ASK WV (12/17/03): Yeti, Hart/HBK, Hebner brothers, Kato, Grenier & more

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On Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 8:38 PM EST

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The following questions were answered by Paul Nemer.

Who was and what ever happened to the Yeti in WCW? I vaguely remember him "thawing out" and turning into a big ninja-looking thing at World War 3 in '96 (he didn't do to well, as I recall), and then I never saw him again.

Ron Reis played several gimmicks in WCW, The Yeti, Giant Ninja, Reese from Raven's Flock, and others. After his WCW release, he went and wrestled in Japan. Last I heard, he was wrestling for Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling not to long ago (in 2002).

Please could you run through the storyline involving the Hebner Brothers and I think Andre The Giant and something to do with the WWF Championship Belt. I think the plot involved the Hebner's tricking someone as no one knew they were twins? This may have happened just before I started watching the WWF in 1988.

Yes it was Andre The Giant vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWf title, in 1988. Instead of writing a huge paragraph about it, I found a site that has the whole match written out and the information you need. The article is written by Leonard 'The Deacon' Hayhurst and you may read it by Clicking here.

Have Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels become friends since their Survivor Series match? I heard Shawn apologized, is that true?

To answer your first question, no. Shawn and Bret aren't friends. As far as Shawn apologizing, here is the story. Shawn admitted on knowing the outcome of Survivor Series and has said "I will always be sorry that the entire situation ever had to happen." Basically what this means is he is sorry to see the whole thing turn out the way it did. But he NEVER publicly or personally apologized to Bret about his role in it nor the other things Shawn did prior to SS. Shawn even said that if the situation (screwjob) happens again he'd still do it.

Where is Vince McMahon's brother Rod, and what is he doing with his life?

Not quite sure. Last I heard (few years ago) he was in the steel business in Texas.

Back in the early 90's there was the team the Orient Express and the first team was Sato and Tanaka and then there was Kato and Tanaka. My question is who was the man that played Kato?

Kato was Paul Diamond. Diamond also played Max Moon in the WWF.

I was wondering, is Sylvan Grenier the same one that was used for the Hulk Hogan screw job against The Rock because they said the ref was from Montreal but the wrestler is supposedly from France. Are they the same person?

First of all, everyone makes this mistake including His name is spelled Sylvain Grenier not Sylvan, it's french. To answer your question, yes it's the same person. He is from Quebec. The France thing is just a gimmick.

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