes a couple of stiff shots to Swagger’s head. Finlay hits a nice European uppercut and then locks up Swagger’s ankle. Jack gets to the ropes to break the hold. The two exchange a couple of slaps and then Finlay hits on of the largest armbars I have ever seen. Finlay tosses Swagger to the outside and then Hornswoggle comes out of nowhere to get up on the apron and hit a mini-crossbody. Swagger responds by throwing ‘swoggle headfirst into the barricade. Finlay runs out to attack Swagger and we head to commercial.


We come back and Swagger has Finlay locked up in the middle of the ring by the arm. Swagger is focusing his attack on that left arm. If I’m not mistaken Finlay has also been busted open and is bleeding from either the mouth or nose. Swagger traps the arm again and yes Finlay is definitely bleeding. Finlay briefly breaks free of the hold but Jack quickly resumes his tentacle damaging assault. Finlay rolls out of the ring in an attempt to change the tide of the match but Swagger meets him with a hard clothesline when the Irishman reenters the ring. Swagger once again locks up Finlay’s arm.

Finlay gets out but Finlay meets him with a big knee and then goes right back to work on the arm. It seems Swagger has had the arm locked up for over a minute now. Swagger lifts Finlay up and hits a shoulder breaker on the left shoulder! Finlay and Jack exchange a couple of boots and it seems Finlay has found his second wind as he hits a series of clotheslines and follows it up with the Pot o’ Gold! Finlay then hits an inverted Samoan drop and goes for the cover. Swagger kicks out at two!

Both men are obviously drained as Finlay and Swagger grimace at each other. Swagger tries to find his finisher but Finlay powers out of it. Finlay is able to back Swagger into the corner and unloads on him with every left and right in the book. The ref pushes Finlay back and Swagger takes the advantage to nail Finlay with his finisher!

Winner via Blue Thunder Bomb: Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger is now the #1 Contender for the ECW Championship.

In the back we see DJ Gabriel dancing a bit with Alicia Fox.


As we come back we are shown a shot outside the arena and a sign for Bourbon Street. Interesting fact about your loyal ECW Recapper - I went down to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to do some mission work and in fact have a picture of myself juggling underneath a Bourbon Street sign.

In the back Teddy Long is talking to Tiffany and Swagger enters. Swagger demands to know when he is getting his title match. Teddy tells him to shut up and lets him know that next week on ECW Swagger will have his match.

Katie Lea Burchill w/ Paul Burchill v. Alicia Fox w/ DJ Gabriel

I’m in complete shock that we are having a Divas’ match on ECW. This is apparently Alicia Fox’s first WWE wrestling match. Katie brings the pain quickly from the start, Alicia has some obvious agility ducking out of a few moves and hitting a nice monkey flip. Burchill provides a bit of a distraction which allows Katie to knock Alicia to the outside. Katie heads out and rolls her competitor back into the ring.

Katie mounts Fox and drills her with a couple right hands. Alicia goes for the roll up but Katie quickly kicks out. Alicia Fox hits a couple of dropkicks and… an axe kick? Sure why not. Katie kicks out of the pin. Katie Lea sees a hole and bounces Alicia off the ropes and drills the back of Fox’s head into her knee to get the three count on the rookie.

Winner via Knee to the back of the Head: Katie Lea Burchill


The Boogeyman v. Brett Barnes

Boogeyman’s face is painted completely black tonight except for the ears which are red, it’s just crazy. Boogeyman’s eyes are also black. Boogey hits a head butt on Barnes. And Barnes is just not thrilled to be facing this monster. Barnes is thrown hard into the corner turnbuckle. The Boogeyman hits a huge clothesline and then does a bit of a dance. The Boogeyman bounces off the ropes and then hits a splash on Brett in the corner. Boogeyman lifts up Brett and hits a power scoop slam.

Winner via Voodoo: The Boogeyman

After the match The Boogeyman drops worms into Brett’s mouth and eats some for himself.


Matt Hardy v. Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas

Henry starts it off with the power game backing Hardy into the corner and then literally catching a punch that Matt attempts to throw in his hand. Henry throws Hardy to the ground and gets in a couple of kicks. Henry lays in a chin lock on Hardy. Matt is able to get up and tries a couple of punches but Mark Henry throws him to the outside. Henry rolls out and Hardy is able to duck and send Henry knee first into the steel steps.

Back in the ring Hardy goes to work on Henry’s knees. Somehow Henry gets the advantage yet again and locks in a chin lock. Hardy goes bouncing off the ropes and Henry hits a big boot. Hardy is thrown to the corner but blocks a Henry splash attempt. Hardy surveys the situation and tosses Henry outside the ring! Henry is on the floor and Hardy is heading towards the corner. Atlas tries to distract Hardy but Matt knocks him down. Hardy is up on the top turnbuckle! Hardy leaps and connects on Henry with a huge crossbody!


We come back and surprise, surprise Henry has a chin lock on Matt Hardy. Henry converts this into a headlock and Hardy breaks free by hitting a jawbreaker. Henry lifts Matt up and hits a suspended vertical suplex. Matt is on the ground and Mark stands on his chest. Henry has Matt down and tries to lock in a chin lock but thankfully Hardy gets out quickly. Matt uses his speed to attack the previously worked knees of Mark Henry. Matt is whipped into the ropes and leveled with a hard clothesline.

Matt tries to hit a Twist of Fate but Henry throws him into the corner. Hardy blocks a splash and heads to the second rope and hits his EPIC elbow. Hardy sees the opportunity and goes for the Twist of Fate but Henry counters by throwing him straight up into the air! Henry tries to hit a standing splash but Matt rolls out of the way and hits a Twist of Fate out of nowhere.

Winner via Twist of Fate: Matt Hardy

ECW Thoughts

Last week I was optimistic about Hardy v. Henry saying it was a good way to cap off the year. Now this week it is presented as the first match they have in 2009. This isn’t even a feud anymore, it is just show filling. I’m more than tired of the two of them facing each other. I see nothing for Hardy to gain as a Champion from these matches at this point. I’m going to lose my mind if I see Henry put a chin lock on Hardy again anytime soon. Thankfully it is Swagger v. Hardy next week.

Speaking of Swagger v. Hardy - what a complete throwaway match. I never for even a second thought that Swagger had a chance but come on, putting the match on a weekly show makes no sense here. If you want to legitimize the feud and the ECW belt, hold out for the Royal Rumble. I suspect that the ‘E would rather have Hardy in the Rumble, but I find that even more frustrating. I’m unhappy and hope the match gets screwed next week and results in a rematch at the PPV.

The Boogeyman did look really freaky with that black face paint. This being said, while up close it looked sweet, the previous design he was using looked better when put on the body as a whole. I’m interested to see if he keeps changing it every week but I hope he doesn’t keep it as it was tonight.

Usually I’m very positive in my ECW thoughts but old feuds and throwaway matches are not the way to begin 2009. So on to a positive – we have Divas on ECW! Mike Tedesco our Smackdown Recapper joyfully filled me in on this fact since I complain about our lack of girls so often. Hey, if you count Tiffany we have three! In all serious though, their match actually made since. It was quick and nothing to special, but not bad for a women’s match and actually propelled the DJ/Burchill feud.

Not a great way to kick off the New Year, but hey it can only get better!

Power Rankings

3 Month Rolling Rankings; ECW Title Win 5, ECW Title Loss 4, ECW Win 3, ECW Loss 2, ECW Appearance 1, PPV Title Win 10, PPV Title Loss 8, PPV Win 6, PPV Loss 4, PPV Appearance 2.

September 30th 2008 – December 30th 2008

1. Matt Hardy – 48 pts. [l.w. 1]
2. Mark Henry – 41 pts. [l.w. 2]
3. Finlay – 40 pts. [l.w. 3]
4. John Morrison – 35 pts. [l.w. 4]
5. The Miz – 32 pts. [l.w. 5]
6. Jack Swagger – 30 pts. [l.w. 6]
7. Tony Atlas – 17 pts. [l.w. 7]
8. Evan Bourne – 16 pts. [l.w. 8]
9. Hornswoggle – 16 pts. [l.w.10]
10. DJ Gabriel – 14 pts. [l.w. NA]

So that’s ECW…. Love it? Hate it? Disagree with everything I said? Just want to chat wrestling? I’m always up for reading your thoughts so send them over to me at

-David Stephens